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It?s a fairly nice pool with a large splash pool that runs the length of the main pool for the kids. Half way along this there is a weir where the warm water comes into the splash pool, we made straight for it as it?s the closest we come to a Jacuzzi. As the kids were entertaining themselves we started talking between ourselves about our fantasies which was a topic of conversation a few days before, nothing new was explored until I leaned back under the waterfall, as I wiped the water from my eyes M said "is that a hint about golden showers", straight away my cock twitched, I have wanted to see M piss for ages but thought I would get nowhere if I suggested it. "Maybe not golden showers but id love to see you pee" I said, heart hammering. Her reply was a vague maybe and I thought there?s very little chance of that happening Paul but we live in hope. After an hour or so we decided to get the kids out before they totally dissolved and get warm and dry.

On the way home I was still thinking about M pissing and decided to drop a few heavy hints if opportunity arose. After we got in I put the kettle on and made some coffee while M put the swim things in the wash, we were both cold so the hot coffee went quickly and it wasn?t long before M got up of the sofa, "going Somewhere?" I asked innocently knowing full well that her bladder had little capacity at this stage in the pregnancy, "for a piss, why?" she replied, "the flowers outside could do with watering" I said with a grin, trying to show enthusiasm and disinterest at the same time. "Hmm not this time" she replied and disappeared out the room. Damn ? I thought she might go for it, I guessed there was no chance now.

Later that evening we were in the kitchen cooking tea when M suddenly announced "are you coming, I?m going to water the flowers", instantly my pulse began to quicken and I thought I should do something quick to show my appreciation, so I quickly filled a bowl with warm water and grabbed a face cloth so M could wipe herself down if she splashed herself.
As I went outside M was looking round nervously to find a place in the garden which was the least overlooked by neighbours, she decided on a place behind the shed but with a slight view down the side of the house to make sure no one was coming up the drive. She then lifted the bottom of the Indian dress she was wearing, stepped out of her shoes and stood with her legs slightly apart, I looked on eagerly, at first I thought that she wouldn?t be able to do it with me watching but then a hot thick stream of almost clear pee gushed out, puddleing in the grass and spattering tiny drops onto her ankles, some also sprayed onto her thighs and down the inside of her legs. I must have been grinning like a Cheshire cat and M let out a little giggle too, saying "it was kind of fun in a naughty way", I got the bowl and face cloth to clean her up but she wouldn?t let me saying she couldn?t let me do that, I was a bit disappointed because I really wanted to put my hand in that gush of hot pee and now I wouldn?t even get to sneakily get a feel of her wet pussy, however I did get to see M pissing and that was a start, hopefully leading to other things.

Well things didn?t quiet take of as I?d hoped but I was always hopeful that something might happen and it was months after that it did. We were sat on the garden with a glass of wine, it was a warm evening, the boys were in bed and we were both chilled. Since M had had a baby boy and had kept her pussy shaved which I love. Out of the blue she asked, "You really liked seeing me pee didn?t you?" without hesitation a said "sure I did it was very erotic, but I didn?t really see that much" "well we can put that right she said and pulled her dress up and opened her legs to show her beautiful shaven cunt, she pulled up the back of her dress so there was nothing below the seat of the chair then her hands went between her legs as she opened her pussy lips showing her labia, then sliding down a little she started to piss, a long clear jet of pee arcing from her pussy to the patio slabs, spattering into a fast growing puddle. Spellbinding as I found this I wasn?t going to let this opportunity slip by. I quickly moved beside M forsaking the fantastic full on view for the chance something more intimate. Reaching her side I slid my hand down over her belly and into the stream of piss, it felt so hot, I?d never thought it would be as hot as it was and it added another level of fascination to the act. As her stream slowed and the arc of pee grew shorter I droped my hand onto her pussy and rubbed the piss into her bare pussy lips, my heart was nor racing fit to burst because I knew what I wanted to do next and it carried the greatest risk of spoiling the whole scene. I quickly moved round in front of her again and resumed rubbing and feeling with my still wet hand, then I looked into M,s eyes and saw no trace of distaste, I thought "in for a penny" and quickly bent my head down to her pussy, I don?t know what id been expecting but I was supprised to find the taste very much like the natural taste of her pussy, just a little fresher and sharper, I licked all around over the smooth shaved skin of her fanny, slowly paying more attention to the slit until my tongue was sliding up and down from the entrance to her then up and over her clit and back down always stopping a while extra on the area around her urethra hoping for a after squirt, M must have sensed this because I sensed her tense up and a jet of her hot pee went straight over my tongue into my eager mouth. I was so aroused that I was dying to fuck her and that brought ideas for other wet games to mind??..

To be continued

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