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His eyes wide, his face white as he recalled the conversation he'd just had with the doctor. Gasping in huge lungfuls of breath Alan could only shake his head in denial. 
Falling to his knees Alan didn't hear the approach of several people. Stopping a few feet away from him the men and women weren't sure they should venture closer. Somewhere far away Alan heard a female voice say, "We need to call the others of his group, he's not looking too well."
As apprehensive footsteps came closer, Alan's head snapped up warning in an extremely deep voice, "Stay away! I am not in complete control! Go!"
The young woman in army fatigues nodded a look of fear on her face as she backed away. Alan's eyes were glowing a hellish red color, a small rivulet of saliva leaking from the corner of his mouth.
The small group escaped around the corner of the building as fast as they could. A few moments later Alan was still struggling to regain control when Truda and Angelika appeared.
"Alan!" Angelika shouted causing him to look up and stare at her. Stopping short she stared into Alan's eyes then gasp. The man she was seeing there was almost unknown to her! "Alan! Snap the hell out of it! This is your mother! Listen to me! Truda! I... what's wrong with him? I barely recognize him!"
"It feels like he has suffered a severe traumatic event. I can't get past his outer defenses. All I am seeing and hearing is the doctor, the doctor." Truda replied to Angelika.
Angelika's eyes went wide as she turned back to Alan. In a soft voice she started again, "Alan? Alan. It's your mother. Please come back to me son. Please, we would be so lost without you. Alan? Come back to me, fight for me, for our family." Angelika's eyes were starting to tear up as she felt so helpless. ?Again,? she thought, ?I am of no use, so weak I can't even help my son!?
Alan's eyes suddenly cleared as the glow stopped. "No mother, not useless, far from it!" Standing Alan walked to Angelika and held her close as her tears coated his shoulder.
"I was so afraid I was going to lose you. You have done so much for all of us, thank you son," Angelika said as she held Alan closer feeling his strength.
"Well I'm glad you are out of it. What in the hell happened?" Truda asked him.
"When I left I had no idea where I went. I was outside a large building that was locked, no problem for me actually. Inside I found what could only be described as a mad scientist's lab." Alan related.
Both Angelika and Truda's eyes grew wide. "The Doctor!" They both whispered.
Alan nodded his head then started in on what had been said by the Doctor and himself. Finishing Alan said, "I cannot believe that crazed lunatic could be my father!"
Angelika suddenly sank to her knees as a look of terror took hold of her face. "I... no!" She suddenly screamed.
Alan dove into her mind searching frantically for her. Finally he found her curled in a ball deep in her mind.
she screamed as Alan tried to reach for her.
Alan drew back a moment shocked, so the Doctor had actually covered this memory also! Even as his anger grew he heard the Doctor far off laughing.
The Doctor was suddenly screaming at Alan. 
<"That should be obvious you putrid son of a bitch!> Alan smiled as the visage of the Doctor flew at him, same old thing! This time Alan actually attacked the visage.
The Doctor said.
Alan said a smile spreading across his face as the visage of the Doctor's face contorted into a look of terror!
Suddenly Alan felt the Doctor starting to slip out of the hold Alan had on him.
Alan increased the hold on the Doctor but still in its terror the visage was actually growing in power. If only... Suddenly the visage of the Doctor was screaming in pain.
Alan did a double-take as he saw Angelika rising from where she'd been curled up. as she lashed out, the visage of the Doctor was sliced into several pieces, each screaming out in pain. Then it was quiet.
Alan felt around everywhere but it appeared this part of the Doctor was gone. Turning he saw Angelika advancing on him her eyes still glowing. Alan stood still; he figured it was his only chance. He was stronger and therefore could destroy her if he didn't do this right. He told her.
Angelika stopped and cocked her head to the side for a moment.
Alan nodded and started for the surface as fast as he could, the image of Angelika close behind him. Moments later Alan's eyes snapped open. Truda was kneeling beside Angelika tears falling from her eyes. "That son of a bitch took you from her! Father or not you have to kill that son of a bitch!"
There was a deep inhale of breath as Angelika sat up. "I completely agree!" Leaning over to Alan she held him
tight to her chest. "He hid you after he took you from me. Still I felt you, somehow I did. That was why I felt so empty and incomplete."
Alan's eyes went wide for a moment, "Yes I remember mother. I didn't think that we were that connected. I guess I was wrong." Leaning close Alan told her, "I aim to make sure that you aren't subjected to that again!"
A huge smile lit up Angelika's face as well as Truda's. "I was wrong about you Alan." Truda told him causing him to stare at her. "You aren't as unfeeling an ass as I thought." Here she laughed, "You're a very feeling ass!" Truda broke down into a fit of laughing drawing a few laughs from Angelika, even Alan had to smile.
Angelika suddenly stopped, "Alan please don't scare me like that again. I lost you once though that ass tried to wipe it from my mind. I almost lost you because of the assistant. You're going to kill me honestly, give me a rest for a bit ok?"
Alan nodded with a smile which quickly evaporated when he saw just how serious Angelika was. "I'm sorry mother, truly I am. If we are to ever defeat the Doctor and truly live in peace, I can't stop."
Angelika sighed and nodded, "I know but almost losing you again twice in a few weeks is a little much. Don't you agree Truda?"
"Honestly Angelika, I'm not the one to ask. I am just starting to get a small handle on these emotions. If I had a child or adult to worry about I might go nuts." About that time both Varick and Harman appeared beside the two women. Truda's eyes went wide a second as she saw her brother then she said, "I apologize Angelika I forgot I do have one I have to look after," causing both of the women to double over in laughter.
Varick and Harman looked at both of the women about to fall to their knees laughing. "Why do I feel this is about us?" Varick stated.
What...?" Harman started to ask.
"Don't ask," Alan said. "I think it would be safer for all of us if you didn't!"
This of course caused another round of laughter from both of the women.
"Angelika informed us that you had a run in with the Doctor. Did either of you injure the other?" Varick asked which caused Harman to perk up.
"Physically I don't think so. Though that son of a bitch claims he is my father," Alan spit out!
"WHAT!!?" Harman shouted. "I hope you tried to crush him."
"No," Alan said sadly shaking his head. "I am afraid that he caught me unaware. I do know this; we are no where ready to take him on. He had a hundred men there that were far stronger than the assistant's. Though unlike the assistant's, these felt completely void of conscious thought or emotion. They?re almost the perfect killing machines."
"Damn it! All the work we have done and we're nowhere near ready!? What the hell else do we need to do!?" Harman asked in shock at the revelations that Alan had just revealed.
Alan smirked and turned to look at Harman. "Alright, put up the strongest defense you have." Alan waited then fired a bolt of blue energy straight at Harman.
Harman's eyes went wide then he was yelling, "Oh shit!" As the blast caught him and threw him across the road into the woods for well over a thousand yards. A few minutes later Harman appeared battered and bruised his lip bleeding with a multitude of scratches all over him. "What in the hell was that?"
"When you can stop a blast of that strength then you'll be ready. You had a strong defense yes, though it was for the wrong type of energy. That's why it got through so easily." Alan informed a quickly healing Harman.
Varick perked up at this, "Just how many different types of energy does the Doctor have?"
Thinking a moment Alan stated, "What you usually feel is a type of psychic energy. As you both know this can be fueled by emotions. The thing is I discovered there is also a type of emotional energy. It seems not as hard to achieve though far harder to control. I also found that there is a type of thought energy. Nowhere as hard to master or control."
"I think you were running on both of those when we went against the assistant." Varick stated.
"Not at first, though I did start to lose control there at the end. Seeing that mother was safe was the only thing I think that saved me. Even with the control I have it is still dangerous to use it. It saps far too much energy far too fast leaving you vulnerable. The last is a type of physical energy. THAT is what I hit you with Harman. It is also what I felt the Doctor was using the first time I went against him. As you saw I wasn't all that ready either."
"We should bring Emory, Madde, and her son Aldrich in on this. I think it would help if they could defend against these also." Harman said startling both Varick and Alan.
"That is a good idea!" Varick stated. "That is if they can keep up. You aren't always the best teacher Alan, I am sorry to say."
Sighing Alan nodded, "I know I get impatient. I forget that no one else can increase as fast as I do." Alan thought a moment then looked at Varick. "You should do it! You are far more patient than I am. Plus I think that you are far less likely to accidently kill one of them!"
Varick stopped a moment and looked at Alan as if he were crazy. "Me? Have you lost your mind? I think you far over estimate my ability to remain calm! With my sister, Harman, and Truda yes I am. With the others though, I am not as sure."
"Really, I feel you are better Varick. Plus if Harman helps you it would be far easier." Alan told them.
"Me? You sure you're talking about me? I have no patience at all! I WOULD rather kill all of them rather than try and train them! No I think you really need to rethink this!" Harman said his mouth hanging open in astonishment.
Alan laughed for a moment then stopped when he realized that Harman was speaking the truth. "Damn it Harman! I swear you want to kill almost everyone!"
"Eh well, I guess so, makes things so much easier don't you think?" Harman said a huge smile on his face.
Alan could only stare incredulous at Harman after his last statement. "So I take it that meant me also?"
"Well yeah, at first anyway, although now, I'd have to say you are becoming more and more like a brother to me. Albeit a brother I'd like to smack once in a while but a brother none the less." Harman said a huge smile spreading across his face.
"Ha!" Grunted out Alan, "Don't forget that goes both ways!"
An even broader smile spread across Harman's face, "that might not be a good idea, though you're welcome to try," Harman said suddenly growing serious.
Alan just threw up his hands in defeat, and then Harman suddenly stiffened and turned to look at his sister. A look of anger on her face, Harman was shaking his head no as sweat started to break out on his forehead.
"Truda!" Alan shouted breaking her concentration. "I need all of you, especially your brother!" Truda's head snapped around as she stared at Alan. Then just as suddenly her facial features softened.
"Sorry Alan, there are times I feel my brother is acting like an idiot! It's starting to irritate the hell out of me." With another look at Harman that could melt steel, Truda sat next to Angelika who'd been stifling her laughter the whole time.
Alan nodded thinking for a moment. "We need to start now, the sooner you can resist the four types, well the other three the better." Alan thought a moment then his Uncle, cousin and her son appeared. "Thank you for coming as quick."
Emory and Madde both nodded though Aldrich was still in shock. "What in the hell was that?"
Sighing Alan remembered that Aldrich had only thought shifted once. "Sorry Aldrich, I keep forgetting that not many are used to moving like that."
"When you said you needed me as soon as possible I thought as soon as I got here. Again what was that?" Aldrich asked.
"There is several names, thought transfer, thought moving, though I like to call it thought shifting. You basically move with a thought. You are where you are, and then I want to be say, beside you. I think it and..." Aldrich's mouth dropped open as Alan vanished then appeared next to him a moment later. "I'm there!"
Aldrich tried to speak but nothing was coming out. Finally after a few moments of trying Aldrich stated, "I want to learn to do that!"
Alan could only smirk this was the most enthusiastic response to this ability he'd ever seen. "We'll see; I have to know that you won't misuse it. As I told the others that I opened up, there is a responsibility that comes with these abilities. I can shut them down just as easily as I can open them."
Aldrich's eyes narrowed as he stared at Alan. "That's not really fair!"
"Neither is using it to gain dominance over people. I found that out the hard way." Leaning close Alan whispered, "She may not look it but your great Aunt Angelika is a tigress about these things!"
Pulling away Alan gulped when he saw Angelika staring at him. "I heard that! You might be stronger Alan but you are still my son!"
Sighing Alan nodded then stood in front of them all. "It appears that the Doctor is using three of the four types of energy. As I explained to my group these are psychic which we all are using now. These can be fueled by emotions, though the stronger the emotion the weaker you can become faster. There is a type of emotional energy this is extremely hard to control though easy to attain. It can drain you even faster leaving you completely vulnerable."
"If it can boost your abilities, can't it also help you to defeat the one you are against?" Madde asked.
"No, if they have a strong defense in at least three of the energies, then I feel that they can resist far longer. The third is what I call thought energy. What I just showed Aldrich as moment ago is classified as that. As you all have seen it takes a little shifting of areas of the brain for that. It seems that the brain naturally guards against using it far too much." Alan relayed to them.
"So you're saying that we can use it too much also?" Emory stated.
"Not all that sure, mother and I used it continually for over an hour without adverse effects. I..." suddenly a moment of clarity hit Alan as he turned to stare at Angelika. "It couldn't be that simple! Mother I need to look at something a moment."
Angelika nodded then Alan's eyes closed for perhaps two minutes then they opened with a smile. Angelika's eyes flew wide a moment later, "My god! What did you just do? I feel three times stronger than I was!"
"I thought so, it appears that you and I chasing around like we had weakened you quite a bit. Where you were the weakest in defense against the doctor, I'd say that you are as strong as Varick now! Though it increased your thought energy it also weakened you because it took more to produce it. I think I fixed that problem. Using it a few times a day will increase it but what we did over used it."
"So you mean to say I strained it like a pulled muscle? You helped that to repair its self? Something like a strained muscle that I hadn't stayed off that wouldn't heal. Finally! I am not useless anymore!" Angelika shouted pure joy lighting up her face.
Alan smiled a true genuine smile seeing her this happy was seeming to lift the spirits of them all. "Now then that I have explained the first three, the last is what we need to work on. I call it physical energy, in that you can make normally gaseous or energy masses solid for a short time." Looking at Varick's group he said, "You remember the first time I went against the doctor? I had a damn good defense but he overcame it. He used a physical energy because he knew he couldn't get through my psychic defense."
"I felt you set up a different defense against him though," Angelika said.
"Yes I did but it was weak as I had just started to use it. I really think I was lucky as he really had wanted to kill
me." Here Alan hugged Angelika. "That was the first time I felt anyone use the emotional energy. I believe that is why he was as weak as he was when I found him recently. You knocked the shit out of him!" 
Turning to Harman Alan stated, "What I hit you with was a solid wall of physical energy. As I said you had a damn good defense but not against this."
Harman whose eyes had gone large nodded with a smile, "Yeah, hit is right, I haven't been tossed like that in a long time. Though I don't think next time you'll be as lucky!" 
"You obviously forget who you are talking to," came Truda's voice stopping Harman dead cold. 
"No I haven't forgotten but one day I hope to get as strong. I'm tired of others trying to control me, be they an asshole or a friend." Harman said this last he said as he started straight at Alan.
Alan smiled this was as nice as he figured Harman could be, well friend wise. Looking at Emory's group he could see that they were confused somewhat. "Alright I'm sorry I forgot you weren't there. Physical energy, hmmmmm let's see. The best way I think I can explain it is, imagine a gas cloud. Now make it solid and hit someone with it. That's as easy as I can put it."
"Ah! I see, so you and the Doctor can make energy or a gas mass, solid. Very deadly, though it would be handy against someone who has no defense for it, as we do not." Emory stated.
"Yes Uncle though I am sure that all of you will be able to soon." Turning Alan looked at Harman, "You are the only one beside me who has ever been hit by this type of energy. By what you felt before I want you to form a defense against it." 
Harman nodded as Alan waited Harman concentrated a moment then nodded. Alan also nodded then fired off a bolt of blue energy. Harman's eyes went wide as the energy hit within a foot of him. For about twenty seconds it held then Harman's forehead started to sweat. Finally the bolt got through and threw Harman across the road again and into the woods.
Appearing a moment later not as badly beaten up looking Harman smiled. ""Damn it! I thought I had it. It felt as if it was eating its way through my defenses!"
"Actually it did. A little something I don't think the Doctor knows that I picked up from him. Another ten seconds and I'd say you would have only felt half of it. That was very good for a first try. I am afraid you have to feel it before you can attune to specific energy." Alan said not really wanting to hurt Truda, his mother or Madde.
As all three advanced upon him Alan almost had to retreat at the angry looks on their faces. "If you think you can take it easy on us you have another thing coming!" Angelika said speaking for all three of them. Madde and Truda were nodding as they also agreed.
"Alright, let it never be said I am not a fair man. Mother you're first, I know you felt the energy but you haven't physically felt it. I want you to build a defense against it from what you felt, and then I'll hit you."
Angelika nodded then concentrated; again Alan released a blue bolt. Hitting a foot from her, Angelika held it
about ten seconds then was sailing through the air into the woods. Appearing a few moments later scratched up she laughed. "That was actually fun!"
Alan could only shake his head as he looked at the other two women. "You both are sure about this?"
Truda and Madde both made an impatient tsk causing Alan to shrug. "We are all in on this, so get it over with!" Truda snappingly said.
Nodding Alan said, "The same as Angelika make a defense against it." Truda concentrated then nodded.
Alan let lose another blue bolt which also stopped a foot from Truda. Alan smiled as he saw that she was struggling to hold it as long as she could. Fifteen seconds later she too was flying through the air into the woods. Appearing moments later scratched up as bad as Angelika, she too had a broad smile on her face. Looking over to Angelika she stated, "You were right that was actually fun," causing Angelika and Madde to smile.
Alan again was shaking his head then turned to look at Madde. Standing up straight Madde started to concentrate then nodded. Sighing Alan released another blue bolt. Madde's eyes went wide as the bolt hit a foot from her. Then she started to smile, for about eleven seconds then she was flying through the air. Appearing scratched up moments later she was actually giggling. "I thought it was going to hurt! My military training was harder than that!"
Alan just shook his head a third time. ?God,? he thought, ?this was going to be a long couple of weeks. I just hope we have that much time,? Alan thought.

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