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It's getting hot outside and he's starting to sweat. When he takes off his shirt I can't help but wonder if he noticed me the same way i noticed him. I am really starting to get hot and bothered by the sight of this hard working man in his tool belt. So I slide my hand into my panties. Sure enough my pussy is hot and swolen and my clit is hard and ready to be played with. I notice he set his ladder against the house just in front of my bedroom window on the second floor. I poured him a glass of lemonade and took it upstairs. There he was on the ladder with his crotch in perfect view of the window. I opened the window and gave him the lemonade. I was so caught up in lust that i forgot my hand was still in my panties stroking my clit. He looked at me and smiled. Then when i pulled my hand from my wet pussy he grabbed it and started sucking my juices off my fingers. Thats when I unbuttoned his pants and saw his rock hard cock. He was still on the ladder but i couldn't wait so i started sucking on his dick right then and there. He had his hands full so there wasn't anything he could do but stand there and take it. He started looking around to see if anyone was looking. Just then a car was passing I should move this to the indoors but i like the excitement of people watching. He must like it too because he dropped the lemonade and grabbed the back of my head forcing his dick down my throat. I heard what sounded like the back door open and close but i couldn't stop licking on his erection, i was mezmerized, my pussy was throbbing with anticipation. All of the sudden I felt someone grab me by my hips and pull me back in the window. It was the girl next door. She asked if it would be alright to join us. She said she is real good at eating pussy and she began rubbing on my clit. Then she spread m ass cheeks and slowly ran her warm tongue down my crack until she met my throbbing clit and started sucking it slowly. This excited the guy so much that he threw his toolbelt in the window and then jumped in himself to join the action.
She had me so aroused my back was arched and my clit as hard s this guy's huge boner.

I told her to fuck me with something so she grabbed the hammer from the toolbelt and slowly slid it in my hole which welcomed it with a flood of hot cum. "My God" I said "fuck yeah!" My dog must have heard me yell because he came runnng into the bedroom. My dog BooBoo is a German Shepard puppy but fully grown, you can tell by the size of his giant cock which came out throbbing when he smelled the sex in the room. The new guy was a little startled but I told him to relax and watch. He sat back with his erection standing straight up at attention. I reached back an slapped the girls ass once and BooBoo sniffed her a little and then started licking her from clit to asshole repetedly. She loved it. When I knew she was good and wet I slapped her ass 2 times and BooBoo mounted her and slid his massive erction into her tight little coochie.
I then took over banging myself with the hammer and crawled up under her so i could suck on her clit while BooBoo pouned her. The guy started to get up , I said "Where do you think you are going? Sit back down until I tell you to get up and don't let that dick go soft!" He sat back down and stroked his cock while he watched his hammer being used in a way he had never seen before. After the girl had gotten off 3 or 4 times I looked guy straight in the eyes while I pulled the hammer from my sopping wet pussy and licked my juices off and laid it back down.
I walked over to him and whispered in his ear "Are you ready to fuck? First you are going to fuck my face..."I knelt down in front of him with my mouth open and without hesitation he grabbed my head and slammed it down on his stiff cock His eyes were glued to the scene accross the room. She was in sheer ecstacy being fucked by BooBoo Her moans were getting louder and louder, I knew BooBoo must have been knotting up inside her. I told her "don't worry this is the best part. Rub your clit and make sure it's nice and wet it will slide right out" She seemed to really like the streching caused by the knott pulling out. She never stopped rubbing her clit and came over to us w lust in her eyes. I told her to kneel down and take over on this nice cock while I eat BooBoo's cum out of your puss. She laid on her back accross the bed with her head hanging off the edge . I lead him over to her open mouth and she took the whole thing down her throat . He was playing with her little titties and I could see his throbbing cock halfway down her throat. I spread her legs and dove into her cumfilled twat.I love the taste of BooBoo's cum it's sweet yet salty and ten times more of it then any human. I lapped it all up with long slow strokes like a dog would. Then I settled in on her clit and sucked . She was ready to explode again so I told guy to sit back down and give us a few minutes and dont let it go soft.

I pulled her up and kissed her passionately. Then I asked her if she wanted to be tied up or if we should tye him up. She said we should tye him up and BLINDFOLD him.S he had a very hot body and so do I. I could have licked her coochie all day long it tasted so good. But now it's time to have some fun with our new toy. I wasn't sure if he would let us tye him up so I didn't ask him we just waited til he was all worked up and she grabbed one hand and I grabbed the other and we tied him there. Once we had him secure we blindfolded him. He was not aggreable to this at all but I just kept reassuring him that he was going to like it. We took turns blowing him until we got him fully erect. Time for some toys. I got my little vibrating egg and my starp on. This was no ordinary strap on, it was shaped like a fist . I told him he needed to get her ready for a good fisting. He needs to really focus with his sense of touch and start out with just 2 fingers . As she gets off add another finger until she is stretched enough to take your whole fist. Easy now we don't wanto hurt her she has a tight little cunt but I know she can take this if we ease it in. He liked how wet her pussy was and she enjoyd humping his hand. I went down on him with he egg in one hand and his dick in the other. I held his dick up and started licking his balls from the base of his cock to his taint. He was clenching his ass cheeks tightly, I told him to relax that I won't hurt him and he did. I tickled his asshole with the tip of my tongue and he began to moan it almost sounded like he was growling. So I took the egg and held it to his taint as I deepthroated his dick, he was archg hiis back like e just couln't get enough. I slowed down and started licking his dick slowly from top to bottom and back again.
I noticed that his whole fist was up inside her so I told her to bend over so I could fuck her. We let him listen to us for a few minutes before I sat on his stiff dick and she sat on his face...


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