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It has affected me all my life but not adversely. I have always had a fascination with anal probing and anal intercourse. Not necessarily to others but to me.
I was walking home one day from school and was within a block of my house. I had gotten some money refunded by the school and had bought a wad of candy and couldn't eat it all before I got home. As I turned the corner to go home I stopped and wondered what I was going to do with all of this candy. There was a little house next to a bigger house that faced the street I just came down. It was vacant and hadn't been lived in for some time so I went to the screen door to see if it was open. It was! I gently opened the door and quietly walked in and found a place and sat down with my back against the wall.
As I sat there gorging myself on what was left of the candy I thought about stashing it in the house and coming back tomorrow and finishing it off. As I looked around in the tiny house I saw a cabinet drawer and opened it. There were some books in there with people with no clother on. Remembering now that this is in the '60's. We didn't have the graphic nudes and women having oral sex and intercourse then in publications. But we did have nudie books.
I put my candy in the drawer and took one of the books out and begin to look at it. The sight of a womans breast made my penis feel funny, but I couldn't take my eyes off of the men's penis. Some of them were quiet large. They weren't erect but they were large by my standards.
I sat there and looked at them for some time and went home and played with myself for the rest of the day. The next day I left school just as quickly as I could so I could get to that little house and get my candy and look at some of the books again.
I almost ran there bacause I didn't want to waste any time. The screen door was still open and I quietly went into the house and straight to the cabinet. I got a piece of candy and a book and found a chair to sit on next to a small table. I looked at the books for several minuts when I heard a noise and looked ub an there stood an old man looking at me with a smile on his face.
"like that kind of book? he asked.
"I was just looking at the pictures". I told him.
"Some pretty good looking women in there aren't they?" he said
"I guess so, I said, "I anin't ever seen any like them before."
He sat down beside me and put his hand on my leg, and whispered in my ear"they make you feel funny down here don't they?" and with that he put his hand on my penis.
"Yea, they do", I said wuietly.
When I ddidn't jump up and run he got bolder. He opened my pants.and pulled down my shorts and looked at my tiny little dick. The next thing he did scared me so bad but felt so good that I just sat there and let him do it.
He took my prick in his mouth and began to suck it. Very gentle at first but more boldly as he went on. I began to lean back and let him have more of it if he wanted it Man did that feel good.
He took one hand and began to caress my balls and suck even harder and one finger began to
ease its way down between my legs. I let my legs open wider and that finger began to find its way to my asshole. He told me to take off my pants and shorts and to spread my legs for him. His finger felt so good I didn't want it too stop. It was up to abot the first knuckle when he pulled it out and licked on it to make it wet and slippery, and studk it back in again and began to worm it up to about the second knuckle.
"You like that" he asked
All I could was give a nervouse uhhuh and try to smile
At that point he began to move his finger in and out of my asshole very gently.
I began to moan an little and move my hips into hes mouth a little.
He began to moan and suck even harder and I guess you could say that I cummed, if one that age can cum. He began to move his finger in and out of my but even faster and it was going in deeper until I could feel it bottom out. He stopped and asked me if I wanted more. I didn't want him to stop because it felt good. He told me to stand up and lean over the table and he would make it feel even better. When I leaned over the talbe he took me by the cheeks and spread them oen and stuck his tongue right up my asshole. I squealed like a little girl and pushed back on his tongue. I know that his finger had shit on it and probably his tongue too.
All of a sudden he stood up and dropped his pants,(I don't think he had any shorts on) and spit on his dick. I looked at it and hoped that it wasn't as large as some of those in the books and it wasn't. I wasn';t sure what he was going to do but I just laid there with my ass in the air as he spit on his dick an on my ass. Then he took his dick and slowly aimed it at my buthole and slowly pushed it in. I did hurt a little but it wasn't much bigger than his finger so I just liet him do it. It was linger than his finger by three or four inched but I liked the feeling.
He pushed it all the way in and asked me if it was ok" I just nodded my head and the next thing I knwe he was taking it out and just about the time he got it out he pushed it back in and so began a short series of him slamming back into my ass. It got pretty violent for a minute or two but strangely I was liking it. He stiffened up and grunted and then pulled it out. For a minute or two I just laid there and he leaned over on me and said"Remember how I sucked your wee wee a little while ago? I didn't have to say anything, se just helped me turn around and drop to my knees and he stuck his dick right up to my mouth.
I didn't really like the smell and didn't know that was my own shit on his didk but I stuck it in my mouth and tried to do what he had done to me. Man, did that feel good and the smell of shit wasn't that bad. I took that dick as deep as I could and just kept on sucking on it.
He let me suck for some time and then told me that I sould stop now
He helped me up and dressed me and told me if I liked what I had done I coould come back the next day too. But I probably shouldn't tell anyone else what I had done because they might not think it was good.
I went home, just a block away and noboby said anything. My stepmother looked at my shorts that night and came to my bedroom and asked me if I was OK. I told her that I had a stomach ache and that I was OK now. She asked me to let her lookat my bottom and see if it was alright.
I got up off the bed and turned aroung for her too look.What happened next startled me but I just stood there and took it. She bent me over and spat on her finger and slowly began to insert it in my ass. I faked being uncomfortable but just stood there while she pulled her finger out and said she would be right back. She came back with vaseling on her finger and asked me to bend over again. I did. This time she put her finger up to the first knuckle and it felt pretty good. I moaned a little and she sent it up to the second knuckle and then buried it so far up my ass that it did feel good. All I could do was moan..
She came close to me up next to my ear and whispered."was that good" I nodded like I had earlier in the day, and she began to stroker her finger in and out of me. I just pushed my butt
back on her hand and moaned. I was getting to liking this but stuff
She gave me several fast strokes and then pulled her finger out and then back in very quickly, doing this several times.
I'll check you tomorrow when you get home from school" she said and that began a long series of butfuckings that continued until I got married.
She checked me at least twice a week until I was 18 years old. Eventually she used candles on me.
There are other incidents with the old man and his son that made me like taking it in the ass and even though I am not homosexual I do like to suck a dick and get ass fucked even now.

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