08 September 2012 Cristina & Kalle

I would like to make a speech during the dinner at the reception. Do I need to tell anybody in advance?

- Yes, please tell the toastmaster a couple of days in advance. The contact details you'll find under "Wedding Reception".

I'm going to bring my digital camera. Are the bride and groom interested in having the photos and films I take?

- A splendid initiative, indeed! Please, bring your camera and yes, of course we are interested in all the photos and films you take. Please, take a lot! The exact form for gathering all the material is not set yet but we'll get back to that.

What hymns are we going to sing in church? I want to practice.

We're going to sing "As The Deer" and "Create In Me a Clean Heart"

 I've understood that the bride and groom want a contribution to their honey moon trip as wedding gift. Is there any account number where I can make the contribution?

- Suitable account numbers are for Swedish guests SEB 5699 30 016 32 and for international guests Swiss PostFinance 92-902813-8 IBAN CH53 0900 0000 9290 2813 8. Both accounts are in the groom's name.

Are children welcome?

- Daniel is certainly going to be there and he would appreciate somebody to play with, so of course, children are welcome. We are also aware of that some parents prefer an evening by themselves to be able to party better, so the decision is all your's.

Okay, they put "Lounge Suit" as the dress code. What do they really mean with that?

- We mean Sharp Suits and Fabulous Frocks, i.e. men in suit and a tie, preferrably a shirt too. Women in a dress or suit.  But, most important of all, feel comfortable!

Are the hostesses going to arrange something to do for us coming from abroad?

- No, we haven't planned anything. However, if you want to combine coming to Stockholm for the wedding with a short vacation in the world's most beautiful city, please feel free to ask for advice of what to see and do.

How to get to this beautiful place?

- We will add all the necessary information on this page in due time. Look under the "How to get there" and you will find it. But basically, once you've gotten to Stockholm, in order to get to the Chapel from the Central Station you take the metro and a bus and a walk and you'll get there.

Is the party until late?

- Well, it depends on how many people are staying and what you mean by late. But until 02.00 we can keep on dancing. 

What if I get thirsty from all the dancing and singing?

- Don't worry! The bar will be open after dinner, and there you can buy beer, wine and basic drinks.

How do I get back home again?

- Since the Wärdshus is not within crawling distance from the city center, the best way to get back is with a taxi. Just make sure to remember the address. If you don't remember, take a taxi anyway.

I cannot find the information I'm looking for, not even under the F.A.Q. What do I do then?

- Please contact either Cristina or Kalle. You'll find the contact information on the invitation card.

But I lost it.

- Oh, you lost it? Well, then go to "Contact" here on the left, put in your personal details and your question and we will contact you.