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The Police force had let them go three men who groomed and raped four teenagers the locals were not happy. The three were all Immigrants from the far East and had large families so getting to them was not easy. Two ex nurses and one ex police woman had a plan. Revenge would be drastic. One of the guys worked as cab driver and they found out which company he worked for. Over the next few days they prepared all they needed drugs surgical instruments and restraints.

They agreed to call the cab company and book a cab, they got chatting to the driver and asked him if he could arrange to pick them up later after he dropped them off at the pub. He said that his friend would take over at 8 pm but would pick them up. They got out paid him and went inside after a drink they left and walked around staying sober. They went back to the pub and called the cab company again. This night it was not the Cab driver they were looking for so they went home.

They met a week later and visited another Pub using the same Cab company to take them there and arranged for a Pick up later.This time it was the man they were looking for, one of the girls feined that she was drunk and sat in the taxi behind the driver it being a small saloon it was easy the other got in and began chatting to the driver as he stopped at the traccic lights the so called drunk leant forward and stuck a sysing in his neck within seconds he was slumped over the wheel the girl in the front passenger seat leant over and switch off the ignition. The two behind pulled the driver over as the other got out and tokk the drivers position

She started the car and they moved off. They drove to an old industrial Estate they went to a disused ware house and dragged the driver inside One girl drove the cab away and parked it outside a cafe. The other two started to work By the time the cab driver came to he was naked and tied to a wall by his arms his feet were pulled away from the wall and a rope around his waist pulled him forward at the middle his body was arched .

When they had all regrouped they started asking questions if he did not answere he was beaten the ex police woman had a special lead weigted trungeon. (illeagl) but very effective , First wrong answer and his left knee cap was shattered then his right knee cap they checked his cell phone and went through the numbers if he refused to answer one of the nurses cut off a toe he was soon babbling after losing four toes they found out who the other two guys were and their phone numbers. Lets make an example of him the Police woman said the others agreed.

First they tied a thin cord around his cock and pulled it tight his body arched even more despite his broken knees the two nurses grabbed his balls and began squeezing hard he was begging for then to stop. Each one pulled hard stretcing his scotum and then realeasing it his balls shooting back up they kept this going for a while he was sweating and screaming for release. "Not yet lover" boy one said She took out a scalpel and slowly cut a one inch square on his chest the four cuts burned he was bleeding profusely.

The next minute she gripped the skin at the corner of the square with steel tweezers and peeled it away he screamed and passed out. They bought him round again and cut another square on his belly again he passed out as they peeled the skin away. They bought him around again he was babbling no more no more they cauterized his wounds with a spray which stung but the blood flow stopped. He looked at them pleading they cut the cord off his cock The older nurse took the scalpel and cut a line arond the base of his scrotum and cock at first he did not understand and then when she reached for the tweezers he began to scream as soon as she started to pull away the skin he passed out she pulled it all away and left it dangling on the end of his cock she sprayed it and the blood flow stopped. A reddish bag of skin hanging in the end of his cock.

She took photos using the cabbies phone and text them off to his two grooming buddies, with the message come help me and gave a location. They waited and after about 30 minutes two cars came and about six people got out and went inside there was all sorts of wailing and shouting the door closed and the girls slipped on a new padlock they trapped the six grooming gang inside They checked the cars and found a set of golf clubs in the back of one. The police women said now its fun time. They each took a golf club and walked back there was a lot of banging at the door the police woman took out a can of mace and told the two nurses to step back she covered her face and undid the padlock as the first two came out she maced them the nurses beat them with the golf clubs the next one tried to run and he fell as his ankle was hit with a golf club. shatteing it.

There were two women helping the totured man both were weeping the fouth man was fanticly trying to squeeze of of a window He stopped when the police woman maced him thet hearded the injured men inside and closed the door the police woman swund her heavy trungeon the men all colapes stunned they tied the men up on a row ankle to ankle and the two end ones ankles to the wall. They told the women to sit down and watch as the systemaiccally set about the men shattering knee caps then cutting off their clothes and then shatering jaws seeing teeth flying all over wrists broken leaving the men slobbering wrecks

They prractice some golf swings but the balls were not hard white round ones The men had all passed out their ribs shattered jaws broken genitals all mashed. The police woman told the nurses go out side and get one of the cars started , After they left she explained to the two women Grooming in this town is finished or else the next time it would be te women picked up and given the same treatment she maced them and left. Locking the door behind her.

They drove away in one of the cars leaving it in a car park in the town. Using one of the victims cell phones she dialed the police reported some disturbance at the Indistrial site. They dumped the cell phone in a waste bin on their way home.

One of the nurses reported back to her Pals the victims in the Hospital were talking to the Police but the Police were not getting any where There was a lot of conflicting and confusing story?s The women victims were reluctant to talk saying there were maced and blindfolded so did not see much.

After a few weeks the Police gave up and closed the File Grooming in the area dropped off and young local Girls were safe to enjoy normal life.

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