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Unfortunately she was my best friend?s ex-girlfriends. Alcohol however, is a cruel mistress and sometimes this mistress of mine gives me poor advice.

"I'm going to this party over at my friend?s house if you want to come!" Bella had messaged me on Facebook.

"Yeah I want to go party with you!" I typed back, tonight was the night I was going to see those beautiful double D tits! "Come pick me up?"

"Ok we're on our way :)" I always loved it when a girl uses smiley faces. Makes me feel special! Bella soon arrived at my house and called to tell me to head outside. By this point I was about 4 shots deep so I was feeling pretty outgoing. If there am one thing about drunk me that everyone knows, it is that I am ridiculous and will literally say and try anything to get what I wanted.

"Where are we going hot stuff?" I asked her as the car dipped out of my drive way.

"Oh baby! We?re going to get drunk and have a good time! Are you up for it?" she was teasing me; she knew I was a party animal back in high school.

"It?s been awhile but maybe you can show me how to get back on the part horse, didn't you use to be a cowgirl?"

"Oh yea! I'm still a great rider and cowgirl!"

"Maybe you can show me that too" I wasn't sure if she understood what I meant but she was a dirty girl so I had hope.

We arrived at her friend?s house around 8pm...there were some dorks sitting in the living room but I had seen them around and of course being the social guy that I am I said hello, then went to stand in the kitchen leaving them to watch whatever life draining movie it was. They were however, going to make seeing totties more difficult if they were going to get drunk and say inappropriate things. Just then I heard a door from the back of the house open and two girl voices talking at a thousand miles an hour begin to approach the kitchen. Ah Bella?s friend! I hope she's hot I thought to myself. I was not disappointed.

She was about 5'5 with long brown hair and hazel eye's. Big boobs, not quite double D's but around a C cup and since she was Mexican her ass left nothing to desire. It was an all you could eat buffet of sexiness!

"This is Jane!" Bella said, "Marry Jane!" the girls both laughed, I laughed along with them because I had no idea if Jane was her real name or not. I decided it didn't matter. Her pussy was real weather her name was or not.

"Hey Jane, I'm JLuck! Shall we get drunk and fuck now!?" I said with a sly smile.

"Hehe you're funny JLuck! Let?s do it!" with that the three of us proceeded to take some shots. After the four at my house I didn't give a fuck and the alchie was going down like water. For the ladies on the other hand they were sharing a coke, and ever since turning twenty one a few months back I had looked down on the use of chaser. Whatever, the drunker the better!

About 3 shots in to the night and Jane revealed herself as a very flirtation individual! Her hands were soon around my waist trying to get me to dance with her. She was very pretty and I love dancing so I agreed. As we were dancing I began to feel up and down her thighs, squeezing them at random intervals, they felt amazing between my fingers! Some rap song was on so we started to bump and grind, I pushed her head down and was in standing doggy as she wiggled her cute little ass on my dick through our jeans. Oh foreplay how I love you! Grabbing her hair I pulled her up and put her face next to mine. I kissed her neck as I moved my hand up her thigh toward her pussy. You always know you're doing it right when you can feel the temperature go up as your hand nears their crotch. It's even detectable through her cloths. This lets me know to go ahead and give her an over the jeans message. While I did this I also kissed her. She was a little wasted so it wasn't the cleanest kiss but I knew she was coherent enough that if I didn't let her drink too much more we would end up in bed together.

Just then I felt someone?s hand on my ass. It was not Jane?s because her right hand was on my neck, and her left hand was helping my left hand do its thing in her crotch. Then I felt another hand reach around and grab my dick through my pants. By this point I almost didn't care because I don't think any of the guys would be grabbing my dick but I still had to check. My suspicions were confirmed and I looked over my shoulder and saw Bella dancing along with us. I took my right hand which I wasn't using for much and reached around to grab her ass. Ok it's time to start the real party I thought.

I kissed Jane one more time, as I turned around I thought, what the hell and grabbed Bella by the back of the neck pulling her into me I kissed her as well. The dorks sitting on the couches hadn't noticed any of this; they were stupidly trying to put on their Edward 40 hands with scotch tape. Now was my chance before they began talking to me and distracting me from this awesome night.

I grabbed my two girls and told them that we should go to Jane?s room because I wanted to show them something. I realize the logic in this is flawed what could I possibly have in Jane?s room who I've never met to show them? Well the answer is my dick.

I pulled both of them who were still dancing their barley rhythmic dance by the arms into Jane?s room. I was about to see more than just totties. Once in the room I put on music while they played on the bed and talked, once I found a song I pulled them both up to dance with me again. This time though I started off kissing Bella then moved to Jane, after a few minutes I told Bella to take of her shirt, which she did, while I kissed Jane and unbuttoned her tight little pants. With my other hand I began to unbutton Bella?s pants who began to unbutton mine. My dick was growing harder by the moment and soon needed releasing from its prison. After getting my pants down I grabbed Bella by the back of her hair gently biting her neck while simultaneously fingering Jane. I nibbled on Bella?s ear moving my way around her face kissing along here forehead and her cheeks moving toward her mouth. Slipping my tongue in I finally was able to feel how soft her lips were. Just the right amount of lip balm. Moist but not too tasty, as I pulled back from the passionate kissed she looked at me and I looked her in the eyes.

"Get on your knees" she began to bite her lip and she lowed herself to her knees and pulled my boxers down with her. Jane was not watching around my arm while I still rubbed and fingered her pussy. She was extremely wet and beginning to squirm. I liked that. My dick flopped out of its holding and Bella looked at it, taking it in her hand she came up from the bottom with her tongue licking all the way to the top. Then down she went, letting the head of my cock pass through her lips and into her mouth where she played with it using her tongue to lick the head of it while in her mouth.

I looked over and kissed Jane, kissing her face all around and passionately kissing her face. Then I looked into her eyes telling her to get on her knees as well. Which she did and soon she was licking my balls while Bella bobbed on my dick. I told them to switch so that Bella was now licking my balls and Jane had my shaft in her head. Jane did this suction thing inside her mouth as if sucking on a straw which caused me to begin to thrust my hips into her face. I began thrusting harder and harder, I didn't want to stop I couldn't it felt so good. I looked down at the two cute faces looking up and me with their mouths on my dick and fell in love. Having girls suck your dick was my moon landing....

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