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I was walking through town centre, when I bumped into someone. At first i didn't recognize him but then I noticed that it was Joe, the Parent of thier young son who i look after on weekends. We got talking and eventually he offered for me to come back to his place. I saw no reason to object, Joe was a decent hard-working man so I said yes.

Once we got back to his he offered me a drink, it was oddly quiet so i asked where his wife and kid was, he told me that she found out he was having an affair...with another man so she moved to florida and took thier kid with her. I felt bad for him but he didn't seem to mind.

A few hours later after talking about why he did it, he noticed a bulge in my jeans (he was very graphic in his descriptions) and so he asked me if i was gay. At first i was a little embaressed but i admitted that i was, by then he had already taken off his jeans and was standing in front of me with just a pair of white boxers on, with his 8 Inch cock poking out from the top he told me that i didn't have to go through with it. But i admitted that i had fancied him for a while, so i got onto my knees, pulled down his boxers and started to lick the tip of his cock, making it harder and harder until i started to gently suck it.

It felt so amazing having Joe's cock in my mouth after all this time so i put more and more of his cock into my mouth eventually going into deepthroat all 8 inches of his cock was inside my mouth i started to gag but i relaxed and started a back-and-forth motion, his balls slapping my face with every movement until finally he let loose his load of cum. Shot after shot was fired in my mouth and i swallowed it all. He tasted so good.

After we had cleaned up, Joe asked if i ever wanted to fuck him, again i admitted that i did. I also told him that I love to cross-dress and so he took my hand and brought me upstairs, he went into his kids old room and told me that his wife had left all of her sex toys and clothing behind when she left, Joe told me to dress in whatever i wanted and bring out one sex toy and to meet him in his kids room, I went in to thier old room and rummaged around until i found the treasure cave for anyone who loved to cross-dress, there were so many choices but I didn't want to waste time i took a Large Dildo and put on a pair of stocking-suspenders and a tight corset. I checked myself out in the mirror before i went out and groped my sexy bubble butt I was ready to be fucked hard.

I walked into thier kids old room and saw him there Naked as the day he was born stroking his cock, he told me that i looked sexier than my wife ever did in those clothes which made me hornier for him, he told me to do a sex dance for him which i did, I strutted my body like never before, then i started to use the Dildo i picked out, teasing him whilst i pleasured myself in front of him. until eventually Joe came over and bend me forward, he Lubed up my ass and slowley pushed his hard cock into my ass.

He was finally inside me, it hurt at first but i took the pain he was gentle at first slowley pulling out and pushing his cock back in, until i couldn't take it anymore and begged him to fuck me harder, faster and deeper, I wanted him to fuck me like i was his whore and he did just that. With no warning he rammed his cock all the way in and pounded my bubble butt into submission, I started wanking myself off at the same time, unable to hod it in anylonger i let out a huge orgasm as i came all over the floor, his orgasm soon followed, all of his cum was shot into my asshole. We both collapsed in exhaustion, he pulled out and put his cock near my face, so i sucked it clean. I felt like a cheap whore, but i was Joe's whore so i didn't care, Ater we both got dressed he asked ifi wanted to do it again tomorrow. I said yes straight away. I left his house that night feeling more alive than ever before.

A few more months went by and we met up more and more to have wild and hardcore sex sessions. Luckily i didn't know a lot of people in his area so no suspicion was aroused. Eventually i moved out of my flat and moved in with him, i brought along the rest of my sexy clothing to add along with his wifes old collection. We would have sex at least 4 times a week, with each time getting better and better he had a fairy large house due to his family being quite rich so there was never a dull moment in any part of the house, since it was only us two in the entire building we fucked when we wanted, where we wanted and at what-ever time we wanted, he didn't have to worry about me being in the mood, since i had first fucked with Joe my sex drive had gone through the roof so i always wore sexy clothing around him, whenever i cleaned the house i always wore my kinky french maids outfit with matching fishnets tights, also my figure had became more feminine due to the constant wearing of womens clothing and Joe fucking my ass hardcore in doggy style (my fave position). I was so glad to Be Joe's Whore and what happened a few months later made it all better.

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