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She is doing a good job of flirting, she is surrounded by men which she loves. Two or three times, when she turns to the left or right to face one of the group she iss talking with, she bumps against a big hard penis. After a couple of hours, she sees me sitting in a chair across the room. I beckoned to her so she came over to my chair. I asked her if she is enjoying herself and she told me that she certainly was. I knew that meant that she liked the men at the party. We start to talk some more when someone at my side starts talking to her. Marie turns to talk to him and then a couple of other men drift into the group. We were all talking and flirting when she feels my hand on her leg, under her skirt. Marie is embarrassed in case anyone sees what I'm doing. Her skirt is very short, she thought that probably no one will notice. To be sure no one will notice, she edges closer to my chair.

This encourages me, I start to slowly move my hand further up her leg. This is very exciting to her, to be talking to three or four men while I'm starting to play with her. It seems like an eternity, though, before my hand got close to her pussy. By that time, she is very wet. She wasn't wearing panties. My fingers find her wetness and then start seriously playing with her. I slide, didn't have to push, one finger inside her. Her pussy practically swallows my finger. Then I slide another finger inside her, and her legs start to feel weak. She is trying to concentrate on what the men around her were saying, but it is very, very difficult to do. I didn't help at all, I start moving my fingers faster and faster inside her, as if I'm trying,to make her have an orgasm in front of all these people.

Fortunately for her, I slow down, then I take both fingers out of her pussy.

Marie starts to panic because she didn't want me to stop. I didn't, I moved my hand around to her ass and then, before she can move or do anything, I spread my fingers across the cheeks of her ass pushing my middle finger all the way up! Marie almost jumps.
She has never had anything in her tight virgin ass, this is a new erotic sensation for her. My finger is so well lubricated with her pussy juices, it went all the way in without hurting at all. I start moving it in and out, teasing her. I pull it almost all the way out, then slide it back in again. Soon I increase the tempo, until I'm basically pushing it all the way in and then pulling it all the way out. Her hips, on their own, start moving to the rhythm of my hand. Marie gradually became aware of what her body is doing, in public, and she tries to make it stop. She can't, she did manage to shorten the amount of sway of her hips. Maybe, if she is lucky, not everybody in the room will be completely aware of what is happening to her.

Then my finger came all the way out of her ass and my hand moves back to her pussy. She stops moving completely and stood still. Within a split second I had two, then three fingers inside her pussy, which is dripping wet. Her hips start, once again, moving on their own. She is still talking, at least trying to, to the men around her, who must have been curious at her discomfiture. Then all three fingers push as deep as they can go inside her tight pussy, pulling back, then thrusting home again. Marie knows that if this keeps up much longer she will scream. The pleasure is so intense she can barely stand it. She wants so much for her orgasm to come, yet is so afraid that it will. The tension is incredible!

Just then, within seconds of reaching her orgasm, I walk up asking her if she wanted another drink. She started to say yes, then realizes I.m standing next to her and offering her a drink while I'm sitting down driving her wild with three fingers in her pussy. Because of her excitement, it took a long time for it to sink in that those weren't my fingers that are still moving more and more rapidly in her pussy. She looks down seeing that it is one of the men she had been flirting with earlier in the evening. My God! It is a total stranger with three fingers in her pussy, one of which had just been deep inside her tight ass.

At least, the orgasm she has been about to have rapidly subsides. She moves towards me feeling the fingers trying to keep her where she was. Marie moves aggressively, feeling the fingers slide slowly out of her, trailing her juices all the way down her leg. She moves to me, then turns to watch the stranger put all three fingers in his mouth and lick them while looking her in the eye. She is so embarrassed, yet so turned on. She wants to make love, to be made love to, right on the spot. Marie asks me if we can leave. I look at her asking if something is wrong. She said " No, but I want to rape you and I can't do it here." We had arrived in my limo, my driver is waiting outside, so we climb into the car. Before we are half a block, she has my cock in her mouth while I reclined on the back seat. I pull her dress up to expose her ass, and begin caressing her ass and pussy. I remark on how wet both are. She takes her mouth off my cock long enough to say, " Wait until I tell you what just happened." It didn't take long for me to cum. Marie uses her hand to pump the last bits of semen from me, swallowing it, then sat up changing positions.

She places my hand on her pussy, easing one finger inside her pussy. Marie caresses her clit and pussy while she told me that when, standing at my chair, she turned to the left to respond to someone, she didn't realize that I had stood up and left. So when she felt a hand on her leg, she thought it was mine. When she edged closer to the chair, and the hand, it must have made the stranger think she was encouraging him. Which she was, though she thought it was mine she was encouraging. When she felt the hand move to her pussy and start to play with her, she was certain it was mine. When her pussy became totally wet, she wanted my fingers deeper inside her. And then they were. And to have her other hole played with in public almost drove her wild!

I said that perhaps I should spend more time putting my fingers into her pussy so that she would be certain to recognize when it was somebody else's fingers. Marie told me that would be fine with her.

Then I help her to have the orgasm she had been so close to having before. Our driver seems startled, but it is heavenly to her.

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