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Ingen rubrik har angivits än...

He took the opportunity, to let himself in, he had been waiting for this for so long, needing to feel himself inside of her, needing to touch her naked body, watching her every movement and dreaming of how she would react under his touch and control.

He takes his time watching her, getting aroused at what is about to happen, and even more aroused with the fact that she has no idea, doesnt know that he is there, doesnt know that he wants her so bad, that he looks at her in this way and that he adores her so very much.

He has seen the way she looks at him, he knows that in her own way she wants to be with him, maybe shes too shy to make the first move, this is why he made the decision to come into the home, to come to her in her sleep, to be a dream, of hers and his, to finally be as one how he thinks they are meant to be.

Hes naked now too, still in the doorway, stroking his long hard cock, admiring her curves, her hair, her beauty, he moves closer and he can smell her perfume, his cock gets harder with that, being close enough to smell her, he will have to find his control, he has to make the most of tonight, treasure it, remember it.

He slides into bed beside her, she stirs a little in her sleep, then settles again, he lies with her for a while, not quite touching, but feeling the heat of her body next to his, enjoying the scent of her skin, in the way her legs are parted he can smell her womanhood, enjoys the musky scent, cannot wait to taste it.

He starts to lightly trace the curve of her side, down across her waist and hip, trailing along the back and up the spine, very lightly, almost non existant touch, she feels as beautiful as he has always imagined, and he wants to take her right then and there, but he needs to show some self control, make this last. She shivers under his touch, her breath quickens but she stays asleep, every so often when his trace comes close to somewhere sensitive a wee moan escapes from her lips, or a sigh, he knows that she is loving his touch subconsciously and is adoring how her body is reacting to it.

He starts to lightly kiss her, roll her over and touch her front, he sits over her and rolls her nipples with his tongue, alternating between doing that and kissing them gently or flicking them lightly, her moans get louder and a bit more throaty and he knows that it wont be long until she wakes.

He whispers into her ears 'wake up' and has to repeat himself a few times before her eyes slowly open, she is automatically startled by him there, and tries to struggle beneath him, he grabs both wrists and holds them high over her head with one of his hands, hes large and a lot stronger than him, he enjoys the power, the fright in her eyes, but by touching her and kissing her, the way her body reacts he knows shes enjoying it too.

She tries to speak, but no words come out, he tells her that she has nothing to worry about, as long as she does what he wishes, she will be fine. She nods in agreement and he feels her body relax, just a little. She knows now who is in charge, and there is nothing she can do.

He tightly ties her wrists to her bedhead, again panic in her eyes, and he reassures her that she would be untied soon enough, they were meant to be together and now they would be. He starts kissing her from the top of her head, down her face, grabbing her by her throat and lengthening her neck, kissing every inch, covering every part of her body in nibbles, licks, bites, she cannot help but moan in appreciation, she cant help but love this.

He arrives to the beauty between her legs, her trimmed pubes, her musky scent, he inhales deeply and touches her lightly with his tongue, he feels how wet she is, so slippery, so aroused, so swollen and aching for his touch. He starts to finger her, first with one finger, then 2, and then roughly with 3, she gasps and her back arches, her hands yank at the ropes they are tied with but they cannot move, she gets used to it and starts rocking her pelvis in appreciation of his movements in her, he starts licking and sucking her clit, finger fucking her hard, and quickly gets into a fast rhythm, her hips are bucking harder now, and shes panting fast, getting wetter and wetter, she explodes with a scream, hips bucking violently, shaking like a leaf, covering his fingers in cum.

He brings his fingers to her mouth where she hungrely sucks her juices off them.

He whispers in her ear that its his turn now, she eagerly nods, knowing that she has no choice, but also knowing that she is aching to feel him in her, needing him so much.

He slips in between her legs, bending her knees and lightly lifting each leg over his shoulder, with a fast sharp movement he plunges into her, taking her breath away, he gets even more turned on by her reaction to him, he starts to pound her faster and harder, looking into her eyes at all times, knowing that he has the full control of her, but knowing he is showing her his way of loving her, the way he has always wanted to show her, the way she didnt know he did.

Her pussy clasps against his cock so tight, god so tight, but so damn slipperly, so wet, just with her juices, he relishes in the thought that she made those juices by thinking of him, his touch, he caused those juices to happen.

That alone is enough to set him off, holding her hips tight he pushes himself into her as hard as he can, enjoying the sensation she is giving him, and he cums, giving her all his seed, pumping it deep into her, she feels the heat within and smiles slyly at him, he moves from between her legs and lies down beside her, unties her hands and kisses her softly.

She sighs with delight, compassion and love, looks at him and says 'welcome home, ive missed you so very much, I wasnt expecting you back until tomorrow' he looks at his wife, asks if she enjoyed her fantasy coming true, its his surprise to her, to this she confirms that it was better than her wildest dreams, she cant wait to see what her man has instore for her next....

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