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Most of the guys in the town either worked as tree cutters in areas of the forest or in industries related to timber, be it the sawmill or transport of timber to the large city close by. As such, a close-knit group had grown up together. The only real entertainment in the town was the pub and the locals made use of it. Friday and Saturday nights were spent getting drunk and fighting. Sunday was recovery day ready for work on Monday.

Apart from the pub the town had a grocery store, milk bar, one petrol station, a church, town hall and, on weekend, a fruit and vege street stall. The women took care of the necessaries of life. One day this woman walked into town. Her clothes were old and well worn. She looked homeless but she had money and bought items and then disappeared back into the forest. This was a major talking point in a town bereft of anything interesting. The next weekend she appeared again. This time accompanied by a large dog. It wasn?t on a leash but seemed well behaved. Again, the rumours started. Who was she? Where did she come from?

Randle (Randy) Carter was a lumberjack and head of his crew. He was a big drinker and liked to throw his weight around. Most thought of him as a thug although no-one who say it out loud for fear of getting a fat lip. Basically the other guys in town, including the town policeman, just put up with his crap. That way they stayed on his good side. Definitely preferable to upsetting him and getting thumped as he could go off at the slightest thing. Randy heard about this mystery woman. He was keen to find out more. There wasn?t a single woman, and a couple of married women, that he hadn?t bonked and so a new bit of shirt intrigued him. He even bragged that he would "sort her out".

The following Saturday she again came out of the forest with the dog and fronted up to the street stall. "Hello there" Randy said. He had been waiting for her. She turned and stared at him. The dog growled and Randy stepped back. "Vicious dog you have there" Randy snapped "maybe I will report him to the police and have him put down". The woman ignored Randy "Wolf, quiet" she said and the dog sat down but continued to stare at Randy. "Wolf?" he said laughing "you call him Wolf?" Again the woman ignored him. She picked up a couple of items and paid for them. "So what is your name honey?" asked Randy "where are you from?" The woman turned and glared at Randy. "You ask a lot of questions" she said "and I don?t feel like answering them" then she called her dog and they walked back along the road and disappeared into the forest.

Randy stood there non-plussed. He wasn?t used to being ignored and spoken to in that way. "The bitch" he said out loud "I will get answers from that whore". He heard the woman who ran the stall chuckle. He turned "what?s your bloody problem" he yelled. The woman just shook her head. She knew his reputation and didn?t want to antagonise him. He turned and walked off to the pub. Several women at the food stall smiled. They loved the fact that someone had seemed to stand up to the town bully. But they realised, from experience, that he wouldn?t let it rest. He always had to have the last word.

The next Saturday Randy had a plan. If that woman came to town he would stand back, let her head back into the forest and follow her. He would find out where she lived and have him way with her. He didn?t care, rape or not, he would teach this bitch to respect him. He even told his crew what he was going to do. He loitered around near the food stall and waited. Sure enough, she appeared and walked up to the stall. Randy waited until she did her shopping and then headed off. He followed her from a distance and saw her leave the main path and head into the scrub. He followed and found that there was a second path which was obscured from the main one. It wound its way through the trees and opened up into a clearing. A small hut was situated at the end of the clearing. He hadn?t been in this part of the forest before and didn?t even know the hut existed.

Sneaking up to the hut he looked through a window. The woman was in there with her dog. He walked around to the front door and burst in. "Isn?t this cosy" he said sarcastically "just like home". "What do you want" the woman yelled. The dog heard her raised voice and growled. Randy looked at the dog "tell your mongrel to cool it or I will have it put down" he said. "Quiet" she said calmly and the dog sat staring at the intruder. "So you live here all alone" Randy said "you need a man to keep you company". "Oh, and I suppose you know someone?" she replied. "Listen bitch. Don?t get clever with me or you will regret it" he snapped.

She looked him up and down "well I guess you are right" she said, seemingly getting friendly "why not have a drink with me? I am thirsty and I should do the right thing and offer you a drink". "That?s better" said Randy "we can have a drink and then have some fun". He sat down and she poured some liquid from a wine bottle. "I don?t drink wine but I will make an exception this once" he said, mocking her. "You will like this" she said "it is sweet and will make you excited. You want to be excited don?t you?" Randy thought he had this woman charmed and it would be a matter of minutes before he showed her just how excited he could be. "Cheers" he said and downed the drink in one gulp.

It was perhaps 20 minutes later when he began to come out of a haze. "Shit, what happened?" he said "what was in that drink?" He tried to stand but couldn?t. Slowly he realised he was tied down over this bench. He then realised he was naked. "What the fuck" he screamed "untie me bitch". She stood in front of him. "You came here for sex didn?t you?" she asked "well sex is what you are going to get". She went on "and you keep calling me a bitch. But you are going to be the bitch. Now prepare yourself bitch because this is going to be a new experience for you".

Randy struggled but it was no use. The ropes held him tight and allowed no room at all to release himself. "What do mean I am the bitch" he yelled. She laughed "well you are about to find out" she said "ok Wolf, take him". Randy heard the dog growl and then felt the dog on top of him. "What the fuck" he yelled again and then screamed as the dog began to thrust at his anus. "Get him off" he yelled "get him off or I will kill you both". Then he screamed again as the dog found his anal passage and drove his cock into Randy?s arse. Humping him furiously the dog?s cock continued to grow as it was buried in Randy?s tight bum hole. "Stop, oh God stop" he wailed but the dog wasn?t about to stop. Moments later the dog forced his knot into Randy?s already stretch anal canal. "NO NO NO" Randy shouted but to no avail. He was tied to his tormentor.

"Get him off me" Randy yelled "get him off now". The woman explained what was happening "well little man, Wolf has his knot stuck in you and he will not pull out until he impregnates you. In fact he is probably cumming inside you right now". "Oh shit" yelled Randy "I am going to kill you when I get free. You are dead". Again she laughed "well go ahead. Get free" she said "I will wait". Again Randy struggled but it was no good. Finally Wolf was able to extract himself and he lay down licking his cock. "Are you still going to kill me?" she asked "you really should not have said that". Turning to her dog she said "what?s that boy? You want him again? You are so greedy. Yes I suppose you can go again". Wolf advanced on the bound man and again climbed on his back.

"What?s happening" cried out Randy. "Well my dear, Wolf is upset with your threats and he wants to have you again. Dogs have remarkable recovery powers" she said as Wold again began to thrust into Randy?s already tortured arse. "Oh God" moaned Randy and then screamed loudly as Wolf penetrated Randy?s bum hole. Again Wolf pounded furiously, enjoying his bitch. The entry was easier this time as Randy was already well lubricated from the first assault. Randy groaned and squealed as he was used as a bitch by his tormentor. Again tied to him Wolf unloaded another stream of doggy cum. Finally he withdrew and sat panting. He looked up at his mistress. "Good boy" she said "good boy".

The woman picked up a knife and began to cut the ropes holding Randy down. Then she stepped back while he struggled to his feet. Turning to her angrily he said "you are going to regret this" and took one step forward. The woman raised the knife. "Oh that won?t save you" he yelled. He heard a growl and turned. Wold stood there, his fur standing up, shoulders hunched. "One word from me and he will rip you apart" she said "Wolf, are you ready?" Randy looked back at the woman and then back to the dog. "Now be a good little bitch" the woman said "put your clothes back on and leave". Randy again looked at the dog. He realised that he was on dangerous ground.

Hurriedly putting his clothes back on he went to say something but the growling dog made him change his mind. He turned and walked to the door. "Call him off" he said loudly. She smiled. He walked outside and the dog followed him. Walking up the path the dog kept pace until he reached the main path back to the town. The dog turned and returned home. Back in the town Randy went to the pub. "So did you find her and sort her out" someone asked. "No" said Randy "she disappeared and I couldn?t see where" he said. "Couldn?t find her?" someone else asked. "No" he yelled "now shut up and get me a beer". Randy never mentioned what happened. How could he? Now, on Saturdays, he doesn?t go near the food stall. He never wants to see that woman and her dog again.

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