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We were to return to our seats and buckle in and put our tray tables up in their upright positions. Now, traveling as much as I do this is nothing new just a little turbulence and a detour of the flight but we should be okay.

Well a half hour later we were flying through a pretty bad snowstorm and we were ordered to turn around and land at the nearest airport. Kansas City was the nearest place to land. We were about twenty minutes out and the plane felt like we were on a large roller coaster. The elderly lady that was sitting next to me at the window began to panic a little and called the airhostess over to ask for something to calm her nerves.

A minute or so later came quite a vision as she approached I noticed her legs at first and then a very attractive face and when she finally leaned over to turn off the call button I noticed her name Ava. She explained that she couldn?t give her any kind of pill or medication. Together we began to talk with her and she finally calmed down and a few minutes we landed without any incidents. Once we were in the terminal all flights were cancelled and we would have to deplane and would be put up by the airline.

Once I got myself settled in at the hotel I made my way down to the lounge and decided that a couple of drinks would be in order. After a couple of shots and beers Ava walked into the lounge. Now she looked quite different out of her uniform but it definitely was her. She made her way over to the bar and sat down. I called the bartender over and bought her a drink.

Ava thanked me and made her way over and sat down on the barstool next to me and told me that I was very sweet trying to help my grandmother during the flight. I explained to her that I was alone then a smile crept over her face. After an hour or so of drinking together and doing shots Ava invited me back to her room. Having the chance to fuck and airhostess is a fantasy that most traveling businessmen have and now I had the chance of a lifetime.

When we got back to her room Ava wrapped her arms around me and planted a kiss on me and finally made to the bed. We began groping each other and after ten minutes or so we both looked like two hockey players whom just went at it. Ava excused her self tried to straighten out her blouse blew me a kiss and went into the bathroom. Just as she was about to shut the door she leaned back blew me a kiss and said, "Relax I?ll be right out."

Ava came out of the bathroom wearing her bra and panties, she had on thigh highs and high heels. Her breasts were a lot larger than I expected. She hid them very well under her uniform during the flight. This was a nice picture to see, especially after a long flight.

She walked over to me and gave me a small peck on the cheek. "I?m thirsty Danny do you want something to drink?" It seems she?s always plays the airhostess.

"Sure, how about some Vodka."

"You just sit back and relax while I pour us some drinks and we can get a little more comfortable."

Ava poured us our drinks and sashayed back over to the bed and sat down. I pulled her close and kissed her. We both threw down our drinks like shots. Ava let out a big whoa whoa then smiled at me and reached down my underwear and grabbed my cock. I returned her smile and I pulled her mouth close and kissed her.

Ava said, "You and I are going to get it on really dirty and nasty."

Ava Stood up in front of me and dropped her panties to the floor. I wrapped my hands around her ass. Ava shivered from her ass all the way up to her head then my fingers crept their way to her surprisingly wet and very juicy pussy. We continued to make out as she stroked my cock underneath my underwear as my fingers delved deeper and deeper into her love canal. As we were playing with each other I thought, "Now this is was turning out to be a great lay over." I stood up wanting to release my man meat to make it easier for Ava, so I slipped off my underwear. Ava looked me in the eye and I said, "You want this big fucking cock Ava?"

Ava she dropped down to her knees and looked at my cock smiled at it and started talking to it and said, "I want to suck you ? you?re a nice big fat dick. I want to suck on your big knobby head; come on let me suck that fucking cock.

Ava took my cock in her hands and she spread her knees apart and began playing with her pussy as my cock disappeared inside of her mouth. Her free hand went to my balls and Ava pushed my rod into her mouth and she was able to engulf me completely. It felt so good inside of her wet and welcoming mouth and then down her tight throat.

Looking down at my little layover I grabbed the back of her head and began fucking her throat. "Oh yeah baby come on suck me. Eat my rod baby ? damn baby you got some skills."

Ava leaned back off of my cock and it slid out she gave me a sly little smile and said, "Look at the big fuckin? head, I love it." She then slid her hands up onto my head and spread open my slit on the top of my head. "Look at that fuckin? hole. Is that where all that sperm is going to pour out of, God I?ve got to suck you." Ava went back to sucking me again.

This by far is the most aggressive woman that I have ever been with. She was in control and I loved it as I sat back and watched her suck and swallow my cock.

"Come on Ava open you mouth I want to fuck your mouth like it?s your pussy. Come on give my your fucking mouth, it?s so wet and sloppy." I put my foot on her back and she reached up and grabbed my balls, as she was deep throating me as I pushed her head down on me and I said, "Come on lick my balls bitch while my cock is down your fuckin? throat."

Ava started licking my balls then she finally came up for air and said, "Oh my God look at that asshole ? yeah baby I?ve gotta have it." I swung my leg around and I bent forward Ava got back to her knees and spread my ass cheeks apart. Then her soft tongue began to bath my asshole. "Wow, look at your man pussy ? I?ve got to eat your ass pussy baby."
Her thumbs spread my asshole apart as the tip of her tongue went right up my asshole.

I began moving my ass all over her face as I grabbed her head and forced it into my ass. Ava put her one hand on my shaft then started jerking me as she continued to eat my asshole. Over the next couple of minutes Ava alternated between sucking my cock and eating my asshole. I felt my cum ready to blow in her mouth and that was the last thing I wanted to do was blow my load in two minutes. I pulled my cock out and pulled Ava up and threw her down on the bed.

I switched roles with Ava. I helped her up and she gave me a soft passionate kiss then I tossed her down onto the bed, I fell to my knees and pushed her legs apart then I finally got to see her pussy. I couldn?t wait anymore. I wanted to eat her cunt as well as she ate sucked my cock. My tongue plunged into her warm and wet juicy pussy. She really was playing with it good because there was so much juice it was like she had already came.

"Oh, come on Danny spit on my fucking holes." I did as I was told. "Come on suck on my fuckin? clit. Oh yes that feels so fucking good. Come on eat my ass, eat me like I did you, don?t you want to taste my ass juices?" Whatever she was going to tell me to do I was willing at this point. "That?s it Danny use your tongue and your nose, fuck my pussy and ass with your nose and your tongue. Fuck yes, fill me up with your tongue ? fuck yes ? you are so unbelievably good.

Going down on her sand smelling her cunt juices and her shithole began to really turn me on and I wanted to make her cum on my tongue. "Danny stick some fingers up my fuckin asshole too and clean my fucking cunt with your tongue. Yeah clean my pussy ? clean my pussy ? clean my fucking pussy with your tongue ? come on put a third finger up my asshole Danny, don?t worry I can take it abuse it shove them up inside nice and hard. Come on jam them up there."

I was really abusing her pussy with my tongue and I jammed fingers as hard and as deep as I could inside of her shithole. Ava looked down at me and I gave her a little smile and she smiled back at me and stuck her tongue out and licked her lips and her mouth and said. "Can I taste my ass that?s all over your face?"

I moved two fingers now in her asshole and two fingers up her pussy while eating her clit and pussy. "Yeah that feels so fucking good. Oh yeah that feels so good ? yeah so good ? that is so fucking good. Damn Danny you are one nice surprise. Now fucking kiss me. Get up here I want to taste all my juices that are all over you!" I immediately got up and she opened her mouth and our tongues went at it. She was tasting her asshole and pussy and I got to taste my asshole that was left on her tongue. It was so fucking hot that we both didn?t care we were just going for it.

As we were kissing I kept my fingers moving in and out of her asshole and when her eyes rolled up in the back of her head she said, "Come on Danny I want taste my ass from your fingers ? yes I want to taste I want to taste my asshole." I pushed my fingers down her throat and she sucked off all of her ass juice from my fingers.

"Yeah Ava stay right there, that?s it stay right there." I then stepped between her legs and got up on the bed and grabbed the back of her head and buried my cock back on her throat. "Fuck yeah girl that?s good ? fuck YEAH." I then began to alternate once again making her suck my cock and eat my asshole. She was being just as obedient as I was.
She looked so fucking hot as I jerked my cock off ass I pulled her hair and made her eat my asshole then suck my balls then deep throat my hard fucking cock.

I couldn?t handle it anymore I just want to feel what her other two holes were going to feel like and how find out if she was going to be a good fuck or not. I let her spin up on her knees and when I got a good look at her rump. My hands went right to her ass cheeks and spanked her like the dirty little whore that she was.

"Yeah Danny spank me."

"You my dirty little whore?"

"I?ll be your dirty little whore."

I wanted to fuck her in the ass so my tongue went back down to her asshole. "Eat that ass ? yeah that fucking asshole yeah ? oh yeah, that?s it baby give me that fucking rim job baby ? oh yeah baby that?s right. You like tasting my ass don?t you? Eat that fucking ass."

I pushed her down on the bed and grabbed her leg and spread her legs open and with a big smile she said, "Come on baby you ready to pre-board baby? Now I need to get fucked, look at that big fat fucking cock."

"You want some cock in that juicy cunt? You ready? Here it comes baby."

She laid back and I slipped my cock into her wet slit. "Oh Danny that is so good. Come on give me your big fucking head inside of me. You are such a good fuck ? Oh yeah fuck that pussy baby."

Her cunt felt so good that I didn?t need all that much encouragement to fuck her. Her pussy was small and tight but when she squeezed her pussy walls around the shaft of my cock it felt so good. "Do you want some in your ass? Let me fuck you in the ass. Come on tell me that you want my big cock up your ass."

"Give me that big dick up my ass. Come on baby you can do anything you want."
My cock slid up her ass and man it was tight. "Yes, baby I?m just going to lay here and let you fuck me up the ass. You can fuck me all night up the ass with that bigheaded cock baby. I?m going to lay here and take that big fuckin? cock"

"That?s right take that cock up your asshole ? take it in the ass like the airhostess whore that you are bitch. Yeah you serve a real special meal I wanted my cock sucked and fucked. Getting a special desert of pussy and ass."

"Danny take it out I want to taste your big dick ? I want to taste my ass on your dick baby."

"Stay right there I?ll come to you." I pulled out and straddled her chest and buried my ass juice stained cock back down her throat again. "Now taste my ass ? that?s it good girl eat your shit tasting cock and eat my ass." She ate me so good but I wanted more of her ass. "So, do you want more cock up your ass?"

"Ooh yeah ? fuck yeah ? "

"You want more cock up your ass?"

"Pleeeeaaase give me more ? "

"Why does it feel good?"

"Yeah because it?s one big fuckin? dick and I want my asshole stretched out ? turn me into a big fat fuckin? slut ? make me a big cock slut ? yeah come on loosen up my asshole for me. That?s it keep pounding my asshole baby. Come on make me be able to take that big fucking cock of yours. I want to be able to take it all night long."

"That?s it ? you want to be my little dirty girl?"

"Yes, I?ll be your dirty little girl. Just keep fucking me, pound me. Come on stretch it out ? stretch it out. Ooh baby I want to taste it again. Come on make me eat it, make me eat it."

I stood up and she crawled off of the bed. "You like the taste of your ass on my cock don?t you?"

"Danny I just can?t get enough of your cock in all of my holes. I?m a slave for your big fucking cock now."

"Just get down here and eat my cock you anal fucking whore." She took my cock back in her mouth again like she was a pro. "That?s it I like it went you take me deep. Eat me nice and deep. Let me fill your mouth up with my cock. Oh yes come on swallow me I love it when my balls slap up against your chin."

Her tongue slipped out of her mouth and began licking my balls with my cock still buried in her stretched out throat. When Ava finally came up for some air she dipped her head down and her tongue found a familiar target once again ? my asshole. I pulled her up and we both could smell pussy and cock and ass on each other as we stood in front of the mirror making out with each other and groping one another.

After we calmed down a little Ava looked me in the eyes and said, "It?s my turn to do some of the fucking. She led me over to the nice chair that was in the corner and sat me down and spun around and said, "Danny help me guide your big fat cock back up my asshole. Come on pop it in me."

"Damn you are one dirty girl."

"I am ? I am a dirty girl ? I?m a dirty anal whore ? I?m a big fuckin? cock lover." She was pounding my cock riding me really hard. I swung myself around in back of her and got two fingers up her pussy and could feel my cock stretching her nasty asshole open.

"I love your big fucking cock ? Oh yeah I love big fuckin dick I love big fucking cocks up my tiny whore asshole. Now I?m going to grind you I?m going to grind my asshole on your big fucking dick."

Her ass thrashed all over my lap as she was grinding my cock. This was the airhostess with the mostest that is for sure. Then as good as it was my cock popped out.

"NO NO NO Danny it popped out. That?s okay it?s just not wet enough. Let me suck on it again so it won?t pop out anymore. Come on let me suck it I want to suck it like the pig fuckin? whore that I am."

Ava went back down on her knees again. All I know is that this chick loved the taste of her shit that was coating the shaft of my cock. It seemed like she couldn?t get enough of my cock in her asshole or her mouth but who the fuck cares. Here I am fucking an air stewardess on a layover. All I can say is that this is customer service.

She climbed back on top of me facing me and her big titties were hitting me in the face. I was sucking on them and fondling them as much as I could as she bounced up and down on my cock once again. I should have came by now with this fucking nasty whore but her jumping on and off of my cock every couple of minutes my cum didn?t know whether to shoot or stay at home.

"Feed me baby feed me your cock baby come on tell me again come tell me."

"You need me to feed your fucking ass with my cock."

"I need you to feed it I need you to feed my asshole." She was now sliding from the tip of my cock all the was down to the bottom of my shaft. She was just pounding the shit of my cock. "Oh yeah Danny you are busting my ass ? stretch it I want you to stretch my asshole."

"Come on fill your asshole up with my big fat fucking cock baby." I was getting real close to Cumming once again and my balls were filling up with cum ready to shoot up the shaft of my cock when once again just like if she knew she bounced right off of my cock. She spun around grabbed my cock once again and smile at me as she rubbed my cock all over her face. "That?s it baby rub your ass juice all over your whore mouth and whore face." I stood up and grabbed the back of her head and forced it down on my ass and said, "Here rub my real ass all over your face."

My ass was grinding all over her face and when I came all the way back I forced my cock down her mouth and throat then out and all the way back to my asshole again. "Come on bend over for me on the chair, stick that ass up in the air. Ava got up on the chair on her knees, sticking her ass up in the air like a pussycat. "Come spank that tight round ass."

She started spanking her ass and said, "I am such a fuck nasty little ass slut ? I want my ass wrecked all fucking night long. You better not cum to fucking soon you boy toy because I am a dirty nasty whore. Look, look at my ass daddy spank my ass daddy I?m a bad girl"

I went to town on her ass. I was winding up like I was going to throw fastballs and smacked her ass then slammed my cock back up he asshole again.

"Oh you?re giving it to me you?re giving it to me inch by inch. I love it baby slam me and make me cum baby." My cock began to thrust as hard as I could because I wanted one of us to cum. It didn?t take too much I grabbed her hips and pulled her hair a little then. "YYYYEEESSS MOOOTHHER FUCKERRRR POUND MY FUCKING ASS AND MAKE ME CUM. Ooooh ooooh ooooh you have got one good fat big cock and it feels so damn good in my ass. Put your cock in my pussy and clean my pipe baby"

I finally got to fuck her pussy. As my cock slipped in as I was slowly pull out her pussy juice would trickle out and run down her thighs. "Come on eat your pussy off of my cock." I got around and she opened her mouth and she sucked her pussy off of me. "Come on let me fuck that pretty face."

Ava was on her knees and I was pulling her hair and forcing her head down on my shaft as I grinded her face with my cock down her throat. I reached back and got two fingers up her pussy. "Come on eat my cock. Suck me off baby. You are one dirty girl, don?t forget about my balls and my ass."

"I love your fucking asshole it tastes so fucking good. I love eating you out I love my tongue going inside of your asshole." The crack of my ass was buried over her face and her tongue worked feverishly on my asshole.

I picked her up and then walked her over to the bed and she laid down and spread her legs and looked me in the eyes and said. "Fuck me ? fuck my pussy I want to cum on your big fat cock. Come on climb on board and fly me to orgasm heaven with your cock honey."

I then slipped my cock inside of her. My god her cunt was like we were in a swimming pool and it was full of water. It was hot and slick but I wanted to fuck it all the more. I began to pound her missionary and instinctively we were kissing each other and the taste of our assholes and her pussy juice to my surprise tasted fantastic.

"Ooh Danny pound me you?re going to make me cum."

"You wanna cum on my cock? Cum all over my fat cock. I want your cum all over my big dick." She was moaning and groaning for the next couple of minutes then she bit her lip and then shot her load all over the shaft of my cock. "You wanna taste your cunt?"

"Yeah I want to taste my pussy then it?s your turn to cum."

Once again I pulled out and once again she took my cock from one of her many holes and buried deep down her throat. The one thing I can say for sure is that she really knows how to suck a cock. The other thing is that she has an ass fetish. Ava then just took over and sucked my cock, balls and asshole. She has one of the most amazing tongues.

I finally grabbed her hair and just decided that it was time to cum and fucked her mouth and throat. It didn?t take long as I would have to say I was ready to cum about three of four times already. I just pumped and pumped down her throat and Ava wanted my cum as much as I wanted to give it to her.

As I felt my cum fill up my balls I pulled out of her mouth and told her to jerk me off. Ava leaned back and grabbed my sopping wet cock and jerked me. She opened her wonderful mouth that has been eating her ass juice and pussy juice off the shaft of my cock and I was ready to deposit a load in the same mouth.

"Come on Ava jerk it into your mouth."

"Yeah Danny I want in my mouth and face and all over me. Spray me with your love juice from your nice big fat fucking cock."

"Oh my fucking god you dirty nasty little whore here I cuuummmmm."

"That?s it, that?s it spray me, spray me with your baby juice. Oh god look at it just fly out of that little hole down into my mouth. Feed me feed me your cum."

I pushed my cock back into her cum dumpster of a mouth and said, "Come on suck every last drop of my cum out of balls."

I drained my load all over her. After I got done I took her by the hand and led her into the bathroom and we took a shower together. We ordered some room service and maid service to clean the bed. Later that night Ava rolled on top of me and we fucked for another hour or so. The next morning we woke up together got ready and we landed back in San Diego later that afternoon.

After the flight Ava and I exchanged phone numbers and she had a two-day layover that was spent in my bed.

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