Taffy Rainbow

Taffy Rainbow
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Taffy Rainbow
Pryssgränd 3A
118 20 Stockholm
TEL: 0705-863537
Cornelia Sjöblom, summer 2016
Years ago Taffy Rainbow emerged like an alter-ego cartoon character in my mind. She was an edgy, fearless and fabulous girl and I was wild about her. At that time I had no idea what to turn Taffy Rainbow into, so she simply faded away into a rosy Sleeping Beauty sleep.
Little did I know…
At this time I was a young, lost, highly creative person and I was so confused about why I walked the earth. I was exploring arts, textile, sculpting and photography. I challenged myself and started to take acting classes and began to speak up. But I still couldn’t settle on what to pursue. Lucky for me, my father met an extarordinary goldsmith whom he engaged with and she ended up teaching me jewelry! As I discovered her enchanting world of precious gold and diamonds I became more and more inspired to try out my own thing.
Somewhere on that road Taffy popped up again and suddenly all bits came together. I realized Taffy was a product of my interest for characters, transformation and acting. And that if I took her, multiplied it with my jewelry and added all of my assets in photo, styling and visual creation it would come out as one hell of a brand. All of a sudden I had a chance to communicate my vision of beauty to the world!
Since then Taffy Rainbow sits on my shoulder and has been my inspiration to lead a more fabulous and fulfilling life. Through my jewelry I want to share that inspiration with you.
-Cornelia Sjöblom, designer and business owner
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