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I did and she gave me directions to her house. She didn't have the heart to do it on their own bed so she led me to their downstairs guest bedroom. That was actually bigger than my apartment and had a nice full sized bed. We cleared the clutter that had accumulated on it and she stripped fast, urging me to get naked too. True to her word, she pulled me right to her for a missionary fuck and wouldn't let me up until I left a load balls deep insider her cunt. She hooked her arms and legs around me, keeping me there as she gasped and sighed like a woman finally, deeply getting off really good. We slept together then fucked one more time before I went home.

That Monday she was all business again, like it never happened. I was too, though I hoped that we'd hook up again before her husband got home, but that didn't happen. At the end of the week, Marcus waved me aside and said he wanted to talk to me. I dreaded getting a finger shake over Cindy but then he told me that management had approached him for taking an assignment to open the Singapore office. He wasn't sure he should take it. I looked at Marcus with disbelief. "Man, they are saying that they're going to send you to Singapore for three months, all expenses paid, fast track up the ladder, to head a team you've already made friends with. What are you waiting for?"

"I wanted to know how you felt, I thought you were heading over."

"Not me, I knew they were never going to do it. But that's just me. You should go." So he accepted and the next night he told the team and we gave him cheers and congratulations. Susan and Charles told me they wanted to get a few things so we could celebrate after work. Cindy and Sandra were going to miss out, since they had the night off, but Marcus said he'd take Sandra out to celebrate on his own. We all knew that she had an office crush on him so we all leered at the idea.

Since all the bars were shut down by then, Susan and Jim offered to get together at their place. When we all got there, Susan ushered us over to their bedroom, the only spot big enough for us all to gather at once, and pulled out some choice marijuana that she and Charles had gone out to get. I'd never tried it before, but felt this would be a good occasion. I felt a good buzz like one from a couple of shots, but also felt a bit like my head was a balloon floating up to the ceiling. The others were feeling it, too. Susan and Charles grinned with reddened eyes and Jim rocked back a bit with a soft chuckle as he passed the joint.

When it came my way again, I declined. "No, I'm good now, really mellow. Thanks!"

Marcus said, "I'm really going to miss this when I'm there."

Charles shook his head. "You'll get over it. You're going to have a fucking blast there. They're already talking about it and can't wait for you to join them. You're going to get the rock star treatment."

I noticed that Mina had wandered off and went out to look for her. She was sitting in the dead space between the sofa and the patio door, which she had cracked open, with her legs drawn up and her arms around them as she leaned back against the wall, her eyes shut. She had taken off her shoes and her feet were propped up on a throw pillow, looking like an ad for nail polish. More than that, they looked picture perfect -- smooth, clean, shapely. She probably spent at least a whole weekend a month with hair, manicure, and pedicure appointments to keep her looks up. Money and time well spent, I felt as I just stood and admired her for a bit. I took a blanket which was draped over the back of the sofa and put it across her shoulders, tucking it under her chin carefully. She opened her eyes and smiled. She then pulled the blanket up at the side and patted the floor next to her for me to have a seat. I did and she put the blanket down over us.

"It was getting stuffy in there so I came out for some fresh air, but I was starting to get cold. Thanks."

"No problem. They're talking Korean and Mandarin now so I can't follow the conversation, anyway."

"Why didn't you ever learn to speak a different language?

"I took a couple of years of Spanish in high school but never learned to really speak it. My family tried to teach me, but I'm too lazy. I guess I'm lucky that I made it through school in the first place."

"Too bad, opening the other offices is a golden opportunity. You missed out even more, because over half the asia team are single girls," she shook her head sadly. Then, trying to ease into the subject, she asked, "How did you like it with Cindy?"

"You know about me and her?"

"It was pretty obvious. She was always taking off after you did, and Charles saw her talking to you across the way through the window in the fitness room. We had a pool going if and when she was going to make a pass at you. When she came back that one night she was looking restless and she kept looking over at your desk. I missed by just two days."

"Ha, and I thought I was playing it cool. Why'd I even bother?"

"Do you like married women?"

I shrugged. "I like Cindy. But since she IS married, we don't have anything going."

Her eyebrows shot up once and I felt her moving a leg between mine, then she smiled warmly at me as her feet snuck into the cuffs of my pants legs and started tugging my socks down. I took the hint and worked my shoes off. She helped me get my socks off and she licked her lips as her feet wrapped over mine like a friendly hug.

"Do you think she's hot?"

"You're hot, too, if that's where you're going. How come you two always look alike, even with the clothes?"

"That's a long story, but you might like it. It's better if we're both here to tell it to you, though."

"Well, now you got my interest peaked!"

"Good," she murmured. Her toes raveled with mine, like the fingers of teenagers getting a bit more intimate after they try holding hands. They felt soft, warm, delicate, and she rubbed them over my lower legs seductively. I gulped and felt a monster hard-on threatening to burst my zipper.

"Hey, what are your two doing out here?" Charles came out and picked up his jacket, getting ready to leave with the other guys.

"Just talking," Mina answered in a sing-song voice, showing her arms outside the blanket. I did too, though I felt her foot grab my big toe and tug on it like giving a cock a handjob.

"Well, that's all you better do, right? Night, everyone."

"He's not going to blab, is he?" I asked Mina.

"About what, sleeping in the living room?" she smirked impishly, "I'm not cheating, am I? It's not like you're having sex with my feet."

"If this is considered not, then I wonder if it should be. Feels great."

"Enticing and fun," she told me as she massaged mine with hers. "Competition for straight guys is tight in this town. A girl's got to be aggressive and have a few good things in her bag of tricks just to land a second date."

"So is this a date?"

"You tell me, Tony. Are you saving yourself or do you want to come out and play?"

It wasn't something I needed to deeply consider. We were snuggled into a dark corner and she was ready, and even though she'd only touched me like this, the sensations she was giving to me -- novel, experienced, sensual, suggestive, sensitive -- promised what she could do with the rest of her body.

I intended to find out. I picked her up and set her on the sofa, then knelt between her legs as I took my shirt off. She smiled at me as I pulled her slacks down and buried my face in her panties. The skin of her legs was silky smooth and hot, the smell of her pussy was dark and alluring as I pulled her panties aside and had a taste. She pointed her long legs up and let me peel them off, then I pinned her legs back as I dove in, making her pant as I got my tongue inside her. When I felt her clit come out from its little hood I paid solid attention to it, finding motion and rhythm that made her writhe. She ran her fingers through my hair and seized it as I rubbed her ass for a little more stimulation. I came up for air and growled, "Yeah baby, pull my hair."

She giggled and slapped me playfully. "Oh fuck, don't stop, I'm gonna cum so hard! AAAH!"

I felt her tense up, shiver, and wilt down. She surprised me by immediately pulling me up to the sofa with her and yanking at my belt. I shoved my pants and underwear down and she grabbed my cock. I was so damned ready that the head of it was flushed purple and dribbling precum. She rubbed her trimmed bush and parted it to show me her bright pink slit. With a smooth thrust I got my cock halfway into her, having to pause to get control of myself so that I wouldn't bust then and there. She felt so good though, and I decided to let her have it and just keep fucking as long as I could if that happened. I did but Mina flipped us over and got me back into her cowgirl. She stayed still for a moment to let me go at it how I liked. I held her thigh right below her ass and had an arm curled around her shoulder as I took over. I made my strokes half as fast but smooth and deeper. All those ab exercises were paying off and Mina was getting to enjoy it with me. Her pussy was so tight that I could hear my cock spreading it open wetly as I thrust in. I tightened my grip as I started going a little harder and she started to squeak and moan. I could see past her that Jim and Susan had snuck their heads around the corner for a peek. They stepped quietly into the living room for a better look. Susan rubbed her crotch as she watched her coworkers fucking on their sofa and Jim cupped her scrumptious breasts from behind. She reached back into his pants and played with his cock. While Mina got lost in our clinch and started panting, Susan pulled Jim by the pants back to their bedroom.

Mina pulled her blouse off and took off her bra with the appeal of a starlet going topless for a blockbuster love scene. She shut her eyes as I ran my hands from her shoulders down to her breasts, so that my fingers lightly caressed the top of her tits and my palms softly rubbed her nipples.

"You do that so good," she whispered. I ran my hands all over her, taking in the warm sensations of her supple body as she went to the faster pace that she liked. She looked so gorgeous that I had to pull her up to my face again and gobbled on her wet snatch. She shrieked and shouted out as I gave her everything I had. She reached back and felt my stiff cock, cooing with appreciation as she moved back to squat over it. She balanced perfectly as she sank down, twirling her hips and riding me good. I couldn't take that for long and unleashed a fierce ejaculation as she came down to plaster herself against me, her breath hot against my neck as she milked me dry with tiny twists and grinds of her hips.

After we caught our breath, I reached for the blanket and covered us up. I savored the feel of her body on me and her legs getting around me again.

"I should have tried for you first," she told me suddenly. "I was chicken, though, so Cindy beat me to it. She could tell that you seemed like you might be game for more and told me try my luck with you sometime anyway."

"Glad that you did?"

Mina smiled and gave me a lingering kiss. "She told me that I had to try getting head from you. She said she still daydreams about it when she's taking a shower."

"Nice to be appreciated."

"I sure do. Get on top of me again."

We snogged for a long time under the blanket, stroking and kissing until my pulse picked up and my cock was like a red-hot piece of metal between us. She quenched it in her dripping wet pussy again. From the way she wrapped herself around me and kissed I could tell she was enjoying it as much as I was. We could then hear Jim and Susan behind their bedroom door, making the bedframe creak unmistakably. Their soft groans and exclamations got us even more excited and I started fucking Mina a little harder. She stopped kissing me and dug her fingers into my back as she loudly rode through more orgasms before I came again. After we collapsed into a sticky heap we heard Jim and Susan clapping and whistling. The four of us laughed a bit then I kissed Mina deeply. I suspected that Jim was giving Susan the same treatment. I felt turned on again but my cock and balls were worn out for the night.

"Whew, Susan and Jim should throw more of these, what a way to start the weekend." Mina purred.

"Why wait for them?"

"Getting each other horned up like we've been doing here feels so naughty and hot, like we're encouraging each other for more. Don't you feel it?"

"I sure do."

I wanted to know where that left me and her boyfriend in it all. I couldn't come up with the words. I tried anyway and she didn't really answer. "I'm sure Cindy's gonna want you back."

I sighed. Was I ready for this? "She hasn't talked to me since her husband came home."

Mina just chuckled at that. "What did you expect? Sorry, I shouldn't have put it that way. Don't write her off. She's still a tramp but I'm pretty sure she wants to keep you in her pocket."

"What about you?"

"Oh, I've got my own plans. Wait and see."

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