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No one was to get hurt, no regrets. A college prank gotten out of hand, one beer to many. Darren was the class dare devil, his pride would be his downfall yet he was to nieve to know it. The dare, go into the house of Dread, the reward, all the cash that was piled on the table, a grand total of $76.23. The house of dread was a fabled old home out on a country road, fenced in with barbed wire across the top. It was said that the old home place was ran by an evil woman who took her husbands life and used his insurance to buy her way out of the justice she deserved. The dare consisted of, Darren entering the house, taking something and returning to the frat house by five the next morning.

The shadows of the night frolicked amidst the huge weeping willows as the vines danced among the breeze. The screech of an owl in the distance, and the trickling of the waters that ran beneath the wooden bridge gave that eerie feel to the moment. Darren pulled his 1991 battered old chevy as close to the fence as he could. Retrieving a pair of wire cutters from his back pocket, he snipped the barb wire and over he went. Each step making itself known beneath the crackling twigs that had fallen. Easing closer he listened for sounds, his heart pounding in his ears, adrenalin rushing to his already intoxicated brain. Stumbling about he neared the house. The outside lights brightly lit the house and grounds. Wrapping his hand in his coat he firmly slammed it into the window on the door and eased his hand inside, unlocking it. Squeaking as it opened, he tipped toed in. Glancing around he saw a small figurine, looking more closely, he noticed it was etched with the words "To Misty with love." Grabbing it, he ran from the house and back to the safety of his car. Shoving all $76.23 into his pocket as he placed the figurine on the table.

"Ok guys, what's the next bet?" he asked.

"Sorry Darren, were all taped out" they announced in unison as they all gathered their things and headed off to class. Darren had just gotten out of the shower when two huge men stepped into the doorway of the bathroom. Standing there stark naked with droplets of water easing down his young muscular body, Darren froze.

"What the hell!" he started to say when two badges came out of the pockets of the strangers.

"We are with Mystick Security. You will come with us. There is a matter of theft to be discussed." said the black officer nearest him. Taking Darren by the shoulder he lead him into the bedroom. "I'd suggest you get dressed young man!"

Shaky hand guided on some worn jeans and a faded tee shirt, similar tenny shoes adorned his feet. Walking between the two men, Darren's mind raced with the horror stories of prison life, but this was to be nothing compared to what awaited him.

It didn't take but a few moments once off the main road for Darren to realize that they weren't going to the police department. Instead they were headed back to the old house he had robbed the night before. As the gravel crunched beneath the wheels of the car, his heart sank.

Escorting Darren inside, one of the security guards blocked the doorway where they had just entered and the other disappeared down a long hallway. Looking around, Darren saw antiques lining the hallway and the entrance where he stood. Gold encased pictures of an artist he had studied about in school hung scattered about. Beneath his feet lay a Persian rug. A few minutes past and the other gentlemen appeared in the hallway motioning for Darren and the security guard to come to him.

Entering into a new room, it was more modern, snow white and in the center of the room sat something huge but shielded from view by a sheet that was draped over it. In the corner was a table of heavy oak and behind it sat a woman in her late forties to early fifties. Dainty, well built physically, yet a determined and serious look on her face. Motioning to the chair, she softly spoke.

"Sit young man. We have business to discuss."

Darren joined her with the two guards on either side of him. "Why am I here?" he asked as if he didn't know.

"You tell me young man?" she replied as her hand came across his on the tables top and she squeezed. Making Darren extremely uneasy.

" Haven't the faintest idea to be honest?"

"Yes you do young man, now speak up!"

"No, I DON'T!" he protested and started to stand. The two guards on either side of him locked onto his arms and began dragging him toward the article in the middle of the room. Sliding her chair back, the lady followed and suddenly ripped the covers off it. Darrens eyes grew wide as he fought the guards but soon his hands were extended through the opening at the end of what appeared to be a hard wooden table secured to the other end and his waist was strapped facing down. He was going no where.

"Let me the fuck up!" Darren growled.

The light suddenly disappeared, the sound of a motor starting up was the only sound in the room. A light appeared on the screen, there in lifelike size was Darren, every move he had made since he crossed the bridge the night before were staring back at him. There was no way to deny he had indeed been there illegally.

"Boy do you know what they use to do to thieves?" asked the woman as a spot light shown above his head and a mirror was brought to him so he could see the cold hard steel blade of the guillotine that hung above his hands. A look of fear filled his eyes as tears began to puddle up in the corners.

"That's right boy, they lost their hand, and since we aren't sure which hand you used to take my precious figurine, which by the way was a gift from a lover. I suppose we'll have to take both of those nasty little hands off. A pity too, it's such a long walk back to town, at least with one good hand you could try to stop the bleeding, but with no hands, well that might be a bit difficult."

Tears were flowing down Darrens face as he jerked profusely at the bonds. "Oh please Ma'am, please don't do that I'll do anything you ask. For gods sake, don't take my hands!" he was now screaming with fear.

Lifting his slender face in her hands, she stared into his blue gray eyes. " Tell me boy, how much is your life worth?"

"Everything I have Ma'am, it's yours!" Please give me another chance, I swear I'll make up for stealing from you, honest I will."

"Is your life worth ten thousand dollar's boy?"

"Yes Ma'am but I don't have that kind of money." he said as he sniffled back the tears.

"Are you willing to work it off at a thousand a day boy, to do as told and accept responsibility for failure if you don't?" she asked as her fingers stroked his black hair out of his teary face.

"Oh yes Ma'am. I'll do anything you ask of me. Please just let me go!"

Motioning her head toward the guards they soon released Darren and helped him back to the table. The woman seated herself and handed Darren the phone. You will call your friends and inform them that you will be back tomorrow. I don't care what you tell them as to why you are gone but not one word of where you are or what is going on, if you do, well lets just say tomorrow you want be using those hands again. Is that clear?"

"Yes Ma'am."replied Darren as he fumbled at the phone and waited for someone to answer. After reciting his lie to them with sincerity, he placed the phone on the cradle and waited.

"Now for starters, you may continue to address me as Ma'am or Mistress, as to the boys here who were so kind to fetch you for me, the black fellow on your right is Taylor, the gent to your left is Winston. Winston will escort you to your room where you will bath and dress for dinner. We will be having a guest so be on your best behavior and none of that cursing. I will not tolerate that in my home."

"Yes Ma'am," replied Darren as he stood and followed Winston to his room.

The room was painted a pale blue with a dark-blue velvet spread and matching drapes hanging from the window. The full size poster bed had eye hooks screwed into all four of its post and one in the center of the head board as well as the foot board. Above the center of the bed one was embedded in the ceiling. Hooks were in the center of the room as well as placed about on the walls and in the floor. Strong steel ones.

"Bath and dress," was all Winston said as he slammed the door closed. Grabbing the door, Darren tugged with all his might but the thick oak door wasn't about to open till someone came with a key.

Climbing into the shower, Darren bathed, then shaved and went to look for his clothes. They were not where he left them, instead they had been replaced with a suit, dress shoes, and a tie. Dressing, he stared at the image before him, a handsome, healthy young man, one he did not recognize. Darren sat on his bed to await.

The lights in the room were dimly lit, candles flickered throughout the room. At the head of the table sat Mistress. She was dressed in a black chiffon dress with a V neckline which revealed nice size breast. A golden chain hung from around her neck. Diamonds sparkled on her fingers in the dim light.

"Sit boy, next to me, our guest should soon be arriving. He is a lawyer who will be writing up the contract."

As the door bell rang, Darren shifted in his seat. The moment had come when he made his promise in writing, at least he had something to write with. Smiling to himself he thought, as soon as Im out of here I'll never be back, give the lady what she wants and be gone.

Throughout the course of the meal, chit chat an such were exchanged. Papers were signed and the night came to an end with the lawyer heading on his way.

"Darren, to me NOW!" said Mistress, as she slide her chair back and closed her hands within each other.

Sliding his chair back, Darren approached Mistress. She pointed to the floor beneath her feet. At first Darren looked puzzled then knelt. Reaching she took his chin in her hand, tilting his face upward. Looking deeply into his eyes, her eyes seem to take on a black tint as dark as the dress she wore.

"Darren, I want you to remove your clothes and return to this position, no sound, not one word, is that clear?" she ordered.

Darrens eyes grew wide, a hint of fear danced within him. Standing he looked around him, in the shadows, Taylor and Winston stood watching. He hesitated a moment when he felt Mistress's hand clench his balls, her nails digging into the flesh past the material that covered them. Darren moaned and started to reach to remove her hand.

" I think not boy, get those hands back at your side," she warned as she intensified her grip.

Darren quickly returned his hands to his side and the pressure on his scrotum eased up.

"You see boy, if you do as told, you have nothing to fear, the pain will stop, when I choose. You fail me and it will return multiplied. Now first let's get one thing strait, for the next ten days you are mine, body and soul, I own you. I will not repeat an order more than once, if you hesitate, punishment will follow. You have only what I deem necessary for you, you own nothing, not even the breath in your lungs is yours without my approval, I could swiftly take that with the blink of an eye. NOW do as you were told boy!" she said with a tone of warning in her voice.

Darren quickly began to shed his clothes till he stood naked before Mistress. Taking his hands she placed them behind his back, locking each hand on the opposite elbow. Tapping the inside of his thighs, she watched as he parted them to let his full balls dangle freely. Had there not been the dim light of the room, she would have noticed the blush that had entered his cheeks.

"Taylor, bring me my jewelry, Winston come assist me please." she said as Winston came to stand by Darren's side. Without hesitation he took Darrens cock in his hand and lifted it up toward his chest, causing his balls to pull forward.

Taylor produced a black leather collar with small colored stones which seem to light up in the darkness. Mistress took the object and held it before Darren. He watched as she pried it open and bent forward. The coolness of the leather causing him to jump as he felt the collar wrapping around his balls and tightening till it was snug enough to make him whimper.

"Now back on your knee's boy, I have a few things you should know about this collar. First of all it will remain there till you have worked off your debt to me. This isn't merely for decoration. It is a form of behavioral reinforcement. As she said the words, Darren felt the sudden tightening of the collar around his balls till he was squirming and then on the floor rolling in pain as it grew smaller and smaller. As suddenly as it had started, it stopped. "Stoke your cock boy while I watch I want it rock hard by the time I get to the other end of the table" she said as she stood and started walking, knowing full well this was an impossible task. His failure brought a sharp lingering volt of electricity to his aching balls and a scream from his lips. "That's the other thing you should keep in mind. I can activate it from anywhere within a two-mile range. Now come to me, there is one last thing you should know."

Darren swiftly ran to her and knelt at her feet. Holding another collar up she pointed to the inside of the it. "If you try to remove it without the correct sequence, tiny pointed razor will eject from all sides, burying themselves into your scrotum, you will bleed to death within ten minutes. Do you understand me boy?"

Darren didn't have to say a word. The look on his face said it all, "Yes Ma'am!"

"Now it's late. I have placed a set of rules on the dresser in your room. You are to learn them well, I will give you three days to memorize them. There will be a teacher here in the morning to begin your class's, I've arranged with the school to have you tutored here. You can return to the school to say goodbye to your friends and let them know you are going home. Nothing more! Now off to your bedroom and be in bed within the hour." said Mistress.

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