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Ginny and Mary were well aware of the same thing, and were noticeably concerned about how the events of the evening would affect them in the long run. As the thrill was leaving the room, Judy offered that since everyone had been drinking, it was probably not a good idea to attempt to drive home, and invited everyone to stay the night. "Ladies", Judy said, "just down the hall is my girl?s room, there are two queen beds, with lots of room between the beds for sleeping bags, which you?ll find in the closet. You?all can figure out who sleeps where, and there are extra towels are in the bathroom. I gotta go to bed, I am beat!" With that the, room broke up with everyone going their respective ways.

As Sarah entered the room, visions of that afternoon with Aunt Judy, and that fateful weekend many years ago that confirmed what she had become came rushing into her mind. Her nipples stiffened, and she noticed that familiar warmth spreading out from her naked pussy. Gail announced that she would take one of the beds, and strongly suggested that Ginny and Mary take the floor with the sleeping bags. With the master/servant mind set firmly in place from the events of the evening, they nodded and agreed, leaving Sarah in the remaining bed. As Ginny and Mary were readying their sleeping area, bending over to arrange things, the nightshirts they were both wearing gave Sarah on and off glimpses of their still moist pussies. Ginny and Mary were talking in hushed voices about their predicament, and Sarah was listening in. Gail really didn?t give a shit, and drifted off to sleep with visions of what fun she would have with Ginny and Mary in the future. Sarah was daydreaming about the events early in her life that formed her into a lesbian slut, and was thinking what it would be like to be the live in slut for this group, or even, to break the mold and have one of them be her slut?hmmm.

It didn?t take long for Gail to begin a gentle snore, as her body nestled in for a long night sleep. The snoring broke Sarah daydream and caused Ginny and Mary to look up to Gail?s bed and pause their conversation.

Sarah had a new thought and leaned over the edge of the bed and said, "Ginny, do you want to even the playing field, and not become her slut?" Both Ginny and Mary nodded and said, "But how?" Sarah said, "Follow my lead." With that, Sarah quietly walked into the bathroom to retrieve a pair of scissors and returned to the room. She, carefully and quietly walked over the Gail?s bed, slowly pulled down the covers to just above her knees. Gail continued her gentle snoring, twitching only a little as the covers were pulled down. Ginny and Mary were on one side of the bed, and Sarah was on the other. Sarah looked down at the sleeping Gail, gently pulled her night shirt up over the waist band of her panties. She then positioned a pillow under Gail?s arm and gently moved Gail arm across her waist. She then took Gail?s hand in one hand, and pulled up on the waistband of Gail?s panties, and pushed Gail?s hand down to her pussy. With Gail?s hand inside her panties, Sarah placed her hand on top of Gail?s hand and began forcing Gail to masturbate herself. The erotic nature of this was not lost on Ginny and Mary, whose fingers began exploring their own pussies. Gail?s arm was positioned just right, giving Sarah enough room to easily push Gail?s fingers in and out of her pussy. Pausing, Sarah went over to her backpack and pulled out her camera and took a few pictures of Gail masturbating herself. Sarah motioned for Ginny to get on the bed and straddle Gail?s head, but said not to get too close. Sarah and Mary helped Ginny on to the bed and helped lift her in to place so as not disturb the sleeping Gail. Everything was positioned so that it looked as if Gail was eating Ginny?s pussy, and fingering herself at the same time. Ginny and Mary thought this was perfect, and Sarah was enjoying making someone else go through what she had endured as a teenager. With Ginny in place, Sarah pulled out the scissors and cut Gail?s panties on either side of her hips so that the front of her panties was like a flap of cloth that Sarah pulled down exposing Gail?s pussy.

Sarah took a few more pictures of the half naked Gail eating out Ginny and fingering her own pussy. Ginny was getting into the act and began fingering herself with her pussy only inches from Gail?s face. Sarah then motioned for Mary to help her spread Gail?s legs a bit. Each gently grabbed Gail?s legs at the knees and slowly began spreading her legs, exposing her now extremely wet pussy. After a few more pictures, Sarah motioned for Mary to get between Gail?s legs and pretend to eat her pussy so she could get more pictures. After a few pictures, Sarah began to help Gail masturbate herself again, causing Mary to begin thinking about eating a little pussy again, and of course Ginny thinking about getting her pussy eaten by Gail.

Mary?s throbbing pussy got the best of her and she gently pushed Sarah and Gail?s hand to one side and got her lips up against Gail?s pussy, gently licking so as not to wake Gail. Ginny turned her head to see what was going on and saw Mary eating Gail?s pussy. Sarah began getting close up pictures, then Gail?s hand wandered back down to her pussy, but when Mary?s head was in the way, Gail?s fingers found Mary?s hair and she grabbed a hold of a little of Mary?s hair. Then Gail?s other hand did the same thing, and so it seemed Gail was enjoying having her pussy eaten. That was about all Ginny could take, Ginny?s pussy got wetter and wetter, and Ginny?s pussy juice began dripping out of her pussy. At first it simply coated Ginny?s hand, but soon it was too much and some dripped, or rather poured onto Gail?s lips. Gail stirred a little, and Ginny sensing her moment may end at any time, gently lowered her sopping pussy onto Gail?s mouth. All the while Sarah is taking picture after picture of this erotic scene. Subconsciously Gail must have know what was going on as Sarah saw her pull Mary?s face into her pussy while raising her hips, but she awoke with a mouth full of pussy and opened her eyes to an up nightshirt view of another woman?s tits. It took her a while to gain her senses, and as she struggled to free herself, Mary wrapped her arms around Gail?s hips and legs, and Ginny lowered her body onto Gail?s head, trapping Gail in the humiliating position. This triggered Ginny to grind herself into Gail?s face for an orgasm, before popping off the bed to avoid getting punched.

With Ginny off her face, Gail wrestled her legs shut and pulled her knees to her chest demanding to know what the fuck was going on.

Sarah, piped up with camera in hand and said, "it seems you have quite an appetite for women?at least that?s what the pictures show!"

Gail had gone from a position of strength to a position on weakness in less than one hour. She was confused, humiliated, horny and half naked, what next she thought!

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