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Star Wars: The Restricted Files Part 7 - Breaking The Slave Ring Part 2
by Avatrek (

Mara Jade Skywalker and Leia Organa Solo were on a very important mission for the Jedi Order and the New Republic. They were tasked with exposing, investigating, and shutting down the illicit slave ring that had popped up on the fringes of Hutt Space. The crimes against the men, women and children of that sector of space had been so appalling, Mara and Leia had brought it upon themselves to infiltrate the criminal underworld by posing as slave girls and working their way to the top of the organization using their most appealing talents. To do this, they had enlisted the help of Talon Karrde and some of his more shadier contacts to get them to the auction aboard an unspecified space station, just inside the border of Hutt Space. Both Mara and Leia had also taken it upon themselves to dress for the part; Leia dressed herself in the gold bikini she had worn for Jabba the Hutt and Mara had dressed herself in a tight white leather bikini which helped to accentuate both women's toned curvaceous bodies. Their voyage to the space station however, had started a little differently than Leia had imagined; instead of being afforded some comfort by the slavers bringing her to the auction sale, both she and Mara had been locked away in a grimy, dungy cell. Leia and especially Mara knew what kind of underworld they were getting involved with when they had agreed to break the slave ring, but Leia was appalled at how perverted both the guard that processed them had been and how despicable the young Captain of the slaver ship was. While Mara sat locked in their tiny cell, Leia was brought before the Captain and as a show of her value to the Captain and a test to see how much she would be sold for at auction, Leia let her inner slut out and fucked the Captain like she was a horny teenager again. After a powerful orgasm of her own and a messy but tasty facial, Leia was sent packing back to her cell, where Mara waited for her. Thinking that the ordeal would be over and nothing more of consequence would happen until arriving at the space station, Mara was a little surprised to find herself being taken from the cell and led to the Captain's quarters like they had done with Leia less than an hour prior.

"What... Does this guy tryout every new slave girl?" Mara asked with bewilderment as she and her Gamorrean guard made their way across the ship towards the Captain's quarters.

"The privileges of being Captain." the guard grunted in accented basic.

"What if I refuse or I don't exactly meet expectations?" Mara asked the brute dragging her along beside him. Mara knew for certain that she would be well above par if Leia had succeeded in her tryout. Although Mara guessed that Leia could be quite the little number in bed, she knew she could pretty much out-fuck anyone.

"Then the second in command has you?" the Gamorrean guffawed as he opened Captain's door and shoved her inside.

"And who's second in command?" Mara asked, interested.

"Me!" he laughed before slamming the door and leaving Mara to thank her stars that the Captain would have his hands full with her.

"So... Round 2, I suppose." the Captain's voice sounded from behind a desk.

"More like the main course!" Mara jested, walking over to the desk to get a good look at who she knew would be ramming his cock into her tight shaved snatch. "Not bad... For a slaver!" Mara said after seeing the Captain's young, fairly handsome face for the first time.

"Slaver or not honey, you'll never have as much fun as your about to have with me!" he retorted smartly before standing up and ushering her to come closer.

Mara knew what the game was and knew what she was going to have to do in order to play the part of a slave girl. She had had more than enough experience as one in the employ of Jabba the Hutt and although her memories of dancing naked and fucking all those strangers weren't always the best, she had to admit that she had more than a few good times while playing the part of a dirty slut. Using that experience as a basis, Mara got up onto the Captain's desk and crawled towards the naked man in front of her. She could tell that he was still trying to recover from fucking Leia so instead of getting to business right away, Mara leaned forward, grabbed Chaff's semi-erect and lubricated cock and started jacking him off.

"You like that baby?" Mara asked Chaff as she jacked him off and started licking the tip of his sensitive cock. Because he had just cum only a few minutes earlier, Captain Chaff was a little sensitive and a little out of breath. The sultry Lelila had nearly completely exhausted him; something that not many had accomplished in the few short years he had been in the business of slaving.

"You're going to be one hell of a fuck, aren't you baby?" the Captain moaned as he started bucking his hips forward, forcing Mara to take more of his cock into her hot wet mouth. Mara opened her mouth and started moving it back and forth over his shaft until Chaff was fully hard again, enjoying the flavour of his slightly cum-covered cock. Mara was also delighted to say that she could taste a hint of her good friend's tasty pussy juices on the slaver Captain's cock as he rammed it into her mouth at an ever-increasing speed.

"You know I'll be" Mara replied sexily, pulling her mouth off his cock for a second to get on her back. With her head hanging over the edge of the desk, the Captain was able fuck Mara's face like it was her pussy. Brutally slamming his cock balls deep into her mouth, the Captain gloried in the choking and gagging noises coming from the slut he was throat fucking. Mara's deep-throating ability was put to a real test as she just lied there and took it like a true slut. Just as she was about to pass out from the lack of oxygen, Chaff finally pulled out of her mouth, grabbed her shoulders and twirled her around the desk so he could have a look at what she had underneath her tight leather bikini bottoms. Sliding them off and throwing them to the floor, Chaff was quite excited to see that his newest slave girl had shaven her tight twat.

"Fuck... You must be eighteen... Your body is outstanding" he said as he moved into lick her hot little pussy. "It's fucking tight too!" Chaff mumbled as his tongue found its way slowly into her tight crevice and he began eating her out.

"I bet you'll like these even more!" Mara said after a couple minutes of having her wet pussy licked. She unhooked her bra and gave Chaff with one hell of a sight. Big, round and firm as hell; Mara's tits were every bit as amazing as Leia's had been. Although Mara was in her mid-forties, the body of a well-trained Jedi Master showed none of the aging that a normal woman's body would have shown. This often worked to Mara's advantage when dealing with the more crude, dirty and horny men that she often had to deal with in her travels as a Jedi Knight in the New Republic.

"I gotta fuck those titties!" Captain Chaff moaned as he got up onto the desk and straddled Mara's chest. Placing his cock between her two supple breasts, Chaff began sliding it forwards and backwards between them.

"I thought you'd want to fuck these beauties!" Mara murmured as she tried to suck on the tip of his cock every time he moved it forward. Mara's immaculate breasts were some of her best assets and she had used them to her advantage throughout her entire life, wearing tight tops and anything that emphasized her shapely melons. If whoever she was dealing with were too obsessed with her gorgeous tits, they wouldn't be focused on what she was actually doing. But in the situation she was in at the moment, her tits were only good for one thing; fucking. Chaff continued to fuck Mara's tits for the next five minutes before the strain and need to cum started to overwhelm him. Not wanting to disappoint the red-headed little minx on her back, Chaff slowed down, got off her chest and slid off the desk. Catching his breath and regaining his lost stamina, Chaff took his time to line his throbbing cock up with Mara's wet snatch. "Finally gonna fuck me!" Mara sighed, horny to have her cunt filled with Chaff's stiff shaft.

Bracing herself for the wonderful feeling of being filled again with a big seven inch dick, Mara thought back to her last night with her husband Luke. Like the man in front of her now, sliding his cock back and forth over her slit, Luke had fucked her with no restraint only a week previously; fucking her with all his Jedi talents and making her cum nearly ten times. Nobody had ever satisfied her quite like the Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, but Mara wasn't averse to testing the waters to see if anyone could best her skilled husband. Mara knew that the man whose cock had finally begun its assault on her pussy would not match the skills of her husband but Mara was always open to learning something new.

"God help me!" Chaff moaned, nearly delirious from exhaustion already and not certain how long he could last in Mara's tight pussy. Having just fucked Lelila's unbelievably tight snatch, the Captain was sweating, breathing hard and just barely able to keep his eyes open as he forced as much of his cock into the dirty little redheaded slave girl he could. The Captain had made it his personal mission to have sex with every new slave girl he would sell into auction. It was only through this fantastic process that he could be sure what the girls were worth and what would be a fair price to part with his valuable merchandise. A good slave girl like Lelila and Mara could fetch upwards of fifty thousand credits or more spice than he could ever need. Taking on a dangerous mission of selling these two infiltrators at the auction was more than worth the possibility of getting caught red-handed and being chased down by some of his less-than-reputable business partners. Right now however, he was just trying to hang on as Mara's pussy kept sucking him in and massaging his seven inch cock like no pussy had ever done before.

"I knew I was too much for you to handle!" Mara Jade chided Captain Chaff after seeing the look of exhaustion coming over him and the sweat now dripping from his face onto her tight stomach. Mara let out a little giggle in order to shame the worn out Captain and possibly get him to find a second wind at least give her one orgasm before he passed out.

"You FUCKIN' BITCH!" the Captain shouted at Mara for laughing at his lack of endurance. Just to show the little slut that he had more than enough to please the stuck up little princess, Chaff grabbed hold of her ample breasts and began slamming his hips into hers faster and faster until even Mara Jade was screaming for dear life. Not thinking that the Captain had nearly enough stamina left to fuck her with such savageness, Mara Jade was both impressed and surprised at his ability to turn up the speed and fuck her like only Luke could. The Captain however, had nowhere near the endurance Jedi Master Luke Skywalker could muster up and although he was quickly tiring and would soon reach his sticky end, Mara could finally feel her own orgasm starting to rattle through her.

"It's about fucking time!" Mara screamed seconds before an orgasm rocked through her and her legs began to shake uncontrollably. With Captain Chaff still slamming away at her now raw pussy, Mara coated her lover's cock in her soothing juices, triggering Chaff's own orgasm only seconds later.

"FUCK... I'm cumming... Uhhhhhnnn" he shouted, pulling his cock out Mara's spasm-stricken pussy in the nick of time to spill a messy hot load of his sticky cum all over Mara's toned stomach. Chaff, although exhausted and not really thinking straight, had the foresight to pull out of Mara just in time. In the off chance that he actually knocked up the smoking hot redhead, her value on the slave market would be severely reduced. If he were to sell her and her new owner were to find out, he'd have hell to pay. A nice sticky load on her stomach was much better than filling her tight pussy with his cum; even though he knew it would have been amazing had he chosen to.

"Ummmm... That wasn't half bad Captain... We'll have to do it again some time!" Mara said before gathering up her white leather bikini and scampering off towards the door.

"I... Doubt... It... Honey..." Chaff said breathing hard and barely able to stand. "You'll be... Someone's little fuck bunny... In a few hours" he finished, falling to the ground the moment he finished his sentence, unconscious from exhaustion.

"Rookie" Mara chided before being led back out into the hall and towards her cell. With the ordeal over and both her Leia's value proven to the Captain, Mara rejoined her comrade in her cell and got some much needed sleep during the last few hours of travel towards the space station they were to be sold at as slave girls. It was there that she and Leia would discover who was behind the slave trafficking and hopefully put an end to it before they had to do any other depraved acts for even more depraved men. It was from there that Mara and Leia would have to call Karrde for help, escape everyone who stood to lose any credits and get off the station unscathed. The only problem with that however, was that neither Mara or Leia had been able to smuggle their lightsabers on board the slaver ship and it was doubtful they'd find any weapon along the way. The only advantage they would have after entering the space station for the auction would be their command over the Force and their ability to sway the thoughts, actions and events of the people around them with their Jedi mind tricks and sex appeal which were sure to be their most valuable talents in the days to come.

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