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POSTAT 2018-02-06 14:39:29

Sex Doll That Can be A Family Member

Very user-friendly authentic doll robot

Maybe a real sex doll will arouse your sexual desire. "When people visit Eve, they can interact with the companion robots they have already learned or the people they have never seen before." There is a cafe in the brothel. Customers can carry robots and talk to sex.

Others regard sex dolls as family members. In order to avoid anyone getting the wrong impression, he stressed that he only used his doll to take pictures, and his family had no problem with his pastime. He said that he never shoots a doll without clothes and does not allow others to do so.

Its life-size robot head can be placed on a real doll and is the most human. Every step of her can be controlled through a downloadable smartphone app, the founder and owner of the sex doll robot. His team has been working tirelessly to unleash a high degree of harmony. Since the doll's debut in 2016, people have been eagerly awaiting the latter.

The company behind “The Brothel” said on its website that its vision is to provide you with an exciting new way to fulfill your needs without the many restrictions and restrictions that a true partner might bring. ""

A poll conducted at the Dolls Forum found that 50% of dolls were purchased for non-sexual behavior, 7% of dolls said it was just for hugs and sleep, and 11% of dolls admitted that they prefer dolls as humans. Alternatives.

With the development of sex dolls, sex doll brothels are also rising rapidly. Compared to a typical brothel, customers do not have to pay for personal services, but only pay for a period of time during the "dating" period. The sex doll brothel owner said what the customer did to the doll during the sexual intercourse - maybe 12 hours - "This is not my business." He now plans to expand his x-level business, including bringing more experimental clients. A special "snake" doll. He said: "In addition to those who think this is superstitious, people who are disappointed with prostitution will come to me."

But according to the interview, his boss is looking for investors to fund new locations in the UK: we are currently expanding and looking for more franchisees in other countries. If anyone is interested in the brand, you can contact us.

She is a luxury model with a "wild side", another is a 65-pound "private island beauty", she is a silicone doll. He revealed that this is a tribute to his ex-wife. "She is very special to me because she represents her rescue photo. I blame myself for destroying this marriage. I am stupid and careless."

He called his boss - saying that although he knew he was not a real person, her presence was beneficial and made him happy. "Just like a husband let his wife and children go home, you know, I have this; I have someone at home." He told us that the days he spent were usually his best - the time spent on the couch. Embrace, maybe watch a movie together. "This is fantasy, you know, there is such a girlfriend. I have never had such an experience."

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