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This was my mom?s brother and another of my parents attempts at making me a "man". Well at least they hoped more of the son they saw and demanded I be rather than the girl I so desperately wanted to be and had always known I was. All these attempts never seemed to work out and only further enforced my inner feelings of self identification. Also unknown to them except that first time when I was very young, were very instrumental in furthering my sexual education. So here I was up in Oregon to do guy stuff with my uncle and his sons. I arrived after a long ride from Southern California and was miserable. I heard their plans on taking me deer hunting; tending the livestock and all the other "manly" activities they said I would enjoy taking part in. As I sat there all I thought of was being away from the one close friend I had. He was my sister?s friend?s father. He understood me better than any adult I knew and to him I was truly a girl and his "special daughter". I was thinking about a summer in Levis, T shirts and sneakers rather than panties, skirts and blouses. It was going to be awful.

My cousins, three boys all lived in a bunkhouse that was separate from the main house. I also had a cousin Becky who lived in a little travel trailer next to the house. She was two years younger than I. My first night was one of sheer terror. One it was so damn dark and for one growing up in the Los Angeles area and now being out in the middle of nowhere this was like nothing I had ever dealt with. The second was my cousins. I knew they had all been told before my arrival that their cousin was a bit of a sissy. They were told that I preferred Michelle rather than Michael and that my peers back home referred to me as Sissy Michelle. It was a term meant to cause hurt but only affirmed what I knew I was. They had been told of my liking to dressing in girl?s clothes. I would learn they also knew of my sexual activities. That first night lying in my bed, in that dark bunkhouse, there seemed to be a continual fight between them as they took turns crawling in with me.

The oldest was the first and as he slipped in beside me he whispered to me what a wonderful summer it was going to be for them and myself. He told me they knew all about my believing I was a girl and that I like doing the sexual things with boys. I told him no and where did he hear that but he was silent as he began pulling my pajamas off. I felt his hard cock against my now bare skin and realized he was already naked. He told me rather than asking to feel his hard cock. Having experienced being submissive and receptive when my peers took sexual advantage of me I did as I was told. Hey it sure was better that the many beatings I took before I gave in and did as I was told. Soon my rubbing and stroking his cock wasn?t enough for him. He put both hands on my head and pushed me down towards his cock. He then said we know you?re a cocksucker so show me how good you are. It was then that I decided, okay I will. I lowered my mouth over his cock and started sucking it in. I started swirling my tongue around the head and suddenly he started groaning and I felt his cock swell and he was shooting cum into my mouth. No sooner had his moaning stopped and he was being pushed aside and his brother slid in with me. He was saying something like no cock sucking for him as he pushed me over on my belly saying he wanted to fuck me in my ass. He laid across my back and was stabbing with his hard cock trying to push it into my ass. He was just stabbing away as if it would just happen. I said stop, you have get it wet before it will go in. I moved around and started sucking his cock getting it all wet with my saliva. After I felt he was wet enough I turned around and got on my knees and lowered my head into the pillow. With the others watching in the lights of a flashlight I felt him slip into my ass. I could hear the other two talk saying will you look at that, the sissy likes it. Once his cock was in and I could feel his body pressed against mine he told the others, you have to feel this. I started flexing my muscles and squeezing against his cock.

I wanted then to realize that yes, I liked it and I was good at doing it. He slid almost out of my ass and just as quickly slid his cock back in he made a few stroke in and out before he started yelling, "I am go to cum". Unlike the adult men that had fucked my ass before it did not feel the same as he ejaculated his cream into my body. I did however as his cock slipped out of my ass I felt the wetness drip down my thigh. It was then the younger ones turn with me. He wanted to get his cock sucked. I just rolled over and he lowered his cock to my mouth. I really don?t remember much more of the things that went on after that. I know that when I was left alone there in my bed and finally began drifting off to sleep I felt myself. I felt the wetness of cum that was still seeping out of my ass, I felt the dried cum on my face and in my hair. Finally I drifted off to sleep with the thought, there they had known I was a sissy and now they knew I enjoyed being one. They had felt my mouth on their cocks and ejaculated into it watching me swallow it all. They had felt the tightness of my ass as I used it to milked the cum from their cocks. Yes I may be a sissy but not a sissy boy but truly was a girl that that at birth had something go wrong.

In the morning I was a mess when my uncle came in to wake us. Laying there naked with my hair matted in places with dried cum he was able to quickly decide that there had been some sexual play done that night. Looking straight into my eyes with a wink he told us all to sit down and began giving us a talking to. His words seemed more directed to the boys rather than me. There was to be no more playing around when we went to sleep. My cousins were sent out and my uncle sat me down and said I should not be such a slut. That was the exact word he used, "slut". Yes that?s what he said I was a slut. He was basically saying that I had to have instigated the evening?s sexual play. He told me my mother had told him all about my feelings that I was a girl and not a boy as well as the things she knew and suspected I was doing. He went on to ask me why I did those things and also about my feelings that I was a girl. I tried to explain that I started nothing and it was the boys that came to me. I continued telling him that yes I truly believed I was a girl and that thing between my legs that everyone said made me one was wrong. I started crying and telling him how much I hated being told I was and being a boy in body when everything about me was a girl. He sat there silently and reached out and pulled me to him. He held me against his body and softly asked if I liked and enjoyed what had happened last night. Did I really like sucking boys cock and letting them put them in my ass. Knowing he knew all about me after the things my mother told him, I told him that yes I did but mostly only with older people. They believed I was a girl and let me openly be what I truly was. With them I could dress and be real without the condemnation and punishment I always endured from my parents, teachers and others with control over me. I told him that boys were mean and they hurt me rather than making me feel good. So many would make me do things and do things to me then when they finished beat me up. Every time I went home or to a teacher after such beatings I was always told, if you weren?t such a sissy, it would not have happened. I was told it was my own doing and I was bringing it all on myself.

Tears were flowing down my face and he was holding me tight. He was softly rubbing my back telling me everything would be okay. He asked me to turn around and sit on his lap. As I sat there he kissed my forehead. It was a kiss like that other adults had given me. I looked at him and kissed him back. It was more reactionary than anything. He pulled back and had a look of surprise in his face. He was looking at me in the eyes as his hands started unbuttoned my pajama top. His hand started rubbing my belly and the traveled up to my breast. Then he began pinching and pulling on my nipples. It felt so good feeling his large hands teasing and pulling on my nipples.

I began moaning and pressed my head into his neck. I began feeling the bulge I knew was his cock begin to grow in his pants as it began pressing against my bear ass. My pajama bottoms were long gone from the night?s activities as I went to sleep without putting them back on. It was a hardness as well as a pulsing I was far familiar with. My uncle whispered to me, "You really like that, don?t you". I was grinding myself down onto his lap and I softly moaned that yes, I did. He pushed me off his lap and onto my knees and telling me to unbuckle his pants and we?ll see how much you like it. Looking up at him I started slowly pulling down his zipper. From experience I knew what was expected of me so I reached into his boxers and pulled out his now hard cock. It was really hard, warm and so red. It was long with a huge purple head. Holding his cock in both hands and without needing to be told what to do, I took his cocks? huge head into my mouth and began sucking it on it. It was so hot against my tongue and had that softness cocks seem to all have. I was swirling my tongue as best I could around it. Here was another person, another man, another adult, and one who liked me as who I was, not a boy that many said I was but a girl and one that enjoyed making people happy sexually. I really wanted to make him happy. I must have been sucking very good as his hips began lifting off the bed and the moans I was so familiar with began. Then suddenly he begged me to stop. I was both hurt and confused. Had I did something wrong or what. My uncle said, damn can you suck cock and I nearly came but my sweet Michelle, ah see he knew who I was and my true name, Michelle it?s your sweet ass I want he said.

My uncle then stood and removed his pants and told me to get onto the bed. He reached out to me and positioned me on my hands and knees. He pushed me down onto my arms and my butt up high. I felt the bed move as he got on and then felt him crawl up behind me and suddenly his tongue was in my wet pussy, that?s what my adult lovers called it. Oh did it feel so good as he licked and pushed his tongue inside me. I really loved that feeling of his tongue against that sensitive and so private place so much. He must have licked and sucked my pussy hole very good because he got upon his knees and in one smooth motion was balls deep inside me. Oh what a moan came out of him as I felt his hairiness against my ass. He asked if I was okay and I could say nothing but press my ass back against him. He then gave me a fucking like I?d never felt before. His cock was like a piston as he drilled my pussy ass like it was his last fuck. I was lost in pleasure. Everyone before, well with the exception of the boys at home, always had been slow and seemed to be very careful about hurting me. I never liked being fucked by those my own age as they were doing t to degraded and hurt me but oh it was so wonderful but with men. It was always pure bliss. When someone enjoyed my body sexually it made me happy. Soon he pushed in as deep as he could and I knew what was coming next and pushed back hard. He moaned deeply and announced that he was cuming. I loved it when men moaned liked that way as they filled my ass with their gift. That was something an adult man taught me when I was much younger about swallowing a man?s cum when sucking cock. When they moaned that way and I could feel their cock swell inside my pussy ass I knew that I had pleased them and as they had pleasured me. My uncle fell across my back and whispered into my ear Michelle you?re awesome. What a tight sexy ass you have Michelle. Again he addressed me as Michelle and not Michael. He leaned up and as he did so I felt his cock slip out of my very wet ass. I turned quickly around and wrapped my lips around his soft cock and suckled it. When I was finished his cock was nice and clean. He stood there patting my head and said, Michelle, I know why you seem to be getting into all that trouble your mother explained to me, you seem to love sex and as such you are someone men enjoy and want to experience. You?re just amazing.

With that he said clean up and get dressed, breakfast in an hour. Then out the door he went.

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