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She has only hinted until now about how she participated in her first "office party" during a stay overseas to asia. She would not specify what country this took place in, but it must have been one hell of a country.

Hello there, my name is Amber, and just a ordinary girl, who wound up in a special encounter. I stand a little under 5' 6', wear glasses, and best can be described as a dish-blond librarian.

(Her words, not mine. I have seen amber "cut loose" once, and was very impressed. It involved myself, amber, and two other girls at one of our parties. This girl outlasted ALL of us.)

I got a job as a sales handler overseas for a small shipping company. It was just a job, and some excitement of being over seas. I love the asian countries, the people, the culture, and especially the food.

In a nut-shell, what happened before the "office party" of ours, I helped land us a big contract, and by big, I mean worth several million dollars, from a chance encounter with the shippers owner and his friends. This event caused a big celebration for lunch and dinner to be planned, and I was invited to the "special events" that evening if I wanted to. It was not mandatory, but my boss David hinted that it would be rude not to show up, and have some fun.

I agreed, and came to the party that night. We were all to have the next morning off anyways, and I was looking to finally fitting in with the guys. I was the only girl that worked at the company. Now, what I did not know was just how wild this party, and especially the "special events" would be for me.

Nervous at the party would not be too far off. There were all of seven guys, along with David, and over a dozen of the hottest asian babes I have ever seen! I asked david who the ladies were. ( I figured they were related to the guys, maybe their wives or girl friends.) Turns out I was DEAD WRONG, like usual for me.

David explained that the ladies are call-girls, not wives or girlfriends.

"Call girls?" I asked, sipping on a strong glass of wine. Mind you, by this time, I was feeling pretty good. My brain was not functioning like normal, but then again I still was pretty clueless.

"Yes, they are part of the entertainment we have with every office party thrown. By the way, its about time for it to begin. Excuse me a minute."

David called the gathering to order, quickly introducing the ladies to me, and letting them know I was one of the office workers, and a new intiiate tonight.

Initiate? what was he talking about? what is going on? My brain was getting duller, and the girls and guys applauded as david presented me to them. I did not understand why he was doing it, as the guys already knew me.

David then asked some very personal, and indiscrete questions to me. But like i said, my brain was not working well.

"Amber, we want to know, by chance are you still a virgin or not?"

"Yes I am." I blurted out before even thinking of it. I was blushing red soon after.

"No being with man or woman? Nothing like that?"

"Nnnnooo." the blush was getting deeper, and more pronounced. Several of the guys and even the girls were grinning like wolves at me. I was wondering what was going to happen to me.

"How would you like to earn one hell of a bonus for some services here in front of the group?"

"bbbbonus? hhhoww bibbiggg?" my mind is totally spinning now. most likely it was the wine i was drinking taking effect.

He told me how big, and I was immediate in wanting it.

(for the reader, I tried to get amber to be more specific about the amount she was paid, but all she would confirm was that it paid her rent and bills for the next five-months. If you can pry it out of her somehow, please let me know.)

Before I even realized it I stated "What the hell, I'll do it."

I then found out what was required of me to see the bonus payment.

"Well amber, were glad you agree to do it for us. All you need to do is have sex with some of the girls and guys here. simple enough?"

Well, I did agree, and guess now I was totally commited. Then it just sunk into my brain what he said. I choked for a moment, in total astonishment! "WHAT!!!"

"Yes, all you need to do is have sex....more specifically is this - you will have to eat pussy, give head, and fuck before all of us here. OH, by the way this also means you will get fucked by some of the men here not only in your pussy, but also in the ass as well. And if we chose, we get to cum all over your body. That is lose the cloths, we want to see some major skin lady. Yours in particular."

My god what have I gotten myself into now? Everyone started clapping in rythem, and calling for me to "take it all off girl," "lets see your bush and boobs," along with the popular cat call of "what you having for lunch?"

Finally getting my nerve up, I slowly, and as sexy as I could, (which was not much), I slid off my dress, and then my underwear. I was completely naked before them. I expected to hear groans of disappointment, because I am very small breasted, and have a very poor tan.

I just stood there, shivering a bit from the air conditioning, I saw the men and women getting undressed as well, and I realised this was going to really become an orgy after all. Gulping again in the extreme, and flushing red, it felt like i was red all over in the most supreme of embarrasment.

One of the women, an knock-dead gorgeous brunette, I mean one shaped just right in all of the right ways and places, came over to me. I just kept staring at that beautiful nude body of hers, especially her breasts and erect nipples.

She led me over to a chair, and gently sat me down in front of David. He just smiled at me as he played with his big cock. "Okay amber, time to begin the party. "

Well, I took it into my hands and started stroking it along its lenght, and bent my mouth over it, slowly taking it in as far as I could. I did not like the taste at first, but got used to it after awhile. David started groaning a bit as I sucked as hard as I could.

The lady next to me told me how to use my tongue on it to the best effort, and it seemed ot work. Because soon afterward David was really getting into it, I felt a set of hands run down my back to my bottoms, and over my pussy! When I looked back, a lady was smiling, and then ran her tounge over me down there!

IT felt like a electrical shock going up and down my entire body when she did that. I just shivered in delight, and accidently bit David, hard. He just looked at me, grabbed the sides of my head, and pushed deeper into my mouth.

While all of this was going on with me, the others were getting into a full scale office party orgy! Clothing was everywhere, as was pussy eating, cock sucking, and the beginning of a true fuck fest.

I kept sucking on davids cock, and must have been doing something right, as he was groaning in pleasure from it. The lady kept fingering and licking at my pussy, and I felt like my body was beconing on fire! It was all I could do to pay attention to what I was doing with david. I was finding it more difficult to breath, and pulled david out of my mouth. I got to where I could not take much more, and realized that the groaning I was hearing nearby was actually ME!

I have never felt anything like this sensation before, and still cannot fully describe what a first-time orgasm was like. (Amber joked at this point saying that if a man had a orgasm like a woman does, the man would be a burned out husk. Knowing her I am inclined to believe it.)

I was getting covered in sweat, and my pussy was damp with cum. David pulled me back over his cock,and made me go back to work on it. A minute later, he came in my mouth, and I accidentaly swallowed most of it. David just grinned at me, then bent over and picked me up bodily. He swung me onto the couch, and started eating out my pussy like the lady did. But he was more rough and intense, He had me cumming again before much time passed.

"Now for the real fun amber, get over on your stomach please."

I did as he asked, not sure what was going on now. I assumed some other girl was going to eat me out as well. But one of the guys came over behind me, smacking me on my butt, and pushed his cock up to my pussy.

"Your right david, she is going to be a tight little one for some time." I heard him say.

That is when I realized what was going to happen. I just gritted my teeth togeather and tensed up for pain to come. And it did HURT! I thought I was going to be ripped in half when he pushed into me! He did not go slow or anything like that, he just pushed and pushed and pushed, as quickly and hard as possible.

I screamed and cried from the pain, that was all I felt as he pumped his cock in and out of my pussy. The tears were flowing from my eyes, and all I felt was pain, no pleasure at all. This was not what other women had told me it would be like.

He finally pulled out of me and came all over my butt. His last word to me, before going onto another lady was to call me a "Major fucking bitch. You are now a worthless little peice of trash, and a whore at the same time."

David and the other men jumped all over him for this comment, and he left soon after.
(Amber said the next day he was fired for "personal reasons related to conduct unfit for their workers.")

Now, one of the older gentlemen, whon I will call Samual, took me aside, and was very tender with me. He made love to me in a way that was not painful or quick, but gentle "like it should be done" as he told me. When he fucked me, or more precisely he let me fuck him, he touched me in ways that drove me "WILD!!!!!"

While I thought it lasted only a couple of minutes, It turned out we were doing it for about ten minutes before he came inside of me.

The party broke up later in the evening, I got fucked three more times by the men, and eaten out by two more women. Unfortunately, I could not build up the courage to eat out a ladies pussy in front of everyone else.

When I got home that evening, I had to take a long, COLD shower to "cool off" and get all the cum and sweat off of me,

That was one hell of a party.

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