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I really don?t get involved in my husband?s business but have met many of his clients and occasionally run some errands for him. Patrick, his client, lived in a very exclusive neighborhood in a wonderful house on a large estate. He was obviously successful but I don?t know what he did or what the papers were that I was delivering to him.

It was a hot day so I dressed lightly in a white sundress with the idea of going shopping at the mall after I delivered the papers. Patrick met me at the door wearing a robe. He was a big burly man in his sixties, a bit of a pot belly but ruggedly handsome. He said he had been in the pool and asked me in. I hadn?t thought that I would be staying but he said he needed to read the documents and sign them right away so I could take them back to my husband?s office. We went back to the pool where he had a glass of chardonnay and offered me one as well. He read the docs as I sat back and sipped the wine. I got antsy so started walking around his yard while he read. In the sunlight, the dress became fairly transparent and I noticed Patrick take notice and start watching me walking around.

He spoke for the first time in a quite a while and apologized for being such a poor host. He walked over to me and poured me some more wine. It was becoming very hot and I drank the wine a little quicker than I should and began to feel it. He noticed that I was starting to perspire and suggested that I take advantage of the pool while he finished the reading the papers. He said he had some swim suits that would probably fit me or I could swim like he did; au natural. I realized he was probably naked under his robe. Since I felt that this was going to take longer than expected and my afternoon was blown, I took him up on his offer. He led me into the house, got 3 swim suits, all bikinis and offered them to me. The string bikini fit me best so I put it on and went out to the pool. He whistled when I walked past him and poured me some more wine but I left it on the table and went to the pool and jumped in. The water did the trick and cooled me off. I swam a bit then got out of the pool and walked back to the table where he was still reading the papers and my wine glass was waiting. The wet suit clung to my erect nipples and it made me feel so naughty.

He was sitting rather casually as he read with his legs crossed which made his robe gape open and that is when I confirmed that he didn?t have anything on underneath. For being an old fart, he looked pretty impressive although I couldn?t get a really good look at it. I sat beside him and downed my wine and asked him if he didn?t have something a little stronger. He quickly got up and made me a margarita; that was more like it. When he brought it back to the table he reached over my shoulder to put it in front of me and pushed his body against my back. He suggested that I should probably put some lotion on and offered to put it on my back. Before I could answer he moved his chair behind me, got some lotion and started rubbing it on my shoulders. It felt good and I bent forward to let him go down lower on my back as I sipped my margarita. He suggested we move over to a lounger and I could lie on my stomach. I finished the margarita and weaved a bit over to the lounger and lay down. I untied the back strap of my top and he proceeded to rub lotion over the rest of my back. He was very thorough, rubbing my sides so that he was able to feel my breasts that were bulging out a bit. He then went to my lower back and pushed up against the bikini bottom with one finger slipping under the waist band slightly. He then moved to my legs and I opened them up a little so he could get the insides of the legs as well. He started on my calves and moved up to my thighs all the way to my butt and crotch, slightly brushing my pussy through the suit?s material.

He stopped and got up. I closed my eyes and wondered what would happen next when I heard a splash in the pool. I looked over to the pool and saw him swimming with his robe lying on the deck at the deep end. I watched him swim around a bit and then watched as he walked up the steps and got out. He was completely naked. As I said, he was a big burly guy, probably 6? 2? or so, 250 pounds, hair over much of his body and his penis, though not overly thick, probably hung down six inches or so. He picked up a towel and started drying off, walking over to where I was lying. He commented on how good the water felt and asked if I needed another drink. I smiled and said sure, or perhaps slurred "sure". He threw his towel on a neighboring lounger and walked naked into the house to get me another drink. I watched his behind which wasn?t tiny and tight like I always liked but still got me excited. I got up out of the lounger and took my top completely off and walked over to the table. He came out with my new drink and again handed it over my shoulder and pushed his body against my back. This time I looked back at him as he did it and smiled. He put my drink on the table then brought his hand over to my breast and began to massage it. He lowered his head down and put his lips on mine. I opened my mouth and let him slide his tongue into my mouth. He became more aggressive, squeezing my tit more forcefully and pushing his mouth harder against mine as he held the back of my head with his other hand. His tongue tried to reach my throat and I almost gagged. It hurt a bit but it was what I wanted. I wanted to be treated rough.

He stood back up and started rubbing his cock in front of my face. I couldn?t help but stare at his manhood, which was well over 8 inches now, circumcised with a nice big head. He grabbed my head and guided it over to this gorgeous piece of meat, pushed it into my mouth. I let it slide through my lips and he pushed it all the way into my mouth until it was banging against the back of my throat. I started to gag and he pulled it out then pushed it back in until I gagged again. Back and forth he kept fucking my face with his prick, holding my head with his massive hands. He then lifted me out of my chair and quickly pulled my bottoms off. He grabbed my hand and led me into the house and over to a sofa in the living room. He sat down and told me to get between his legs. I kneeled in front of him and his cock stood straight up into the air, made it easy to my mouth on the head and start sucking. My mouth concentrated on his smooth head as my hands were jacking off the base. He began to tense up and I moved my mouth to his balls. I took one ball into my mouth and began to jerk his cock, increasing the pressure of my grip and speeding up the motion. He let out his breath as his cock started to convulse and he began to spew his cum over my hand. I slipped my hand over the tip of his penis and rubbed his cum all over it. He jerked back and pushed it away and laughed?it was too sensitive. I looked up at him and smiled then took my mouth and started at his balls and licked up the shaft until I reached the tip and put the whole thing in my mouth and sucked up all of the cum that was still on it.

I got up and sat next to him and asked him if he was going to sign the papers I brought. He laughed and said he had already signed them. I screamed at him and hit him on the chest with my fist and walked into the kitchen to get another drink. I came back into the living room. We were both still naked and I asked if he minded me hanging around the rest of the day. He got up, walked over to me and smiled, you can stay as long as you want as he patted me on the ass, but you can?t put any clothes on. I didn?t go home until the next morning.

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