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She looked at me and said, "I would like to make love to you?"

I tried my best to keep the excitement in me controlled, but I am fairly sure she knew my answer before I said anything as my cock instantly went hard as a steel rod. I said, "this has been a dream of mine for years, I will do my best".

She rolled me over on to my back and said, "just relax, I will take the lead for this one".

I laid there while she moved over to my side and then remembered I had some condoms in my wallet from basic and started to get up, she said, "what are you doing?"

"I have some condoms in my wallet, I was going to get them".

She grabbed my shoulders and looked me in the eye and said, "do you trust me?"

I of course told her yes.

"Then just lay back down and relax, I want to experience all of you, and I don?t want to have something between us".

That sent my head spinning; I did not know at the time, she had been on the pill for several years at this point; but as any young guy with a hard dick will tell you, you don?t question much when there is a beautiful woman sitting there naked that wants to have sex with you.

I laid back down and she positioned herself next to me again and started to stroke my cock again. She asked me, "Do you mind if I just play with him for a little while?"

I told her, "of course you can, I just got to live out some of my best dreams". She smiled at me and began to play with my balls as she was stroking my cock. This went on for a few minutes and she was enjoying the freedom to do what she wanted. So, I just laid there and took in the pleasure.

I noticed that she was moving around again, and I opened my eyes to catch her lifting her leg so she could be on top of me with her pussy facing me. She looked back at me and said, "I have always dreamed about doing this with you, just let me know again if you are getting ready to cum. I want this to last for a while".

I agreed and she slid down in to position and I was once again tasting her sweet pussy. This was even more intense, for me at least, I also was experiencing her sucking on my cock and taking my balls and sucking them into her mouth. I had never experienced this before, and she was using her little grab at the base of my cock trick quite a bit.

She was also having an incredibly good time, while she did not tense up like before, I did get several nice flows of her appreciation for my efforts, and my face and neck were covered with her satisfaction.

Eventually she was just laying there stroking my cock and hugging me, she started to get up. She told me to just stay there, and she turned around and sat back down carefully putting my cock right between the lips of her drenched pussy and started to slide back and forth on it. I could once again see her full beautiful breasts and reached up with my hands and started to play with her nipples again. This got an immediate response this time. Her whole body tensed up and I could feel a warm flow from her pussy on to my cock and all over me. She opened her eyes and looked at me and said, "you are learning very fast" and smiled at me. I just smiled back, and we continued to tease each other with this amazing dance she was teaching me.

She stopped moving and looked at me again and said, "I am going to put you inside of me now, just relax and go slow at first, ok?"

I said ok and she reached down with her hand and slid my cock back pressing it against her clit and then down further to the point that I finally popped up and was inside of my stepsister and she let out a small moan. It must have been instinct at that point and I thrust up my hips into her. She met me with a downward thrust at almost the same time and she moaned again.

She opened her eyes and looked into mine and said, "that is how it is supposed to feel".

She warned me now and said, "don?t push too hard, you are all the way inside of me and it might hurt if you do it too hard, you are right on top of my cervix".

I told her to tell me if it was hurting and started to slowly move my hips up and down. Again, she met me in a rhythm, and we were finally making love after all these years and dreams we had both had.

I was in heaven and just kept the slow and steady rhythm we had both figured out somehow. This was the most amazing feeling I had to this point in my life and I did not want it to end, but I could tell that I needed to cum. It was growing quickly in me and my balls had started to tense up.

I looked at her and said, "I am going to cum soon?"

She looked me in the eyes and said, "grab my hips and show me how much you love me".

I placed my hands on her hips and started to move her up and down faster and still trying to not hurt her by going too deep.

She was moaning on every thrust now and looked down at me and said, "cum inside me, please?. please?"

That did it for me, I could not hold hit any longer, I really started to thrust my hips into hers and I could feel the cum building up. She was now at more of a controlled scream, but not too loud with every thrust I made with my hips. She put her hands down on my shoulders and leaned over a little more and started to kiss me while she was telling me how much she loved me. Her long blond hair hanging down over both of us almost created a little world of our own and that was the last thing I could take at that moment and with one final hard, deep thrust I exploded into my stepsister with all my love for her.

She could tell I was just about to cum and somehow managed to time her orgasm with mine and her pussy clinched down on my cock and she started flowing her sweet tasting expression right as I was expressing my love for her. We both let out a moan and she collapsed down on to my chest.

We laid there for a few minutes, she was rubbing my arms and every once in awhile would look up and give me a kiss. I was rubbing her soft beautiful body everywhere as we laid there in exhausted enjoyment. At this point I had popped out of her pussy because of how far forward she had laid down, and to my amazement I was still rock hard and was bouncing up against her beautiful butt when she would move around.

She seemed to notice this too and looked at me with a little smile and said, "oh you have not had enough of me, have you?"

I was a little embarrassed and started to turn red, she looked at me and said, "don?t worry, that is an amazing compliment to a woman. Never be ashamed of wanting to love her more".

She looked me in the eye and asked if I minded if she took care of that hard problem I had? I told her to do whatever she wanted to do. This was amazing.

She had a little surprise for me, she moved around again and got on top of me with her pussy right in my face again and said, "if you are confident enough let?s try this again".

She went straight to sucking on my hard cock and I dove right into her pussy. This got a quick response from her, she began to moan, and I could tell she was having an orgasm again, this time it was different though, I could taste her and me. It was very intoxicating having my own expression of love mixed with hers and I began to cum in her mouth very quickly.

We were both spent, and both covered in each other?s cum and sexual fragrance. She jumped up and quickly got a blanket from a box that was in the room and her pillows and brought them over.

She looked at me and asked, "Will you stay here with me tonight?" I said of course and she curled up into me and we both laid there holding on to each other naked in my stepsisters? new bed in her apartment.

~~End of Part 2~~

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