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Following the back to back sessions with Sam and Angus, Tegan retired to her room to recuperate a little before dinner. Sex slave or not, it was still Brandon?s night to cook so she was going to take advantage of the reprieve. She closed her door and sprawled across her bed in the nude, cupping her damp slit gently with her left hand and probing at her tender hole with her fingertips. So far the experience of being subservient to three young horny men had been different to her expectations. In her mind she had pictured some kind of frenzied free-for-all, but so far it had been relatively civilized. Maybe she had more control over the situation than she had thought, that their intensity had been subdued by her willingness. Maybe it was the fact they didn?t have to compete that made their needs less urgent. She was happy to take her time with each of them, especially since they seemed to be so willing and able to satisfy her reciprocally.

Tegan idly massaged her clit as she reflected on her experience so far. Not unexpectedly Brandon remained the most timid yet also the one she had given the most orgasms ? most of them into her mouth as he hadn?t yet mustered up the courage to give her his virginity yet. She arched her back and pressed down on her clit with her fingers as she imagined being his first, visualizing how it might happen. She planned to take control, and imagined herself as an erotic goddess, rocking his world and giving him a night he?d never forget.

Sam had surprised her by being the most business-like and had barely spoken to her since she presented her offer, simply doing his business and leaving, like she was just a hole. She let out a soft, unexpected moan as the words ?cum dumpster? flashed through her mind and she started thinking about Angus. Angus was the biggest surprise in all of this. She knew he?d be crude and selfish but she didn?t expect him to be so intent on fucking her so thoroughly. She rolled onto her side and squeezed her legs together as she rubbed his clit in small fast circles, her rear hole clenching around the steel plug Angus had inserted into her, thinking about his fat prick stretching it open.

She rolled onto her back once more and threw her legs apart, lifting her hips off the bed and displaying herself to an invisible audience. She wanted to scream, and for everyone to know that this was her life now: slut incarnate, just a set of aching holes begging to be filled. She had never felt so needy, especially not so shortly after being so well used. It astonished her that she could have been so recently satisfied yet still so horny. Her right hand cupper her breast and she pinched her nipple, tugging it, making her tit stretch out like a tiny pyramid as she plunged her fingers into her wet hole and used her moisture to circle her swollen clit, edging closer and closer?

A knock at the door startled her and she sat bolt upright with a whimper, panting and briefly confused "W-what?! Hello?"

The door opened a crack and she heard Brandon?s voice "Uh? dinner. Dinner?s ready."

""Oh yeah. Sorry. Be right there!"

Dinner was a quiet affair. Brandon had prepared a basic pasta dish with a small salad and they ate silently in the lounge, eating off plates in their lap while they watched TV. Tegan had slipped on an oversized t-shirt and soft cotton boxer shorts for the occasion, out of habit more than modesty ? plus it wasn?t like she *had* to be naked *all* the time. Tegan didn?t really absorb anything, eating delicately and consciously aware of the fact she was in a room with three men who had all been inside her. She was flanked on the couch by Sam on her left and Angus on her right, with Brandon in a recliner on the other side of the room. There was no casual chit-chat like usual. Normally the couch was a bit cozy for three but obviously there were fewer boundaries now. The fact they had decided to sit with her made her feel like there was an unspoken competition, like winning a car by being the last one with their hand on it, only in this case the prize was her cunt.

Eventually after they had all eaten Brandon collected the plates and took them to the kitchen to clean. Pressed between the two other men Tegan couldn?t help to feel a bit sleepy, particularly in the prolonged silence. It seemed to her as if something should happen, with everyone awkwardly avoiding addressing the elephant in the room. Presumably, they wanted to have some alone time with her, but just didn?t know how to go from here to there with everyone just hanging out together. By that same token she didn?t want to get up and leave in case that made things weirder.

So, she dozed off, at least mostly. She was vaguely aware of the noises in the warm room. The TV babbling to itself with a rerun of some sitcom, the clinking of dishes and utensils in the sink from the kitchen. She was vaguely aware she was leaning on Sam and felt his rough hands gently lower her across his lap where she promptly curled up on her side, her feet draped across Angus? lap, where she fell into a deeper snooze and the background noise of the room faded away.

A short while later, she guessed, she gradually began to rouse from her little sleep, feeling someone caressing her cheek and hair. As she sleepily opened her eyes she was slightly startled, but unsurprised to find a cock in her face. Sam was stroking her temple with one hand and using the other to hold his semi-erect dick and move it from side to side, the head grazing across her cheek and lips. She didn?t need to look up at him to know what kind of expression he probably had on his face or ask for confirmation. The kind of guy who?d rub his cock on a sleeping girl?s face expects only one thing, though in the vast majority of cases he?d be less likely to get that than say, criminal charges. She shifted her legs a little to adjust her position and realized her feet were still in Angus? lap. So she had an audience for this? She doubted he was giving this anything but his full attention. Where was Brandon then? The kitchen noises were no longer present. Was he in the room, watching as well? Unlikely. She imagined Sam waited until Brandon retired from his room before pulling his stunt.

Well, no sense lying there taking offense. Almost dreamily she closed her lips over the swelling knob caressing her and begin to swirl her tongue around the tip, massaging him with her lips as he hardened more in her warm mouth. Once he grew to full hardness she shifted her position slightly and Sam began to grope her chest through her baggy t-shirt, hunting out her hard little nipples with her fingers and caressing them through the soft material. Tegan brought her hand up and closed her fingers around the base of his shaft, holding him steady as she began to move her head back and forth, a smooth flowing motion, letting her lips do most of the work as she applied a gentle suction, her pale cheeks hollowing each time she drew back towards the tip.

Meanwhile a chuckle from Angus reminded her of her existence and she squirmed her feet in his lap, feeling a distinct bulge with her toes. She assumed he was intently watching her blowing Sam though she was slightly surprised by the fact this was just a thing they were cool with. Had they discussed it while she snoozed or did Sam just pull out his cock with no warning and Angus was going along with it? She braced one foot under Angus? bulge and idly stroked the other across the top. Maybe, she thought as she started using her hand to follow her lips along Sam?s saliva-slick shaft, this was their way of testing the waters, to see if she?d be down for a three-way. What even counted as one anyway? Did this count, with one cock in her mouth and another between her feet, or did both dicks need to be inside her? She moved her mouth to the underside of Sam?s prick and looks up at him as she nibbled the fleshy frenulum area with her lips as she used her hand to stroke him. She didn?t know at this point how far this pseudo-threesome would progress. Should she be trying to finish Sam off or was this just a warmup? What did Angus plan to do? He hadn?t even bothered to take his dick out yet, apparently happy for her to clumsily rub him through his pants with her feet and ankles.

She sucked at the fleshy part again and saw Sam?s stomach muscles tense, his shaft flexing in her hand. He didn?t seem to be close to cumming yet, but that felt like a signal that he wanted to. She took him back in her mouth and closed her eyes, doubling her efforts as she jerked him with her hand a little faster, bobbing her head with vigor so that her lips were always following her hand movements, using her tongue to keep slathering her spit around him as the swollen head repeatedly bumped against her tonsils. With a grunt of approval Sam abruptly pulled up her shirt, or at least half of it as she was lying on her side, just enough to expose one of her tits and started groping it more eagerly and playing with her hard nipple. A second later Angus reached over and pulled down her shorts, which slid out from under her slim hips to expose her bottom half as he forcefully dragged the material down to her knees. She let out a muffled cry of surprise as Angus slapped her ass, then delved his fingers between her cheeks to confirm with his fingers that the steel plug he?d inserted earlier was still there.

Tegan took a moment to catch her breath, removing her mouth from Sam and using the built up saliva she stroke the head with her hand. In response he pinched her nipple and tugged on it, stretching out her small tit before releasing the nipple so it snapped back into place with a tiny jiggle. Meanwhile Angus? probing fingers found the exposed end of her buttplug and eased his fingers underneath the rim causing it to shift inside her. She could feel the bulbous end of it press against the inside of her anal sphincter as he manipulated it and let out a small groan which she muffled by taking Sam into her mouth again. She could feel Sam tensing under her and imagined he was getting close now. Angus meanwhile was slowly easing the buttplug from her and she could feel her ass protesting against the extrusion of the rounded end, much more than when it had gone in with the narrow end first. The feeling made her moan and in response Sam bucked his hips a little, driving himself deeper into the back of her throat.

As Angus twiddled the plug in her ass, repeatedly pulling it out to the widest point before letting it slip back in, Sam gripped Tegan?s hair with his fingers, holding her head down as his cock twitched and flexed down her tight throat, his legs trembling as he apparently fought to hold back his release. Tegan squirmed as she felt her need to breathe increase in urgency, struggling to get enough air through her nose. Suddenly Angus slid out from under her feet and she heard him drop his trousers behind her before gripping her by the hips and lifting her up, setting her on her knees. Sam momentarily let her head raise up enough and she gasped for air as she was repositioned but he quickly gripped her hair and pulled her head back down. Her head down, ass up, Angus lined up behind her with one foot up on the couch and the other on the floor and she felt him grip her ass, spreading her cheeks with his hands. resting the head of his cock just below the green gem nestled against her puckered star, and eased the very tip of his cock between her moist pussy lips, rutting back and forth gently to tease her needy hole but not enough to slip inside her. She began to moan, still muffled by Sam?s shaft as he gently eased her head up and down with her left hand, cupping and caressing her tiny tits and tugging at her nipples with the other.

Suddenly she let out a whimper as Angus gripped the plug and pulled it out of her, feeling cool air enter in a brief window as the crinkled starfish tried to seal shut again, only to be quickly replaced ? Angus deftly switching from teasing her vulva with his thick helmet to forcing it inside her backdoor. Having been nestled inside her for some time the lubricant used to apply it was not lubricating as well as it once did, and even with a little of her natural moisture coating the tip, his dick wasn?t going to go in easily. She heard a clank as he dropped the plug on the rug beside them and felt his thumbs dig into her cheeks, prying her little hole open as he pushed himself inside. She felt the head pop in and Angus grunted as her hole reflexively squeezed. With a steady effort he pulled himself into her and Sam pulled her head down on his cock to muffle her strained whimper of pain as his crotch nestled between her spread cheeks, signaling that he had finally hit bottom. She could feel his pulse as his dick twitched deep inside her and she moaned as her needy vagina and throbbing clit twitched in response.

Angus began to slow fuck her anus as Sam eased up his grip on her hair, guiding but not holding her as Angus gently rocked her body back and forth. Instead of trying to slide his entire length in and out of her, it felt like Angus was letting her asshole grip his shaft as he rocked it back and forth, letting his head be caressed by the velvety depths. For awhile they just stayed like that, and she grew accustomed to the feeling of having Angus moving around deep inside her, until Sam abruptly lifted her head and grunted "ok, switch".

Suddenly Angus took her by her slim waist, and holding herself tightly against him to keep his cock buried all the way in, pulled them both into a seated position with her impaled on his lap. She let out a startled cry as the movement send a fresh jolt of discomfort through her tender back door but the pain was not significant nor did it last long. Angus was reclining in the seat, his hips as far towards the edge of the couch as possible and she was lying back against his chest, so he took the opportunity to suck at her neck hard enough to leave a mark as Sam took her by the ankles and spread her legs. She moaned as he looked down at her cunt, conscious of being so "on display". Sure, he?d seen her naked and even fucked her already but suddenly she felt vulnerable. Maybe because it was dawning on her for the first time what these men were planning and how little she could do to stop it, if she had wanted to.

Sam eased himself on top of Tegan, bracing his hands against the back of the couch with a wry smirk "I?m gonna be honest Angus, now that we?re here, this feels a bit intimate."

"Shut tae fuck up and get inside tae slut." Angus snapped.

With a laugh Sam gripped his erection and slapped it against the swollen clit peeking out between her spread lips before finding her hot little hole and thrust into her in one smooth motion. Tegan felt her inner walls spread as smoothly as honey as he buried himself inside her. She moaned as he bottomed out, feeling the extra pressure of being stuffed full by Angus buried deep inside her ass. Between them they gave her no time to react. Sam immediately started plundering her wet cunt as he braced himself against the back of the couch, Angus holding her by the hips to lock her in place. Sam started with long slow strokes where she could feel him almost completely leave her before plunging back in, but quickly ramped down to short strokes where he would only withdraw a little, seemingly focused on pounding her as hard as he could. She cried out in an undulating wave of shrill moans as she was stuffed over and over, both her entrances on fire as she was stuffed more than she had ever imagined. She thought about the thin wall between the two cocks inside her and felt so fragile, clinging to Sam as he used her little body as if afraid a wrong move might result in her being torn apart. With every downward thrust her slim hips were forced back into Angus, the flared head of his swollen cock buried so deep in her ass it might as well permanently become part of her.

Just as she began to get accustomed to the steady pounding and could feel the churning in her lower belly that signified an approaching orgasm Angus grunted "switch" and she let out a disappointed groan as Sam pushed himself of her, his cock sliding out of her. All at once he pulled Tegan to her feel and she felt Angus slide out of her ass, though he kept his hands on her hips as he followed her into a standing position. Then, Sam sat down in his previous seat on the couch and pulled Tegan to him, causing her to awkwardly straddle him. From behind Angus fingered her drooling vagina and started to smear her juices on her own asshole. Her stomach tightened as she realized that she was about to experience the same rough double fucking, only with the positions reversed.

As the realization sunk in so did Sam as he took her by the hips and guided her down onto his waiting shaft. She was still loosened up and wet so he entered her easily. Immediately she felt Angus entering her asshole again, this time with almost no resistance as both Sam and Angus held her hips and waist. She whimpered, biting her lip as she got used to the angle. This way around it felt deeper, she felt more stretched by the two opposing intruders. Angus placed his hands on her shoulders, pushing her down and giving himself leverage and he began to slowly piston in and out of her. Sam gripped her hips and gave each of her rock hard nipples a gentle suck as he raised and lowered her hips on his cock at the same time. Tegan let out a desperate panting moan as she was overwhelmed, not sure whether she was feeling pleasure or pain as they steadily ramped up the speed. Soon her hips were rocking in a smooth rhythm between the two men, with each cock driving inside her at different moments. As her moans chained together into shrill gasps, she was forced to accept it was definitely pleasure, though not like any she?d felt before. Both men were openly grunting now, like rutting animals. The game was over, no more positions, no more switching, and they were determined to unload themselves inside her. It wasn?t clear if they were aiming to come as quickly as possible or hold themselves back, but they were both groaning with exertion. Tegan?s orgasm hit and she let out a cry of relieved ecstasy, but it just blended with her other moans as she was given no reprieve, her body trembling and shaking as she continued to be fucked back and forth between the two men. Maybe there was an unspoken challenge where the goal was to last as long as possible. Tegan?s pleasure bubbled over into a second orgasm and her holes quivered around the invading shafts as she whimpered, helplessly.

Finally, the end arrived. Sam grunted "ok, bring her down" and on cue Angus pulled her off him by taking her by the hips and holding himself inside her. By the time she was lowered to her knees in front of him, Sam was furiously jacking his cock in front of her face and used his free hand to pull her head closer, dipping the tip into her mouth. She momentarily registered the thought "so, that?s what my pussy tastes like" before he withdrew again and she felt the impact of his cum splattering across her parted lips at point blank range, some running down her chin, the rest entering her mouth. At the same moment she heard Angus grunt behind her and his pulsing cock buried inside her ruined asshole spilled a thick load deep into her bowels. Sam pushed her head back and aimed his cock at her brow as the second spurt burst against her pale skin and trickled between her ginger eyebrows and down the side of her nose. From behind Angus tugged on her nipples, grunting as his balls tensed up and a second load from him trickled inside her. Finally Sam pressed his cockhead against her cheek and sighed with relief as a final squirt painted her freckles. She remained on hands and knees, exhausted and feeling weak. She closed her eyes but imagined a look of boyish delight on Sam?s face as he uses his slowly wilting penis to smear his cum all over her face, painting her delicate features and finishing by slipping the tip in her mouth one last time. She gently sucked the tip clean and swallowed what little semen made it into her mouth.

Meanwhile she felt Angus? deflating cock withdraw from her body, but immediately the now cold buttplug was inserted to replace it, causing her to whimper. "No worry lass, I gave it a wipe down with an alcohol swab." That was the least of her concerns, but she didn?t voice that thought as Angus and Sam gently helped her to her feet. She was shaky, and felt like she?d run a marathon. She could feel the plug threatening to slip out of her slimy freshly fucked asshole which made her reflexively clench the muscles to hold it in, which in turn caused her to tremble and go weak at the knees to be caught by the men again. She looked from Angus to Sam, feeling the latter?s seed drying on her face. She felt humiliated, weak, and definitely in over her head. In a soft but firm voice, with as much dignity as she could muster, she said "I think I would like to go to bed now." before promptly passing out.

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