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He was everything I wanted in a man- tall, handsome, strong, sexy, and confident. He was the kind of man that knows what he wanted. I tossed and turn at night thinking about all the things that I wanted to do to him. I was hooked. Again and again I thought about fucking him and making him mine for just one night. One day online, many years after he gave me my very first kiss, I got to speak to him once again. He called me on the phone and said that he wanted to see me. He wanted me to come over to his home in the next town over. I was so nervous, and very anxious, to be so close to him again. What would happen there? I didn?t know, but I badly needed to find out. We made plans and I was going to see him? alone.
I left my house in the middle of the day. The paper white snow covered the ground as I boarded the bus and paid the driver my fare. Sitting on the ride I thought about every possible scenario that could happen and a smile spread across my face. When I arrived at his house he was outside working and hanging lights. He was wearing a blue and yellow sports jacket that fit him in all the right places.
"Hey, could you give me a minute? I?m almost done getting these up," he called out.
"Sure," I said looking up at him on the ladder.
He had his strong arms up near the edge of the roof and I could see his delicious looking abs. I was wet immediately. He was done quickly, but the torture of waiting for just that one extra minute was killing me.

Finally he came down and we went inside locking the door behind us. He took off his coat and took off mine. He made a noise when he saw what I was wearing and I could tell that he was aroused. I was turned on that he was turned on by me. We were on the same page.
I was wearing a very low cut black baby doll top and tight blue jeans. You could see my full cleavage and just a hint of my lacy black bra strap peeking out from the side of my shirt. He told me that he missed me all these years and he told me that he?s always liked me, but these are just small details in the entirety of the story. Standing in the doorway he bent forward and kissed me and I was suddenly young again. I could feel my shoulders relax and I wanted to give myself to him more than ever before. We sat down on his couch and kissed and touched each other softly. I sucked on his neck and ran my fingers through his hair. I put my hand on his cock through his pants rubbing hungrily. His fingers ran down my chest and I moaned softly in his ear. My hand on his cock could feel it become hard almost instantly. He got up and put his knees over mine, straddling me on the couch. He took off his shirt and I bent forward licking a straight line across the line of his boxers.
I undid his pants while looking up at him and him looking back. I knew my wildest dreams had come true. I was going to have that cock inside my mouth any minute and it was incredible. I pulled out my tits for him to suck on and my soft nipples became hard as he nibbled and bit them. I moaned again and apparently my moan just did it for him. He got up and whipped out his rock hard cock.

I quickly unbuttoned my pants and he slid his hand down to touch my wet pussy. He put one foot up on the couch as I leaned back. I was the perfect height to slide his cock into the back of my throat. I sucked and moaned while licking and stroking all at the same time. The closer I got him, the faster he rubbed my hot wet clit.
I kept thinking about all my fantasies and all my hot sex dreams about this man. I couldn?t take the pleasure, it was so incredible. I kept lifting my hips into the air, getting him to rub harder. I took my other hand and thrust my fingers into my pussy. He rubbed faster then, my gesture spurring him on, and I sucked the head of his cock as I squeezed with my hand at the base of his dick. His hands knew just where to touch me. I didn?t have to touch my clit at all, he did it just right.
"I?ve wanted this for so long," I said as I flicked my tongue on the head of his cock.
"Me too! Oh, I?m coming!" He grunted and gasped.
At that moment I felt his hot load sliding down the back of my throat so fast that I couldn?t taste a thing. It was so warm and slippery, not like I?d expected, and that one last thought made me cum.
"I?m coming, I?m coming, I?m coming!" I screamed as I exploded all over his fingertips. "Oh, oh, ohh! Yes!"
I laid my head back riding the wave of pleasure as it coursed through my body. Still breathing heavily, we got dressed and cleaned ourselves up. When I got back from the bathroom I kissed him again.
He smiled and asked, "Did you use my Listerine?"
"Uh huh," I smiled and kissed him again.
When the bus arrived I sadly kissed him good bye and walked out into the cold snowy darkness. I looked out the bus window as I left just to see his face a little longer.

But once again that night I saw the man of my dreams. Only this time? it wasn?t just a fantasy.

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