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"Are you watching honey?," Charles is asking, "Ros is licking my balls it’s such a fucking turn on, sucking on them and putting one in her mouth." I am determined to edge and tease Carla as well as myself as I let his erection slip from my lips and lick and suck his erect nipples. "Your tits are magnificent, how did manage to acquire them?," I ask as I enjoy them and make eye contact with Ros and my man. I feel as though I have taken ownership of the situation and it’s an incredible turn-on for me.
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"What about you Charles, would you like some of that?," Ros asks. "Do it for me so is Carla for me." "I am very good at edging Carla, can you last thirty minutes for me?" I tease as I lick his nipples, then his balls. "You are a special challenge for me, a man with a gorgeous female body and a ten-inch cock. And my man is watching while Ros is sucking his cock. I am going to start slow before building speed gradually and easing off again to edge and tease you," I whisper to him.
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Stretch our boundaries, that is a huge turn on for me," I whisper. "Do you want Ros to do it or me?" "Ros please, kiss me while she does it with your hand on my erection." "You liked that didn’t you honey? So did I, next time I want to do it for you. And maybe you do it for me," I tell him as I fit the cock ring Ros provided for him and Ros does the same for Carla. "I am going to blow Carla’s ten-inches while you watch honey, are you fine with that? He really is impressive strapped in like that, so are you," I tease as I run my hands over my man’s chest and tongue kiss him. "After your spanking, your cock is like an iron bar for Ros.