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You are wearing a sexy skirt and blouse, and I am wearing shorts and a golf shirt. Our bodies are touching and rubbing up against each other slightly in subtle ways since we are in public as we casually talk getting a little aroused for the evening that you have planned, whatever it is since you haven't told me yet. As we are talking the bar door opens and an attractive south American woman walks in. She is wearing a short black dress and looking very sexy. You whisper in my ear in a very sexy voice, "For your birthday, you wanted a three-some, will she do?" "Yes ", I answered.

We meet Dahlia and we all have another cocktail and shot and toast the evening. After some small talk, Dahlia looks at you, then me and says, "I am getting very horny looking at you two touching and rubbing against each other, I want my share of attention." "I am ready to go somewhere private" you state. "I am ready if you guys are", I add. "Great, I have hotel suite across the street", you say and we all quickly and excitedly leave.

We walk into the suite, it is large and has two rooms a huge bathroom and two king size beds. Dahlia turns to us and states "I am here only as a sex toy for you two, use me any way you want and don't worry about me having an orgasm. My mouth, tits, pussy and asshole are yours to use in any way". I am already completely erect at this time and you moaned a little as she was talking.

You speak up in a commanding voice, "I am going to tell you what to do in the beginning and then we we will see where that leads us". "First, you are going to take my clothes off slowly and pay attention to my body. Then you are going to carry me over and gently place me on the one bed. Next you will go over by Dahlia and pay her some attention, then take off her clothes carry her over to other bed".

I slowly remove your blouse and bra licking and kissing all over your tits and neck and back. I then start to passionately kiss you inserting my tongue down your throat as we make out for a minute or so. From behind us we hear a sexy low moaning that turns both of us on. I then remove your skirt and panties and start to tease your pussy and asshole area. You tap me and say "we'll get to that later, go make her moan some more and louder". I carry you to the bed gently set you down and walk over to Dahlia.

I pull her dress up very slowly over her head to release her tits. I start to lick her belly and move slowly licking and kissing until I get to her tits where I suck and kiss and tease the nipples while I caress the other tit at the same time. I then move up to kiss her on the lips while my hands slowly caress her legs and ass. As I start to make out with her, I move her underwear aside and start to slowly rub her inner thighs and pussy area. I then go to my knees to slowly remove her panties and lick and kiss and tease her pussy area, but not touching it yet. I then pick her up and carry her to the other bed.

You then speak up and tell me, "You will not come at this time. You will explode into me for the first time when I tell you to, so stop before you get to that point. Start with you licking her pussy only and then move to 69. When you get too close, I want you to stop and then fuck her pussy with you on top and do it at an angle so I can see your dick pound her pussy". You seem to really enjoy giving the orders, I turned around to see you slowly touching your clit and moving your fingers in and out of your pussy.

I place her on the bed and continue to tease the inner thighs and area all around the pussy. "And no licking the asshole, that move is only for me", I hear from behind. After making her squirm for a minute I start to lick her pussy and then insert my tongue into it and then I start to lick her clit and go back and forth before I finally insert a finger in her. At this point she starts to moan and grab my head pushing it harder into her pussy. I do this for another minute before I stop to follow orders and get my dick sucked at the same time as licking her pussy. She grabs my dick when I place it near her face and inhales it all the way to the base immediately before slowly taking it out of her mouth and licking all around. I am getting much too aroused, so I slowly pull away from her and lick her pussy a couple more times. As I look up, you are completely playing with yourself fucking your pussy with your fingers. I then move to fuck her pussy with my dick with me on top. I slowly insert my dick into her pussy and start to slowly fuck her. Unfortunately, I am so aroused that I have to stop after a couple of minutes.

You notice we have stopped and signal me to come over to your bed. When I get there, you grab my head and force it into your pussy saying, "lick that fucking pussy until I come!" I immediately tongue fuck you while rubbing your clit with my fingers. After a short time, I move my fingers down to your pussy and insert 3 of them right away and start to go in and out very fast as I start to go crazy on your clit. Your moans start to turn to "Oh my gods" repeatedly as you rapidly reach orgasm and are extremely loud. From the other bed we hear Dahlia orgasming at the same time as she found the dildo and was fucking her pussy very hard and fast with it.

We take a break to get something to drink. As I am slamming a beer because I am so thirsty, I look at the 2 naked women in the room and think of how lucky that my Lust Friend would do this. I am going to make her come so many times I am thinking to my self as I watch her drink a glass of wine and then pound a tequila shot. Man, she is fucking incredible!

"Now it is my turn with Dahlia, and you have to watch, BUT DON'T COME!" you order me.

You both lay on the bed and slowly and sensuously kiss for a short time. Then you slowly pull away and move toward her pussy. I know you really are not that interested in doing this, so you are only doing it because you know I want to see it. GREATEST LUST FRIEND EVER! I think to myself as I watch you lick her pussy.

You start slowly and insert your tongue in her pussy a few times slowly and gently before increasing the tongue fucking to a faster speed. Then you lick your way up to her clit and spend some gentle time there before picking up the pace. Your fingers are playing with her pussy and inserting but not really pounding. From behind I speak up, "Thank you for this, can she lick your pussy now?". You seem happy to receive and slowly switch positions as I get to watch another woman eat your pussy and lick your clit and finger fuck you. You moan and squirm but don't orgasm and for some reason, I take this as a compliment.

You tap her out and we take another short break. After you get something to drink, you walk over and pull out the strap on dildo and put it on. You motion Dahlia to stand by the bed and to lean over. You motion me behind you.

You insert the strap on dildo into her pussy from behind all the way to the base as she lets out a moan. You stop there and say "Now you fuck me in the pussy from behind while I fuck her pussy from behind. And you better last awhile and then explode into me." I insert my rock-hard dick into your pussy all the way in and you let out a moan. I then wait for you to start fucking her so I can match your rhythm. You start slowly fucking her and I am matching the pace going in and out of your dripping wet pussy. The sight of me fucking you while you are fucking her is the greatest turn on ever, I thought, I would be wrong. You start to pick up the pace because you want me to fuck you faster and harder. As I start to pound you faster and harder you stop moving on your own, so it is like I am fucking you and Dahlia at the same time. The moans from the two of you and the "Oh my gods" that you are saying are getting extremely loud as I start to reach my orgasm and start to moan and breath heavy and say loudly, "I am about to come and explode". "I am coming, Oh Oh Oh!" you almost yell. "I am fucking coming as wellllllll!" Dahlia joins in. I explode inside of your pussy but continue to pound away hoping both of you finish. After several more hard thrusts I have to stop.

"Fucking awesome" you say as I slowly pull my dick out of your pussy. "Fucking awesome", agreed Dahlia as you slowly pull the strap on out of her pussy. We take another break and as I am drinking another beer, I watch you pour her a glass of wine and you two are talking about what wine tastes good with sex, what a great conversation!

"Any ideas what to do next", you ask. "Fuck Yes!", I answer enthusiastically. "You?re the boss for this next part" you tell me.

I take the strap on dildo off of you and put it on Dahlia. I then lay her on her back on the bed. I then motion you over "Climb on top and have her fuck your pussy" I order you. As you climb on top and insert the dildo into your pussy, I follow from behind. After a few strokes I start to stroke around your asshole with my finger. After you do a few more strokes up and down on the dildo I insert one finger and then two into your asshole. You moan loudly in pleasure as you think this was my plan and you start to pick up the pace of you fucking Dahlia and the strap on dildo. After pounding your asshole with my fingers for several strokes I rearrange my body, so I am right behind you and force you to lean forward as you stroke up and down on the Dahlia and the strap on dildo. I then stop your movement when the dildo is all the way in and roughly and forcefully insert my dick into your ass. You moan so loudly with pleasure as I start to fuck your ass with my dick, you move some more on the dildo, but it is hard to do as hard as I am fucking your asshole. I look down and pull your cheeks apart to see my dick in your ass, this is the greatest turn on ever, and this time I am right! With my dick in your ass and the strap on dildo in your pussy, you are not going to last long. I pound away for a couple of minutes as your moaning and "Oh my god" are getting louder, "I am cominggggg" you moan out in pleasure. This sends me over the top and I pound harder and faster for a few more strokes before I explode into your ass moaning as loud as I have ever moaned during sex.

As we all climb off the bed for another break, you ask Dahlia "What do you want to do?" She answers, "I have loved all of this, but his fucking my pussy with his dick in the beginning was way too short. Would you mind if he fucked me until we both came?" Dahlia asked. You answer, "No I don't mind, you deserve it. Is there any way I can assist?" "How about if you lick her clit while I am fucking her?" I suggest. "That would be nice." Dahlia adds. "How would we do it?" you ask. "She can be on her back and you lick her clit while I fuck her from more of a upright position or you can lay on your back and I can fuck her from behind." I say. "Or ..." I start and then pause. You answer in that annoyed voice when I tease things like that "WHAT ...?". "You two could 69 with either one on top and I would find her pussy to fuck." I suggest.

You ask Dahlia, "What do you think?". She answers, "I like licking your pussy, so it does sound like fun". "Ok", you agree "But when you get closer, I want you to stop licking my pussy and just enjoy the fucking. You have done a lot here today so you should have something done just for you."

"How about Dahlia on her back at the edge of the bed with her legs on my shoulders, and you on top with your pussy in her face. When it got close you could just slide off to the side and continue licking her clit" I suggest. You and Dahlia agree.

Dahlia lays on the bed as I walk up to her. I slide her to the edge and place her legs on my shoulders and slowly insert my dick into her pussy. You climb on the bed and place your pussy right over her face and force it on her mouth, so she has to lick it. You then lean forward and start to lick her pussy around my dick occasionally licking my dick in the process. You then start to concentrate on her clit, so I start to move. I am slowly going in and out of her pussy while you slowly get your pussy licked and slowly lick her clit. She starts to move faster on my dick showing me the pace she wants so I increase my speed. She picks up the pace even more and you take this as the time to stop and roll off her face but continue to lick her pussy and clit. I start to pound her pussy while watching you lick her and am starting to get closer. Dahlia is now squirming all over the place enjoying the dual sensation of being fucked and licked at the same time and moaning very loudly. I start to really pick up the pounding almost knocking you off her pussy, but you stay in there determined even if you don't enjoy it. She starts to moan that she is coming, and I stroke harder and faster hitting the top of your head with my stomach. I explode into her as you roll off. "AAAAHHHH she moans as she orgasms.

As we are all catching our breath, you look at me and say, "It's time for the B.E.S.T. position for the last orgasm of the night". You roll over to the edge of the bed grab my dick and ram it into your asshole. I start to fuck your ass while grinding my body on your pussy. It has been a long and erotic night and you are ready almost instantly. I continue to pound your ass and grind against your pussy until you make the noises I love to hear, "Oh my god, oh my god, I am fucking coming again Oh my god!!!!"

As we finish, I suggest a three-way shower so we can all help each other get really clean. The shower is huge, so we all fit in easily. I am washing your front while you wash my front. At the same time Dahlia is washing my back. You start to wash my dick and balls area as she starts to wash my asshole and "accidently" inserts a finger while I am washing your wonderful tits and beautifully pussy. Once this is finished, we put Dahlia in between us while you wash her tits and pussy and I return the asshole washing and the "accidental" finger insertion. "We never did insert anything into your ass Dahlia, could we figure something out for tomorrow?" I ask. "Yes, whatever you two want to do to me, I am up for" she answers. We then switch again and place you between Dahlia and me, she washes your tits and pussy again while I get to clean and play a little bit with your asshole.

After we all dry off, Dahlia says "I do not want to hug or hold you when we go to sleep if that is ok? I would prefer to just sleep in the other bed alone so I have as much room as I want plus you two can be as intimate as you want." We all agreed. As you lay on my chest fondling my dick (you just can't keep your hands off of it) I say "There are a few other things I would like to do tomorrow if possible. I haven't really thought it all out though." "Go ahead" you say apprehensively. I answer "I have them listed in my head.

1. I would like to have something in Dahlia's pussy and ass at the same time. My dick, strap on dildo, or the other dildo. No idea what or in what position or who using what, I just like the idea of both Dahlia's pussy and ass being pounded.

2. I would like to have something in your pussy and ass at the same time again. My dick, strap on dildo, or DRDs. No idea what or in what position or who using what, I just like the idea of both your pussy and ass being pounded.

3. I want to fuck you while laying on my back and at the same time I want to be licking Dahlia's pussy.

4. I would like to watch as each of you use a dildo on yourself until orgasm.

5. I would like to fuck you in the ass from behind as you are fucking Dahlia with the strap on in the ass with Dahlia on her back.

6. I would like to be getting a blowjob from one of you while licking the other one?s pussy at the same time.

Ok, that might be more than just tomorrow to do all that", I concede.

"If we can do any of it, I would be happy"

The lights go out, the tv is turned on as I play a porno in a continuous loop all night so we can go to sleep.

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