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I was also determined that now Maria had decided to do what I had been asking her to do for ages she would keep on doing it, and also spend every minute she could fucking any guy I wanted her to,and I wanted her to fuck every guy she met.

When I got home that evening Maria was wearing bright red lipstick, makeup ,and had done her hair, I asked her why she was looking so glamorous, she smiled and said because we were going out later, I asked where, she said that Pavel had invited us to go out for dinner and then go to a club, she had accepted, I asked her if we were going to have a threesome after, she said of course that was why she had accepted, she had told Pavel that she would only go out if we did, she wanted to do it for me, she hoped I didn?t mind, I said I didn?t.
Pavel was due to pick us up at nine, Maria went to get ready at eight, when she emerged she was wearing the red dress that she had worn for Nikoli and Tomas, only this time it looked a lot shorter and it had a opening up the front that was new, it went almost to her cunt, I asked her if she had had it altered, she grinned and said had, she had gone to the centre again and had it shortened and the opening put in, Maria asked if I liked it, I loved it, it was almost indecent.
Pavel arrived on time, when he saw Maria?s dress he said he loved it too, Maria gave him a long lingering kiss and thanked him.
When we got to the club it wasn?t very busy, those that were there were mainly guys, Maria said she preferred it that way, there was less competition.
I went to get us all a drink, I got a double gin with a small amount of orange for Maria, I wanted to get her drunk, I thought it might be more interesting.
After we had drunk our drinks Maria and Pavel started to dance together.
Maria had her arms around Pavel?s neck , he had his hands on her arse, as they danced Maria?s dress got higher and higher, until the bottom of her arse could be seen, I looked around to see if anyone else had noticed, there was a group of guys watching intently, I saw one of them say something and point at Maria and then laugh.
The music changed into a fast beat, Maria started to dance throwing her arms into the air, her dress was pulled even higher, the cheeks of her arse could be seen, the group of guys were really enjoying the sight.
I went to the bar and got another drink for Maria, I was determined to get her drunk.
On the way back I stopped to talk to the group of guys ,I was hoping that with any luck they would be interested in fucking her.
I spoke to one of them, I asked him if he was enjoying the sight, he laughed and asked wasn?t I, I said I was, I told him Maria was my wife, he didn?t know what to say at first and then started to apologise, I told him not too, I said that I enjoyed seeing men look at Maria, and also fancy fucking her, I asked him if he would like to fuck her.
He still didn?t know if I was joking or not, so I told him I was serious, I said that was why we were there Maria was looking for a group of guys to fuck.
I told him that when Maria had finished dancing with Pavel I would send her to get a drink and then he could chat her up at the bar, he said he would.

Maria and Pavel came back, Pavel said he had to go to the bathroom, when he had left I told Maria that she had a group of fans, she became excited and asked me who, I told her to look over my shoulder, and described one of them to her, she said how did I know they were fans, I said I just did, I told her that when Pavel came back I would say that I wanted a drink and she was to go and get it, I guaranteed that at least one or two of the group would go to the bar and chat her up, she became more excited and asked me what she should do if they did, I said she had to tease them and promise them anything, Maria said ANYTHING? I said yes ANYTHING, Maria raised her eyebrow in question and said ?gangbang?? I said of course, she became even more excited and said ok she would do it for me.
I told her to drink her drink before Pavel came back. She asked if I was trying to get her drunk, I said of course I was, because I hoped then she would behave more disgracefully , Maria grinned and said she didn?t need to be drunk to act that way, but drunk her drink anyway.

When Pavel came back, as we had arranged I said I wanted a drink, as I had expected Pavel said he would go ,but Maria insisted she would, when she got to the bar it was as I had predicted , two of the guys went over to her and started chatting.
They chatted for five minutes or so, then Maria came back with the drinks, she was flushed with excitement, she couldn?t wait to tell us that she had been ask to dance by a couple of guys and did we mind if she did.
Straight away I said it was ok but Pavel was slow to answer, it was obvious he was jealous, but eventually he agreed too.
Maria drunk her drink quickly, I hoped the drink would go even more to her head, she was already tipsy, then she went to join the group of guys.
She danced with all of them, one after the other, returning to join us after about an hour, she was highly excited.
The two of us started to dance together, I wanted to know what had happened, she told me that all the guys had touched her up, I asked her what they had done, she said that all of them had squeezed her tits and several had put their hands between her legs ,she hadn?t complained, she said she was glad she had had the slit put in, also one of them had asked if they could see her again, she had told him they could, but they would have to earn it, he had asked her what she meant and she had told him that they would have to find out her telephone number themselves, he asked her how, she told him to look in the paper, the one her advert was in, and he could find it there, he had said how would he know it was her number, she had told him he would know if he saw it.
She had told him that if they found her number they could decide what they wanted to do with her, the guy had said such as what. Maria had said they could do ANYTHING, he had laughed and said what about if they wanted to gangbang her, Maria said that she had told him if they found her number and they thought that they were up to it, they could name there reward.
After Maria and Pavel danced together for the rest of the evening, I thought that he might get upset if he didn?t share Maria.
When it was time to go Maria said that she wanted to say goodbye to the group of guys, she went over to them and kissed each one of them.
That night Maria was in fantastic form, it was almost impossible to satisfy her.
I fucked her three times and Pavel fuck her four or five times, every time one of us had finished fucking her she told the other one to fuck her.
Not only that but she couldn?t be satisfied no matter how many orgasms we gave her, I lost count of how many I gave her, mainly by licking her into an orgasm, Pavel licked her and used his finger on her.
We also used her dildos and vibrators on her, after we were too tired to give her any more orgasms she fucked herself with her dildos and also fingered herself into several orgasms.
Eventually Pavel went to sleep.
Maria then told me what the guy at the club had said about gangbanging her, he had told her to be ready to be fucked as soon as they found out her number, to help them Maria had told them the page number where they could find her number, Maria said that she had also told him that she was already ready and only waiting for their phone call.
Then she said that she wished she had the telephone number for the guys she met at the club, she would phone them and tell them to come over, she felt insatiable.

In the morning I was the first to wake, Maria was cuddling Pavel, I decided to leave them alone and go and get ready for work.
They were still sleeping when I left for work. I left a note telling Maria that I would phone her later and I hoped that she and Pavel had a good time whilst I was at work.

Maria rung me mid morning in her now usual excited state.
She said could I guess who had just phoned her, I guessed Tomas and then Nikoli, neither was right, she told me that Vasko had phoned, I asked if it was Vasko married to Marika, she said it wasn?t, it was Vasko that we had met at the club, I said I couldn?t remember him, Maria reminded me that he was one of the guys that I told her were interested in her at the club and she had danced with them, and told him that if they could find out her phone number she would go out with them.
I asked what he wanted, she said that he had said that now they had found her they wanted the reward, she had asked him what they wanted as their reward and he had said that they wanted her to go to the club with them, she asked me if I minded her going out with them, I was disappointed that was all they wanted but asked how many guys would be there, Maria said that Vasko had said him and three others, I was even more disappointed that there would only be four guys, but said of course I didn?t mind.
She said good because she had already promised that she would go out with them.
She then said that they wanted her to go to one of their places after for a party and did I mind if she went, this time I was very interested, I asked her how many guys would be at the party, she said four or five, my cock went hard, I said did she realise what would happen, she asked me what, I said that she would be gangbanged, she said of course she realised, that was the whole point of her going, Vasko had told her that was what the party was for, she would be the guest if honour, I said if she didn?t mind neither did I.
Again she said good because she had already said that she would go to their party, she was doing it for me.
Finally she asked if she could buy something new to go to the club in and for the party after.
I said that I thought that she had plenty of things to wear, she said had but she had seen a dress she was certain I would like, I said ok buy it then.

I was really excited by the thought of Maria being gangbanged and phoned her several times during the day.
I kept asking her if her cunt was excited, she said it was very excited and was continuously wet, I kept asking her how many guys were going to fuck her, she would reply about four , I kept saying was that all until eventually she understood that I wanted to hear her say that she would be fucked by more, she asked me how many guys did I want to fuck her, I said more than four, she laughed and said ok she would phone Vasko and tell him to find more guys, I asked how many more, she hesitated as though she was thinking and then said at least ten, I didn?t know if she was being serious or not ,but made her promise she would phone.
When I got home that evening Maria was dressed in her see through negligee again, she made a great fuss of me, she said that she wanted me to fuck her, although I wanted to I decided not to because I wanted her to be really frustrated having to wait.
I told her that she would have to wait to be fucked, she pouted and laughing said I was being unkind to her, I said I wasn?t ,I was being kind to the guys because she would be extra horny having to wait.
I asked her what time Pavel had gone, she said he went at about ten o?clock, I asked her if they had fucked again, she said of course they had, so I said she didn?t need me to fuck her she had been fucked already that day, she pouted and said she wanted to be fucked all day every day for me, she said she was only doing it for me and I should feel grateful to her, I told her I was.
I asked her what time Vasko was coming, she said between half past eight and nine, I asked if she had phoned Vasko about finding more guys, she said of course she had, she had promised me she would , I asked her what he had said ,she said that he had said if that was what she wanted he would make sure that she was fucked by at least ten guys, Maria asked if I was happy now, I said I was.
I asked her if she had bought her new dress, this cheered her up and she asked if I wanted to see it. I said I did.
She left the room to put it on.
She was gone for about twenty minutes, when she came into the room I couldn?t believe what I saw.
I let out a gasp and said ?Oh My God?
Maria asked what was wrong, didn?t I like it.
I said I loved it, it was fantastic.
It was white, had a plunging front, was very short, but best of all it was semi transparent.
I could see the triangle of her g-string and her tits quite easily, strategically placed were two pieces of material that twinkled and were shaped like star fish, the ?bodies? of the star fish were over her nipples and the ?legs? radiated out from it. Even so the dark area around her nipples could still be made out.
I told her to turn around, the back view was just as good, the back plunged all the way to the top of her g-string, which could be seen through the dress, I could see something glistening at the junction where the side strings met the string going between her arse, I asked her what it was, she pulled her dress up to show me, what I had seen was a Y shape of ?diamonds?, she asked me if I liked it. I told her again that it was fantastic, she said that she had bought it when she had bought the dress.
She asked me if I liked her shoes, they were white and VERY high, I got her to walk backwards and forwards for several minutes, I couldn?t believe my eyes, she was definitely advertising herself to be fucked, she looked like a high class prostitute, I loved it.
I continued looking for several minutes, I asked her to let me see the front of her g-string, I loved that too, the front panel was completely see through, something else caught my eye, I told Maria to pull her g-string down, she grinned and said she wondered if I would notice.
She had had another ring fitted in the other lip of her cunt, and they both looked bigger to me, I asked her if they were , she said she had had the first one changed to a larger size, I asked her why and she said because she thought that now guys could hold them easier, I asked her why would they hold them and she said because she hoped a couple of guys could pull the lips of her cunt wide open whilst another guy licked her clit, the thought of guys doing that to her nearly made me cum.
When she lowered her dress again I convinced myself that I could see her cunt and the rings through her dress.
I told her that she was definitely going to be fucked dressed like that, she grinned and said that was the idea did I mind, I said of course I didn?t, she said good because she had already told Vasko that was the only reason for going to the party, he had asked if I minded and she had told him that she was only doing it for me.
I asked if she thought that there would be a problem getting in the club, she asked why should there be any problem, I said because to all intents and purposes she was naked, she laughed and said she would see.
She went to take her dress off saying that she didn?t want to mess it up before the guys had seen it.
Maria went to get ready at eight fifteen, she had been on edge for ages, ceaselessly looking at the clock, I told her that when Vasko came to pick her up she should tell him that her cunt needed punishing for being naughty,
The door bell rang, it was ten minutes past nine, I guessed the guys were trying to get Maria worried, thinking that they weren?t coming, I called to Maria telling them that the guys were there, I told them that she wouldn?t be long.
One of the guys shook my hand and introduced himself as Vasko, the other one was called Donny.
I asked Vasko if Maria had phoned him earlier about finding more guys to join in, he said she had, I asked him how many would be there now, he said six or seven, I said that was good because Maria was used to being fucked by at least that number whenever she was gangbanged.
I told him that Maria was very excited and she had said that she hoped the guys would give her a hard time, Vasko smiled and said they would.
Maria came in the room, their faces were a picture, their mouths fell open, they didn?t know what to say at first, and then said ?WOW?
Maria smiled and asked them if she looked ok.
I noticed that she wasn?t wearing her g-string, I also noticed her cunt rings shining.
I pointed them out to Vasko and Donni, I told Maria to pull her dress up so that Vasko and Donni could see her rings, I said that Maria wanted two guys to pull her cunt open with them whilst another one lick her clit.
I asked them if they liked Maria?s rings and hairless cunt, Vasko said there was only one thing they would like to see better, I asked him what, he said seeing Maria?s naked cunt stuck on the end of their cocks, Maria said they would very soon, and more than see it stuck on there cocks, she wanted it to be punished for being so naughty, she said it had been wet all day thinking about what they were going to do to it, she said that she wanted it to be fucked non stop ALL night, and then fucked again to teach it a lesson, Maria was really exciting both of the guys.
I told Maria to turn around so that Vasko and Donni could see the back too, I asked them if they liked the view Vasko said he had never seen anything like it, he loved it, his friend, Donni, was still lost for words
We all stood around talking disgustingly for several minutes, Maria told the guys that they had to satisfy her cunt otherwise I would be upset, she told me to tell them it was true, I said it was, then Maria said they should go, she didn?t want to waste any more time.
Maria had a small hand bag with her, I wondered what she had in it.
I went to the front door with them, Maria said that she would phone later to let me know what was happening, I told her to enjoy herself, she laughed and said she definitely would, if not it would be the guys fault.
I stood at the door and watched them leave, although it was almost dark the light from the hall
was bright enough for me to see straight through Maria?s dress, and because her dress was so thin she looked naked, I thought that she was going to cause a stir wherever she went.

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