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It was already 3:00 and Master had said he would be home by a quarter after. Saturday was their day and night together. Master went motorcycle riding with his club and she enjoyed some private time. Some times she went with him but normally she used the time to prepare for a night of domination and wild sex.

The curvy red head flung the towel over the shower rod and left it so it would drip water onto the floor. That would piss Master off. She giggled; what was the point of being punished if you weren?t guilty. She spent a few minutes blow-drying her hair. It was only damp since she had kept it pinned up. A couple of brush strokes and it fanned out behind her in flaming curtain down to her ass. Setting her hands on her hips she admired her reflection in the mirror. "Pretty damn good for forty one", she admitted. Master had left a couple of bite marks on her ass just above the side of her leg. She could be one hundred and Master would still find her delicious.

She daubed on some dark purple lipstick and a small amount of eye shadow. "I think "Goth style" tonight". She went back and did dark circles around both eyes. "Yes now for something slinky / kinky". Her choices were rather limited. Master did not allow any clothing, just accessories. At first Margie had been a little self-conscious but eventually she had become comfortable with her body. Why shouldn?t she be, Master was.

She left the mascara and hairbrush on the bathroom counter. Messy slaves did anger Master so much. She went out to the bedroom to get dressed but came back in to string the blow dryer cord out. "Oh what a bad girl I am". A pair of tweezers and a bottle of "Spellbound" perfume joined the crap pile. "That should be good for ten lashes". She skipped out into the bedroom.

A quick look through the closet produced her outfit for the evening. She pulled on a pair of fishnet stockings careful to leave a tear near the top. Next she had chosen her red vinyl thigh high boots. She sat down and pushed her foot into the first one. Six-inch spike heals with two-inch platform soles. She zipped it up her leg and reached for the other. They should have come to just over her knees but being well under six foot tall her legs were not as long as the women the boots had been designed for. On her they came to just below her crotch. She stood up and walked across the floor enjoying the sound of the heels thumping on the hard pine.

Leaning into her dresser drawer she pulled out a matching pair of red vinyl opera gloves. They were tight and a little hard to get on. Fitting almost like a second skin she rolled them up as high as they would go ending just below her armpits. She flexed in them like some WWF female wrestler. "This must be what Wonder Woman looks like on day when she forgets her wonder clothes". Margie giggled at the thought and wondered if Superman had ever used his x-ray vision to get just such a view.

She stopped to drop some socks and panties onto the floor then went back to the closet. "Some naughty little slave is going to get her ass beat tonight".

Margie looked at the mess she had left, "Well no use kidding myself at what?s going to happen later". She took the heaviest slave collar she could find off the shelf and buckled it around her neck. At four inches wide it totally covered her throat from chin to chest. Master liked it because of the riveted "d" ring in the front. He could use it to attach a leash or to fasten her to the chain that hung from the ceiling. It was very handy for whippings.

Margie was already excited from the anticipation. She took a pair of handcuffs and an "o-ring" gag off the rack and walked out into the living room. She had already placed a bottle of wine in a bucket of ice next to Master?s chair. A small plate was ready on the ground by the reading table. She reached up and settled the leather circle in her mouth then buckled the strap behind her head. It was just tight enough to hold her mouth wide open without being painful.

She got down on her knees and fastened one loop of the handcuffs around her right wrist then she reached behind her back and fastened the other around her left. Within minutes she heard the rumble of a big twin Harley Davidson in the driveway. The sound cutoff and a few minutes later came the solid thump of heavy boots up the walkway. Her pussy began to drip in excitement. When he walked in she could see Master was wearing his thigh high engineer boots. She loved how they showed off his muscular legs. He stopped at the door; arms locked behind her back, mouth wide open, waiting on her knees she looked up helpless into his eyes.

Master did not say anything he just put his riding jacket down and stepped in front of her. He looked at her pale skin and the ruby flush around her vagina. Margie was glad she had remembered to shave it. He grunted his approval and unbuckled his leather riding pants. Master never wore underwear so his thick cock immediately rolled out in front of the slaves face. He stroked it a little to stiffen it up and then sank his fingers into her red hair. Margie tilted her head and looked up at him. He required her to always look up when sucking his dick. She waited for him to use her.

Master guided her head toward him and let the end of his cock enter her mouth through the leather gag. Her tongue found the tip and beckoned it into her warm, wet orifice. She ran her tongue over the head feeling the rough edge of where he had been circumcised. It felt weighty and hot and tasted of leather. Master must have had a good run; he was always more excited after a good run. He playfully pretended it was the bike and the open road but she knew it was because he relaxed and forgot about everything except penetrating his beautiful woman. Nothing like five hours on the highway with a hard on to make for a rough night for a slave girl.

Master was pushing his cock deeper into her mouth. It was only halfway in and already reached to the back. She sucked it by mashing her tongue up and letting his shaft rub the roof of her mouth. Each time he pulled back she let her tongue drag along the gorged vein on the bottom. She would have liked to have grabbed his balls and rubbed them but she was only allowed to use her mouth on these days. He had taught her that only his cock belonged in her mouth and he wanted to make sure she knew that meant working to pleasure him.

Master?s cock was becoming very hard and she could taste precum on the back of her tongue. He pulled her head down until her lips touched the base of his manhood. There wasn?t enough room inside her mouth for the full length of his cock so the end had slid down her throat.

She gagged and choked on the thick invader. He released her and pulled part way back out. It was just a warm up. She knew he was getting close to orgasm and that when he came she was required to keep his cock all the way down until he finished coming. Margie sucked on the hard cock now with renewed vigor. Experience had taught her to get him as excited as possible so that he would come quickly. She knew that she had to give him pleasure even if it was uncomfortable for her. After all she was his slave. Master forced his cock down her throat for another practice run.

The redhead?s mouth worked furiously stimulating the Master?s cock. When he came forward this time he pulled hard on her hair. She knew this was it and quickly gulped down a breath of air. He was on the verge of orgasm and his shaft bulged in need of relief. She felt the veins standing out on it with her tongue. As it came to the back of her throat she swallowed and let it go down. The contraction of her velvet smooth throat pulled on the Master?s cock inviting it deeper. He groaned as the first gush of cum filled her mouth. Margie quickly swallowed again and strained to bring her tongue up hard on the bottom of his member. The shaft flexed again and again each time pumping his load down into her belly. He kept the shaft buried in her mouth until his orgasm began to subside.

Just as Margie started to feel lightheaded he finished and pulled most of the way out. She started to clean him and suckle the last of the juice from his semi hard cock just like she had been taught. She slurped and licked making sure his pleasure was complete.
Still holding him in her mouth, Master bent over and unlocked one of the handcuffs. The slave girl placed one hand on the back of his tall boots so he did not slip out of her mouth. The other went between her legs. His pleasure came first but she was allowed to masturbate afterwards as long as she remembered to look up into his eyes and keep his manhood between her lips.

She rubbed the flushed lips of her vagina for only a few minutes before she felt the heat rising in her belly. Her stomach muscles stiffened and she shook grunting in orgasm the cock in her mouth muffling the sound of her pleasure. She wanted to close her eyes and toss her head back so a lusty scream could escape her sore throat but she knew she better not. Master might deny her this privilege in the future. She struggled at his feet rubbing her naked breasts against the rough texture of his boot and letting her female juices drip onto the leather. With a final convulsion of her hips she relaxed and breathed heavily.

Master pulled his cock from her mouth and fastened his pants. Her exhausted form slid away and collapsed on the floor. He turned and sat down in the chair. Examining the wine he found it to be a merlot. It was a very good choice for a night of hard sex. Master poured himself a glass and then reached down and poured some in the plate next to the table. Margie recovered her wits and crawled on all fours across the floor. When she got to the plate she licked it up like a hunting cat, keeping her eyes on Master.

Done with the wine she moved between his legs and laid her head on his thigh. Master ran his hand down her hair and removed the gag. He set the wine glass down and pulled her up into his lap. Margie wrapped her arms around his neck and he kissed her firm but gently on the mouth. She smiled and buried her face in his chest for a short nap.

She felt very safe but of course he had not seen the mess she had left in the bedroom. She smiled thinking about the whipping she would receive later and of course more sex?.

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