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Am 5.5FT tall with black hair and a sexy eyes as i was fondly told by girls I?ve been with.
i have a pointed nose which i don?t even know where i got it from. am a student studying Computer Engineering so i live alone on an off campus apartment. Am a private somebody, i keep less friends.

I met Julie in my 2nd year that was a year ago, she was this pretty girl with a cheerful heart and smiles that could melt every heart. i changed department from Chemical Engineering to Computer, it is unusually to see a girl such like her who will want to be a computer Engineer.
According to her she said she has a passion for fashion and after school she will pursue her passion.

I was home resting as usual after a stressful day and school, it?s around 5pm, my phone rang and its Julie, i hate disturbance really but its Julie so am obligated to pick... Hey Ju! whatsup as i call her
'hmmmmmmmm! She whimpered like a little puppy. You see she switches over to child mode whenever she wants me to do whatever she wants and i found it irresistibly crazy.
What is it now? i asked in an inquisitive tone
My roomie traveled and it?s so boring here, come and keep me company till i fall asleep pleasssssse.. she stretched the please in a way i can?t say no as if she will even accept no.
but am so tired and can?t make it to your side now, i cried back
Julie stays like a 3 minutes? walk from my compound.
i will then cry till i fall asleep and will wake up with a swollen eyes and if anyone asks in school tomorrow i will fake a story of how you beat me up....
this girl is evil, I?ve been with countless girls and but none is like her, we just connect and knows how to manipulate each other.
i will be there in 5 minutes you little devil... i surrendered
see you and don?t keep me waiting she said with mocking laughter.

Who is that? she asked as i knocked.. its me i said,
Good boy she reply and opened the door. they stay in a one room apartment in a public build so if you want privacy you got keep your door locked always or anyone can barge in at any time without even knocking.
She was wearing her usual nightie, a semi see through short gown, you her large elongated nipples pressing so hard on the dress like they wanna break out and say hello me. she is not really endowed but boobs and ass,
But she got everything perfectly shaped and not really sizeable but nice, I?ve always fantasized my lips on them tities while squeezing her ample butt cheeks.

i like talking nasty and she enjoy it all but we have never tried anything sexual before but i never knew this night will change everything.
They have no sofa so the only thing to sit with there is their bed, as if i will even sit on a chair. i jumped on the bed to see if i can continue my sleep, but she complained about my silence and snucked up to me for a cuddle, cuddling Julie is one of the greatest thing I love doing.
She demanded that I gist her about anything mostly my escapades, then I started with a daring one, as I tell the story I can still picture the events as it happened though I over exaggerated a bit to make it more erotic and pleasurable but I guess she doesn?t mind.
Along the line I felt her nipples harden as it pressed against my chest, that turned me so on and I kept going at appoint she held me so tight with her face much closer to mine. I stopped talking and starred directly to your face, I can see so much sensual desiring in her face, she started biting her lips and I know that was so to keep them still.
I took caution to the wind and kissed her gently, I was waiting for her to object but she dint then I went for the second kiss and this time she was waiting for it, she welcomed my lips with pleasure then she started kissing and devouring my lips like her life depended on it. We kissed and caresses each other?s body. Boldly she reached for my now rock solid cock, she moaned in pleasure and I guess that?s a confirmation that she loves what she just discovered. I don?t really have a very large cock but am sure it is very capable of performing above expectation whenever it gets a very good pussy like it?s about to do now.
She grabbed so hard like my cock is the support else she falls off the bed, it?s painful but I love the sensation and pleasure that accompanies it. I reached from behind her and pressed her ass, it feels so nice and smooth just like I?ve always imagined and few times I have teased her about it and we laughed over it. After like 30 seconds of ass pressing and by now she have freed my cock and now rubbing the shaft. I spread her ass checks and then rub her ass hole. I moved down and my fingers were greeted by a very wet pussy. OMG! I exhaled she got this enormous pussy lips and they are very warm. I can?t think straight I got to taste her. Like a hungry lion I pushed her off my body, she has been carried away by too much pleasures.
I kissed her and she responded hungrily, I press her boobs from her cloths, her nipples are so hard that it can break a wall.
I kissed her and with my left hand on her left boobs while the right hand makes it?s way down to explore that dripping wet pussy. I kissed her, pressed her boobs and also rub her clit, she is now moaning loud like she is about boosting open, she threw caution to the wind and don?t even if anyone can hear her cry of pleasure. " I got to taste that pussy Julie" I said with a low tone.. she chuckled like a baby, she is shy but she needed this "anything you want dear, anything but just keep going and don?t stop".
I moved down now staring face to face with her now redish pink pussy. I blew a small breeze and she twitched like I pulled a vein. "please suck me baby SUCK ME PLS AM BEGGING YOU" se cried.
I sucked her clit and she was shouting and pulling my hair, to steady her I grabed her boobs and pressed hard and it was like I added more charge to the current passing through her body, her reaction is just the encouragement that I needed and am happy that am doing it right. after suckin her clits for minutes I inserted a finger into her now gaping hole, I suck and finger fucking her, after few seconds she cried loud " AM CUMING PLS DON?T STOP, DON?T YOU DARE STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING.. AM CUMING AM CUMMMMMIIIINNGG!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want it, I need her in my mouth, I want to swallow everything that comes out and that?s exactly what I got, she came like a volcano eruption and I took it in my mouth. She is now calm and breathing hard like she ran 50000 meters. "How are u? I asked her ? "give me few seconds to catch my breath.. OMG! You are so good, I?ve never came this hard before". I smiled " well am happy I was able to give u an epic pleasure"
While she regains herself I used the opportunity to undress myself because the show is just starting.
When I turned to face the bed she is now sitting up and naked with her pecky boobs now pointing directly to me. " my turn now .. just come and lie back while I take care of you baby".. I know exactly how this plays down and I can?t wish for anything else.
I lay down and she just on me, first she started kissing me sensually then she kissed my necked for a calculated seconds like she has an equation for it, she then moved to my nipples and dwelled there, am over the world now, I?ve never had this type of pleasure before, she knows exactly what she was doing and she surprised me because I see her as a very shy virgin and even if she is not a virgin I doubt she will have a romantic skills but here now I don?t know to believe anymore. The pleasure was too much and my hard cock is there unattended, I reached to stroke my cock and she beat off my hands " Nobody touches that except me, just lie back, relax and enjoy my ride" she kissed down to my belly button then circled it with her tongue, next stop was my anxious lonely cock. She licked my shaft and it sends this shock over my body. She took me all in her mouth and then started gobbling my cock like her life depended on it. Am close and I gotta warn her " O shit! Am gonna CUM? move your mouth or you gonna get a mouthful" she laughed still with my cock in her mouth " I can?t have it any other way"?
Did I just heard her right? she want my spunk in her mouth.. Wow am seeing a sex goddess here
"Here it comes, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa AM CUMING" I erupted in her mouth and she dint pull my dick out until she was sure that I have spurted the last seed. "Wow! I think we are gonna have a very long night?."
"sure you bet" she replied lets go shower and then come back for round two>>

To be continued.

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