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He had no idea what was on, some basketball game. His mind was still thinking about the day. Unbelievable really.

"You've been quite tonight. Everything okay?" his wife asked.

He was pulled out of his trance. "Yes, everything is fine."

"Okay, just making sure."

He went back to his thoughts.


Today he went to his favorite sandwich shop. It was called the Cheese 'n' Feed. Normal day just like any other. As he got in line, he was behind a young woman. She was wearing a sundress and even though he could not see her face, he knew she was attractive.

He was a faithful man, never even thought of cheating on his wife. He was happy with her. He couldn't imagine being with anyone else. They had married as virgins and only been with each other. They didn't have fantasies. Never done anything crazy, and with their 22nd anniversary coming up, there was no reason to break the mold now. However, he didn't pass up a chance to appreciate the beauty of God's creation.

The first thing he noticed was her legs. He looked towards the ground as he walked and as he came to the line to order, he saw legs. Beautiful, silky smooth legs. They were a golden brown and firm. The legs were cut off by a sun dress at mid-thigh. The dress was slightly higher in the back due to a protruding rear. He shook his head.

"Damn at the construction of that" he thought.

He got to the front of the line and ordered. Moved down, received his food and then found a table near the middle of the room. After filling his drink, he sat down, looked up, and she was sitting a booth across from him. Her booth was turned perpendicular to his vision and he could see into her booth. Now he could see almost up to her hip of her right leg.

"Damn" he thought and looked away. Within seconds his eyes drifted back.

Her face was just as beautiful as her body. She was on her phone texting. Occasionally she would stop moving her thumbs, apparently reading, and would smile. He looked away again. Trying not to stare.


"Well you are excited"

He was pulled from his thoughts, momentarily confused. "Huh". He looked down. His shorts had a tent in them. He blushed guiltily. Looked up at his wife. She was very pretty. She was short and over the years become a little plump.

"What you thinking about over there?" she asked sexily.

"Uh, um, I was thinking about, um you." He stammered.

She smiled. "I'm sorry it's been a while, but I think I can take care of that tonight" She walked over and kissed him. He kissed back guiltily, but it felt good.

As they kissed his mind started to wonder back to the woman.


She sat there in the booth, texting someone, picking at her food. Then she bit one side of her bottom lip. It was the sexiest look he'd ever seen. His dick started to get uncomfortable in his pants. He immediately became guilty. He'd never looked at any woman but his wife quite like this. With such longing.

Then discreetly, the woman put one hand in her lap, on top of the little bit of dress left to cover her lap. She then pressed her dress down. He could see her hand slowly moving. His dick stood up, and he began to squirm in his chair. Her eyes were closed and her chest lifting higher with her breaths. He looked away again, turned on, embarrassed, guilty and many other emotions filling him that he could not identify.


"Wow, this is the hardest you've been in a long time." His wife said. Her hands were in his shorts. The guilt rose, but it also felt so good. His wife pulled the elastic waist band of his shorts down. "Wow, you are extremely excited."

His wife knelt between his legs and took him in her mouth. He laid his head back and closed his eyes. His mind went back to the woman.


This time when he looked up, the woman was looking around. They made eye contact. Her beauty held him for just a second then he looked away. Those eyes. Even though it wasn't for him, the desire in them drove him wild. She looked at her phone and smiled big and turned red. Her hand went back on her lap. This time it bypassed the dress and went between her legs. He wondered if she was wearing any panties. She still tried to text with the other hand. His hand went to his crotch and pressed against his growing dick. He couldn't help but stare.

The woman's hand started moving faster. Her chest heaved higher. Her neck turned red. She was licking her lips and biting her lips. Her eyes closed and her breath came out strong though her nose. He started rubbing against the front of his pants.


He pulled his wife's head off his dick. "I want to get behind you" he said.

"Oh...okay" she responded. His wife stood and turned towards the bedroom. He grabbed his wife, pulled her sweat pants down and said "right here" as he pulled her to the floor.

His wife obeyed even though this was out of the ordinary. She got on all fours. He positioned himself behind her, then pushed his wife's head to the floor, lifting her ass. He grabbed her hips and in in one thrust buried himself in her. His wife yelled, half in pain half in pleasure. She tried to say something but he was already pumping in and out of her as fast as his hips could move. He loved his wife. He loved her meaty waist. He had never had a problem with it before. But right now he longed for that slender waist and thick ass of the woman in the cafe.


The woman was really working her fingers now. Her head dropped to the table. Her dark hair falling around her face. Her hand released the phone, reached under her and squeezed her breast. Then her head shot up, her eyes opened, he mouth opened to yell but no sound came out. Her hands still on her breast and between her legs. The rubbing started to slow. She was out of breath. She removed her hand from between her legs. It was wet. That answered his question about panties. She looked around. They made eye contact. He could feel his mouth was open and he knew he was staring but he couldn't stop. Her eyes were amazing. She blushed and scooted out of the booth. He couldn't see her pussy clearly but he could see her thighs were glistening. As she tried to stand her legs almost gave out and she had to catch herself. She left the sandwich shop.


Thrusting in his wife and thinking of the woman gave him the hardest orgasm he had ever experienced. He emptied twice the amount normally, with a lot more noise, and a lot more force. He collapsed on her wife panting.

"That was amazing. I don't know what got into you but I loved it." she said. "The best in a long time. Let's do that again soon."

"I would love to" he replied guiltily.

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