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Taking her Chapter 4

You wake up back in your cage, collar attached to the bed. You notice that your hair has been washed and brushed. You feel content, cared for, for the first time in your life. You begin to think about how it will not last and you only have a few more days before it all ends and you must return to your old life. You can?t even imagine how you survived all those years. You have never felt so alive as you do now. Your thoughts are interrupted by the sounds of footsteps coming down the stairs. You quickly get in the position he showed you. The footsteps stop in front of your cage, they seem lighter then they should. A female voice says, "You may stand." You hesitantly stand up and look to see a naked woman standing there wearing nothing but a gold collar. "Hello, I am Angle. My Master said that I would handle your training today since he has business in town and he will be gone most of the day." She open the cage and steps in and unhooks your leash from the bed. "With me you may walk, I may not be a Master but you still must follow my orders as if they were his. Do you understand?" Quietly you say "Yes, mam." She nods and leads you upstairs to the kitchen. The table is covered in food. Bacon, eggs, waffles and fruit. "I understand that you feel asleep before you could get your dinner last night. You must be very hungry?" You had not even thought of food since you got up. Your tummy rumbles now though as you smell the food and begin to salivate. She unhooks your collar and says "Two things first. Go to the bathroom and take care of yourself and then come back."

You return from the bathroom having relieved yourself and notice that Angle has begun eating without you. You stand in front of her without making a sound. She finishes her plate and then looks at you. "Good girl, and here I thought I would have to smack you with a rolled up newspaper for begging." She smiles as she says it, and you can?t help but smile a little as well. "First of all, have you ever been with a woman before?" You feel a little queasy at the thought. "No, mam." She smiles, "Have you ever wanted to?" You get a sinking feeling you know where this is going. "No mam." Her smile turns evil, "I have bad news for you then. I have gone through all the trouble of making you a nice meal, I am even going to let you eat at the table, but first you must do something nice for me." She spread her legs. "Kneel" You kneel between Angle?s legs. "Start by kissing my thighs slut." You tenderly kiss her thighs smelling her pussy as you work your way up. Hummm, that?s good. Lick around my pussy lips and gently kiss my clit." You stop kissing her thighs and hesitate in front of your pussy. You have never done this before and not even sure you can. You must have taken too long because you are suddenly grabbed by the hair and your head is raised up. Angle releases your head at the same time she backhands you across the face. "You were given an order. I know you have been taught better than this. If you hesitate again I am going to string you up with the ass hook and whip you till my arm gets tired. Do you understand?" You cry as you feel the heat from her slap. "Yes, mam." She grabs you by the hair again and shoves your face into her crotch. "Now, begin" You gently begin to lick her pussy lips trying not to gag at the thought. You move around each lip and then gently kiss her clit, you silently pray that is all she will want but you know it will not be. She sighs as you kiss her. "Now get your tongue as deep in my pussy as you can and fuck me with that tongue. If I don?t think you are doing well enough you know what will happen." You force your self to push your face into her pussy as hard as you can pushing your tounge in and out of her. She starts to moan. "Hmm, that's good, now play with my clit" You start flicking her clit with your tongue. She grabs the back of your head shoving your face so hard aginst her causing you to not be able to breath. further into her. she throws her head back and wraps her legs around your head. She yells as she cums on your face covering you in her juices. She lets go of you as she comes down. She laughs, "I guess I should have warned you I'm a squirter." You feel sick with her juices on your face and slowly dripping down your chin. You begin to reach up and wipe your face, but she grabs your wrist. "I don't think so. you are going to spend the rest of the day like this." She points to the table. "You may eat your fill now, but I would not over do it. You still have your morning exercise."

You eat slowly to give your self time to digest your breakfast before going through the grueling round of exercises you did yesterday. Before long you are done though and Angle leads you outside. She leads you past the track that he had you on yesterday and takes you to a small well kept barn. She opens the door and as you step in you see on the wall are immaculate bridles and harnesses, in the back is a small horse drawn cart. You look around but don?t see a horse and don?t remember seeing any thing else in the yard that could house one. Angle wraps your leash around a hitching post and points. "Hold on to that and bend over." You do as ordered and hear Angle go in the back and open something. You try to occupy your mind by looking at the harnesses on the wall. You would spend your summers on your grandfather?s horse farm so you were no stranger to them. Something seemed wrong about these though. They seemed too small for even a pony. Before you can think any more about it you hear Angle return. She begins to caress you ass. You hear a bottle open, then you feel her put her lubed finger in your ass hole. As you begin to squirm you feel something hit your outer thigh and you yelp. "Hold still and relax or this will become much worse for you." She says sternly. "Yes, mam." you say trying not to cry. You try to relax as she starts working a second finger into your ass. After she gets them both in up to her knuckle she pulls them out. You start to relax some more when something else is stuffed in with out warning. With out thinking you jump and let go of the post. You turn to see Angle standing there with a crop, she looks angry. Before you can even blink she hits you with the crop twice. Once on each tit, you scream with pain and drop to your knees. "I did not tell you to turn around. Back into position." You cry as you stand up and turn around and hold the post. You start to pull your self together and you notice something hanging down from your ass and brushing the backs of your legs. It feels like horse hair. Angle goes to the wall and pulls down a harness then walks over to you. Your eyes widen as you realize why they are so small. They aren't for horses, they are for you. Angle slips you into the harness and draws it tight. The then returns to the wall and takes down a bit and bridle and a pair of blinders. She places these on you as well. She leads you to the back near the cart, you have some trouble because the blinders are obstructing your peripheral vision. She turns you around and attaches you to the cart. She goes to the front of the barn holding a buggy whip and opens both doors wide. She walks up to you. "Have you ever ridden a horse or drove a cart before slut?" All you can do is nod because of the bit in your mouth. "Good, then you know what is expected of you?" You nod again. She smiles, she walks to the side and opens a drawer. She returns to your side and you can?t see what she is doing. You feel her hand on your ankle and lifts your foot. She brushes your foot off of any rocks or twigs and then slips a shoe on it. She moves around to the other side and does the same thing. You feel the weight of the cart increase as she gets in back. She snaps the reigns and you move forward pulling the cart out in to the yard. She tugs on the right reign and you go right. She silently directs you around the track occasionally stopping you and reversing. "You are very good at this slut, it is like you were born for it." She uses the reins and directs you to the driveway. You hesitate, she surely doesn?t want you to go out to the main road. There is a sudden snap and you jump and move forward as your ass stings. A couple more cracks of the whip next to your head get you moving forward at a jog. You begin to turn a corner and see the road ahead.....

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