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Her mother answered it, wearing only her bathrobe. Mike smiled at her and surreptitiously checked her out. He could see a good bit of cleavage and tried not to stare. She had long legs for her height, just like Misty did. She was a good-looking woman in her early thirties, and she?d kept her girlish figure with regular workouts at home.
"Hello, is Misty here?" he asked. "I?m Mike Ménage, and she babysat for me last night."
"Oh, sure, Mr. Ménage. She here, but she?s still asleep in bed. Would you like to come in? I just put on a fresh pot of coffee." she offered. This was the first time she?d met him, and she thought he was really handsome. She didn?t meet many handsome men these days, not single ones, anyway.
"Sure, I?d love to." he said, stepping into the hall with her. "I forgot to pay Misty for last night, so I brought the money over this morning."
"Well, come on into the kitchen, and we?ll get you fixed up with a cup of joe." she told him. He followed her into the house, looking at her long legs exposed beneath the robe and thinking about what she would be like in bed.
Once they were in the kitchen, she sat him down at the table and reached up into the cupboard to get him a mug. As she did, the bathrobe rode up a little, and he could see the bottom swell of her ass, devoid of underwear. She filled the mug and handed it to him, then indicated the sugar on the table.
"Would you like milk or cream? she asked. He took a sip and shook his head. Her robe opened a little, and he caught a glimpse of the side of her breast. He wondered if she was doing it on purpose.
"Just like this is fine." he told her, so she got her cup from the sideboard and joined him at the table.
"So, how is your family?" she asked him, to make small talk.
"Misty didn't tell you?" he asked, surprised. "Cindy left me about a month ago."
"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that." said Ms. Walker. "Why did she do that?"
"She was cheating on me." he said, sadly. "I guess she ran off to be with him."
"Oh, that?s terrible!" she said. "You must feel awful!"
"Well, it?s sort of a relief, actually." he admitted. "She used to throw it in my face every chance she got until she left. I just loved her too much, I guess, and I kept forgiving her. Maybe if I?d gotten mad at her, she would have stayed." He blew across the top of his mug and took a sip. "This is great coffee, Ms. Walker."
"You poor man! She didn?t deserve you, from the sound of it." she said. "My husband died before Misty was even born, and I still miss him terribly, but I can?t even imagine what you?re going through."
"Well, it gets pretty lonely, but I have little Pete to take care of, and that helps some." he told her. "I tried going out last night, but I just don?t fit in with the singles crowd, you know? I felt like a total fool."
"I know what you mean." she said. "I tried going out a couple times right after Misty was born, but it didn?t feel right to me, either. I?ve been a little lonely myself." She took a sip of her coffee, too. "The childcare helps a little, but there?s no substitute for adult companionship, is there?"
"No, there really isn?t." he said, then winked at her. "Especially in the bedroom. Masturbating isn?t quite the same, you know?"
"Don?t even try to tell me about it." she told him, holding up her hand. "I haven?t shared a bed with anyone for so long, I wonder if it still works, even." They laughed together.
He finished his coffee, then stood up.
"Well, I should go." he said. "This conversation is getting me all worked up." he told her. "It was very nice to meet you, Ms. Walker. "I?ll be back later to give Misty her babysitting money, okay?"
"Don't go." she whispered, looking at him with moist eyes. "I?m sorry if I was too forward. I really like talking with you. Please don?t leave."
"Oh, well, Ms. Walker-" he said. He took a step closer to her.
"Call me Missy. It?s short for Melissa." she told him. He sat back down.
"Well, as I was saying, I don?t want to lead you on, or anything. I?m very attracted to you, but I don?t want you to think that I?d try anything disrespectful." he told her. "Please don?t get the wrong idea about me."
"I?m attracted to you, too." she admitted softly. "I?m a little worked up myself." Her robe opened a little more, and she made no move to close it.
"You are? I never would have guessed." he said frankly. "Just how attracted to me are you? Would it be too forward of me to say that I'd like to kiss you?"
"No, I?d really like that." she said, getting up from the table. He stood up as well, and they walked toward each other. He put his arms around her and they kissed, long and slow. She opened her mouth and let him slip her a little tongue. Her bare breasts pressed against his chest through his shirt.
"Oh, that was nice." she sighed, a moment later. She reached her hand down between them and rubbed his crotch. "Oh, it?s already hard!" she exclaimed.
"That?s because I?m so attracted to you." he told her. "Maybe I should go, before we do something we might regret."
"Take me up to my room." she said in a husky voice. "You shouldn?t go; you should come! I have a feeling we might regret it if we don?t."
"I was hoping you?d say something like that." he said, picking her up, one hand under her waist and one under her knees. "Where would you like me to come?"
"Inside me." she said. "I always wanted another child, but I never found the right man. After Alex died, I figured I?d be alone for the rest of my life, but I guess I was wrong. I think you?re the one."
"Oh, Missy, I?d love to." he told her, halfway up the stairs. "Are you sure, though? I mean, this is a really big first step."
"My bedroom is all the way at the end of the hall." she told him. "I?m as sure about this as I?ve ever been about anything in my life." He kissed her again as he took her through the doorway, then lay her down on the bed.
He took his shirt off, then began opening his pants as she took the robe off and threw it onto a nearby chair. She saw the size of the bulge in his boxers and smiled up at him. She had a great body, and the way she was smiling at him made her twice as pretty.
"Oh, my, you're a big boy, aren?t you!" she said, awe in her voice. He grinned and pushed them down, exposing himself to her sight. Her eyes grew large as she saw how much he was packing. Her husband was the only man she?d ever seen naked, and he was only half the size! She sat up and licked her lips in anticipation.
He loved the way women reacted the first time they laid eyes on him. It was a huge turn on, the way their eyes popped. Missy?s reaction was classic, the way she goggled at it, and a moment later, her thighs relaxed a bit. He saw her swallow hard, and reached down, putting his hand on the back of her head.
"Suck it." he said hoarsely. She eagerly opened her mouth and went all the way down on his cock, sucking it as she brought her head back up. She let him go and looked up at him.
"If you can do it a couple times, you can cum in my mouth if you want." she told him. "I haven?t tasted sperm in a very long time!"
"Sure." he said. "I think I?m good for a couple of shots, at least. Especially with someone as sexy as you are!"
"Oh, good!" she said, then went back to work on his cock with her mouth. He groaned a moment later, and she pulled back until just the head of it was in her mouth, and got ready for him to come. Her tongue swirled around on the tip of it, and she felt his body stiffen.
He came in her mouth, unleashing a torrent of hot saltiness that she gulped down, spurt after spurt. He finished, and she let him go, smiling up at him. She wiped the corner of her mouth and licked her fingers.
"Wow, thank you!" she said. "God, I sure missed doing that!"
"Well, you haven?t lost your touch!" he said. "That was really great!" He got onto the bed with her, moving her onto her back with his hands. "I?m still hard. Are you ready?" he asked. "I can?t wait to fuck you!"
"Can you hold on just a minute?? she asked. "It?s embarrassing, but I have to go pee!"
He laughed, shaking his head. "Sure, go ahead!" he said, letting her up. She grabbed her robe and slipped out of the room. He heard her go down the hall, and then he heard footsteps coming right back.
"That was quick!" he said, but then he saw that it wasn?t Missy coming toward him, it was Misty. "Oh, hey, what are you doing here?" he asked.
She looked at his hard-on and grinned. "I could ask the same of you."
"Oh, well, I?m trying to fuck your mother, so please don't screw it up for me, okay?" he said, covering up with a corner of the blankets. "Nothing personal, okay? I?ll still have plenty for you when you come over to baby-sit again." He looked at her, wearing a filmy nightshirt that he could see right through. All she had on under it was a pair of panties, and her nipples beckoned to him through the gauzy material.
"Oh, sure." she said. "I?m glad you?re in here. She needs somebody like you."
"Oh, good, I?m glad you?re not jealous!" he said, relieved. "Now, can you go? Your mother will be back any moment, and I don?t want her to get jealous, either!"
"Yeah, you?re right." she said, blowing him a kiss, then went back into the hall and closed the door behind her. Halfway back to her room, she met her mother coming out of the bathroom. "Mother, Mr. Ménage is in there!" she whispered excitedly.
"I know!" her mother whispered back. "I think we like each other. Is that okay with you?"
"Mom, that?s great!" she said, bubbly with excitement. "I like him, too. Did you know that his wife left him?"
"He already told me. Now, go downstairs and don?t interrupt us, okay?" Misty nodded and went toward the stairs. "Hey, Misty?" she said. Misty turned her head and looked at her. "Thanks for not screwing this up for me." she said. "I really appreciate it!"
"Sure, Mom. Have a good time with him, and don?t do anything I wouldn?t do." Misty went downstairs, and her mother went into her bedroom. The young girl waited a few minutes, then crept back up the stairs and snuck down the hall, peeping through the keyhole.
She saw them on the bed, kissing. They were both naked, and his cock was every bit as big as she remembered it from last night. He laid her mother on her back, then lowered his head between her legs. She saw her mother enjoying what he was doing to her, and remembered how nice it felt when he'd done it to her, last night.
"Oh, yes, yes, yes!" Missy cried out, writhing with pleasure. "Oh, God, I?m ready, fuck me, fuck me now!" she cried out. "Fuck me with your big cock!" She pulled him up, reached down between them, and guided him into her.
Misty was shocked to hear her mother talking so dirty, but it excited her. She reached down between her legs and began fingering herself through her panties. She could hear the squishy noises of them fucking through the door, but she wasn?t looking anymore. She was too busy masturbating herself too look.
"Oh, God, yes, fuck me!" she heard her mother scream. "I?m coming, coming! Fuck me, fuck me!"
Misty put her eye back up to the keyhole, but she lost her balance and fell against it. The door opened and she spilled into the room. She looked up, and saw his cock going in and out of her mother?s pussy at a furious rate. They hadn?t noticed her; they were probably too involved to notice an explosion outside the bedroom window, she figured.
She moved closer, even more excited by her proximity. She could smell their sex, and the possibility of getting caught turned her on even more. Her fingers worked in and out of herself rapidly, and she began having an orgasm of her own. She stared fixedly at the place where they joined, and was astonished to see his balls begin to pulsate.
A moment later, thick white juice began flowing out of her mother?s pussy, and Misty gaped. He was coming inside her! She reached out her hand and caught a dollop of it as it dripped, then brought it to her lips and tasted it.
She noticed it was different from the way it tasted straight from his cock, and she figured it was her mother?s own juices mixed in with it. She saw another bit of it about to fall, so she caught it and ate it, as well.
Mike pulled out of her mother, and sat on the bed next to her as she sat up, too. Both of them saw Misty sitting there with her panties soaked and licking come off her fingers. She started guiltily and blushed.
"Misty? What are you doing in here?" her mother asked. "Were you watching us?? Misty was frozen with fright, unable to move.
Mike got off the bed and squatted next to her, touching her arm lightly.
"Misty? Are you okay?" he asked her gently. She gave a start and looked at him, her hand still up to her mouth.
"Uh, yeah, sure." she said. She looked into his eyes and finished licking up the come, then took his hand and let him pull her to her feet.
"Misty, what are you doing in here!" her mother exclaimed. "You were watching us, weren?t you?"
"Mom, I was curious, okay? I heard a lot of strange stuff, and I wanted to see." she said, defensively. "At first, I was just looking through the keyhole but I lost my balance and fell, and then I wanted a closer look. It was really cool, Mom."
"I?m sure you thought so." said Missy, dryly. "I noticed that you liked the taste of it, too." Misty blushed, but she nodded.
"It was his come." she whispered. "I had to try it."
"Oh, well of course you did." said her mother, sarcastically. "You?re definitely my daughter, then. I tasted my first come at about your age, and I liked it, too."
"You did?" Misty asked.
"You did?" Mike echoed.
"Sure." she said. "That?s how I met your father, actually."
"Oh, tell me!" Misty said. "I never heard this story before."
"Well, I was at a party, and a game of Truth or Dare got started." she said, patting the bed next to her. Misty sat down between Mike and her mother. "When it was my turn I chose Dare. Your father dared me to give him a blowjob in front of everybody. Everybody thought I would decline and forfeit a piece of clothing, but I shocked them all and accepted."
"Oh, wow, you did it in front of everybody?" Misty asked, awed.
"That must have been quite a show!" Mike said, grinning. "Your first time, and all."
"Oh, well, fortunately, there was another girl there who talked me through it." she said. "Otherwise, I might have chickened out of the deal altogether."
"Wow, cool, Mom. I?d like to try it, too. Will you talk me through it?" Misty asked, looking at Mike?s crotch.
"Misty Morning Walker! What gives you the idea that I would ever let you do something like that?!?" her mother asked her, shocked.
"But, Mom, I really want to try it!" she said.
"Well, I?m sure you do, but not today, young lady!" she said. Mike looked at Missy and smiled.
"Why not?" he said, softly. "I mean, she has to learn sometime, right?"
"What? Are you crazy? She?s only sixteen!" Missy protested.
"Look, do you want her going off half-cocked and trying it with some boy, or do you want her to learn it here, under controlled circumstances?" he said. Misty grinned at him.
"Yeah, Mom, don?t you think I should do it here, instead of up on Perkin?s hill with Danny Cerillo?" she said, winking at Mike.
"You wouldn?t!" Missy said. Misty just smiled at her, and Missy rolled her eyes. "Oh, God, you would." she sighed. "All right, okay, you win."
"Oh, goody!" said Misty, rubbing her hands together. "Uh, how do I start?" she asked.
"Allow me." Mike said, sliding to the edge of the bed. He put his feet on the floor and spread his legs wide apart. "Misty, why don't you kneel on the floor in front of me." he suggested.
She looked up at her mother, biting her lip like she was unsure, but then she slid to the floor and got between his legs.
"Okay, Mom, now what?" she asked, looking straight at his limp dick.
"Well, you could start by taking it in your hand." Missy told her. Misty hesitantly reached out and grasped it loosely. "Good, now lean over and give the head of it a kiss." she instructed.
Misty hesitantly did as she was told, giving the tip of his cock a nice, long, slow kiss, then looked back up at her mother expectantly.
"What are you looking at me, for? Suck on it!" she said, so Misty bent her head and took him into her mouth. She felt him grow hard as her tongue twirled around the helmet-like head, and she stroked her fist on it to bring it the rest of the way erect.
"Oh yeah, Misty, just like that." Mike sighed. "Can you take a little more of it?
She looked up at him and nodded, smiling, then went down on it some more. He stroked her hair lightly. "More." he told her, so she relaxed her throat and went the rest of the way down on it.
"Ahh, that's a good girl." he sighed, letting her come back up. "Now, just keep doing it like that, and you?ll get a nice reward!" Missy laughed, thinking back to the night of the party and her first time.
"What?s so funny?" Mike asked her. Missy looked at him and smiled.
"I remember the first `reward` I ever got." she said. "I almost threw up in her father?s lap!"
"Oh, well, Misty has already had a taste, so I think she?ll do just fine with it." he said. "You?ll swallow all my come, right, Misty?"
"Mmm-hmm!" she said, with just the head of him in her mouth. Mike sat bolt upright and opened his eyes as wide as they would go.
"Oh, G-God!" he stuttered, and blasted loose a torrent of come into Misty?s mouth. She wasn?t quite ready for it, and had a little trouble swallowing the first jet, but after that, she handled it just fine. Mike, however, was sitting as if electrified, and when he was finished, his eyes rolled up into his head and he passed out, slumping down onto Missy.
"What happened, Mom?" asked Misty, concerned. "Is he okay?"
"He?s fine." said her mother, moving aside and laying him down on his back. "Pick his legs up and put them on the bed, okay?" she said. "He just wasn't ready to come, but you tricked his body by humming onto his cock. He?ll be fine in a minute or two, but you drained him good. I?m afraid its going to take him quite a while to recharge, after that." Misty put his legs on the bed as her mother got up. "Come on, let?s get dressed and go downstairs. He needs his rest." she said. "I?m proud of you, you know. You did it just right, especially for your first time. Great job!"
"Thanks, Mom, it was cool!" Misty said, grinning. "I like the taste of the stuff, too."
"Well, that?s good, because some girls don?t, and they?ll refuse to let any man come in their mouth. Some of them won?t even suck it at all!"
"Really!?! Why not?" Misty asked, surprised.
"Oh, different reasons." she said. "Some of them have been brought up to think it?s dirty and gross; others have different reasons."
"But why?" she asked. "It?s not gross at all! In fact, I think it?s fun."
"Well, it?s good that you think so, because it?ll really help you keep your boyfriends!" Missy told her grimly. "I lost a couple of guys when I was younger to girls that gave head, just because I wouldn?t!"
"Oh, man, that?s awful!" Misty said.
"Yeah, well, most guys are cheap, shallow liars." said Missy. "The one upstairs, well, maybe he?s different. He seems different, somehow."
"I think he?s really nice, Mom. Can we keep him?"
Missy laughed. "Well, between the two of us, I know we can keep him sexually satisfied, but we still don?t know why his wife left him, do we? Maybe she had a good reason."
"Mom, do you really think that? Like maybe he was cheating on her or something?" Misty actually started to look worried.
Missy laughed again. "I doubt it." she said, chuckling. "She was probably the one sleeping around."
"Yeah, that?s what he said last night." said Misty. "He told me she used to tease him terribly, by doing a strip tease, and leaving him high and dry."
"He did?" asked her mother, concerned. "He didn?t try anything with you, did he?"
"No, of course not!" Misty said. "Why would you even think such a thing?" Misty pouted and put her hands on her hips.
"Because it sounds like a line to get you into bed!" said Missy. "Are you sure nothing happened?"
"Yes, Mother, I?m sure!" said Misty. "Come on let?s get downstairs before we wake him up." She left the room, and Missy grabbed her clothes, then followed her daughter.

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