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She needed a ride home. Now maybe I?m a pushover and I need to be more assertive, but it?s just not in me to leave an old friend deserted in any downtown area in the middle of the night?even if downtown is a half-hour away, it?s the middle of the night, I have work in a few hours and the person I?m picking up is a manipulative, over-bearing prude of an ex-girlfriend.
"Stay there, I?ll be there as soon as I can."
I explain the situation to my girlfriend as I get out of bed and start to get dressed. She isn?t happy about it, but she knows that there is no lingering interest in my mind for Amanda. I get in the car and get on the highway.
She?s much drunker than I thought, and much thinner than I remember, though her breasts haven?t suffered, she certainly isn?t bothering to hide them anymore. The dress she is wearing is low-cut and supportive; they?re practically bursting out of her blouse. My cock twitches in spite of myself.
She stumbles towards the car from the curb and struggles momentarily before hauling herself into the backseat of my girlfriend?s Taurus. Shutting the door she falls over sideways on the seat, her dress hiking high up her thigh and her breasts barely contained by her bra.
"Thank you?..soooo much," she manages to slur.
"No problem," I say shortly, "Buckle up."
"Yeshur," she says, with a half-hearted attempt to give an ironic salute from her position lying in the back seat, legs strewn hither and thither around the passenger door. She sits up and one of her dress shoulder straps fall revealing a black lace bra. She reaches for the seat belt over her shoulder, spreading her legs as she did so. I forced myself to turn and look back through the front windshield and signal to merge back onto Fourth St., but not before I was brought to half-mast by my momentary pondering whether or not she shaves these days.
"You know you were the best boyfriend I ever had," she said as I pull out on the freeway.
Don?t care, is what I thought, "Mmm-hmm" is what I said.
"I would give anything to have you back."
"The only thing you?re ever going to get from me sweetheart is fucked in the ass," it was meant as an insult, to shut her up.
"Ok," was what she said.
From the back seat I hear her shifting around a few seconds later a pair of panties hit the rearview mirror.
"This ass?" she asks, I glance in the mirror and she has unbuckled, pulled her dress up over her ass and bent over the back seat so that I can see her asshole between her spread cheeks and the tuft of brown hair between her legs that was her pussy. And in that instant I could smell how wet and hot she was. I became rock hard.
"Sit down!" I said loudly.
She ran her hand up and down between her crack, laughing, knowing that it would only infuriate me.
"Sit down and buckle up!" I said firmly.
"Fine," she said, sighing.
She sat down and buckled up, making a show of being disappointed. But I could still smell her pussy. She had always been a wet one, and soon after she sat down I could smell her wetness as it seeped through her dress, ran down her crack and soaked her asshole. My hand instinctively pressed my crotch.
Finally we get to her apartment. She gets out and slams the door, I watch her?admittedly almost hoping for another slip of the skirt?telling myself that it?s because I want to make sure she gets inside. Ironically enough this is a reasonable worry. She stood at the door for some minutes before beginning to bend and look around the door and in the bushes along the path.
I turned off the engine, locked the doors and walked up to her.
"Do you have your keys?"
"YES!" she said vehemently.
"Where are they?"
"I don?t know!"
"Then you don?t have them, do you?"
"Fuck you," she said evenly.
I walked back to the car and looked in the back, they weren?t there. No keys on the path, along the path, next to the door, or, as far as I could see, in the bushes.
I walked back up to her, she was leaning against the door for support by now.
"Do you have a spare set?"
"Where is it?"
She leaned over, apparently to look under the mat, but stumbled. I grabbed her shoulder to prevent her from falling, but she promptly went limp.
Sighing to myself I propped her against the wall and start looking for the spare set. After searching for some time I came up empty handed. Hoping silently to myself that she has reliably found her own apartment I break a hole in a window large enough to get the latch, climb inside and open the door. Five minutes later I drop her on her bed and she wakes up, she needs to vomit again. I lead her to the bathroom and she pukes in the toilet.
She rinses her mouth and I lead her back to her bedroom. I decide to stay a few minutes to make sure she doesn?t need to puke again and start unconsciously checking for signs of a boyfriend in her room.
Looking back at the bed my cock goes rigid again. Lying on her stomach, her legs spread apart, her pussy was perfectly visible. God she was wet, she?d only been lying like that for a minute or two and already there was a wet patch growing from her crotch. There was a splotch on the ass of her dress and her crack was glistening with the wetness of her pussy.
Knowing that she was completely passed out and egged on by her challenge in the backseat of the car I sat at the edge of the bed and carefully lifted her dress to see her crotch more clearly.
I could feel a wet spot of my own in my pants when I saw how wet her pussy was. It was drenched; I could see her juices literally dripping off her clitoris and onto the bed sheet. I noticed that hadn?t shaved and it made me want even more to bury my face into her snatch. Hers was the kind of pussy that just the right amount of fuzz makes it look naughty.
Abandoning all pretense I took two fingers and slid them slowly into her pussy, glorying in the feel of her warm tightness. She moaned softly in her doze and I could feel her pushing her ass instinctively toward me. Emboldened I added a third finger and rubbed her G-spot slowly. When I felt her shudder with the pleasure I pulled my fingers out and then rammed them home. The resultant orgasm sent her cum spurting around my fingers and up my forearm, wetting the inside of her spread thighs and enlargening the damp patch of bed spread beneath her crotch.
I retracted my fingers and leaned over her, worried that she might be waking up. When I was assured that she was still out cold, I went over to the nightstand and unplugged her phone from the wall. Taking the cord I gently but firmly tied her hands together and then to the bedpost. If she was going to cheat on me with a womanizing bastard, then I was going to take what I never got out of our relationship.
I walked around the bed and grabbed her ankles pulling her legs diagonally across the bed, and stretching her arms taut against her bonds. I took off my shirt and propped her up on her knees so that her face was in the pillow, ass in the air and legs spread wide. I took a moment to drink in the sight of her tied up like this, her back arched, thighs open, pussy dripping wet and ass spread wide and vulnerable. I reveled for a moment in the ecstasy of what was to come, something denied me for so long.
I leaned forward and, starting with her crotch, took my tongue and ran it slowly and firmly from the clit up into her pussy, pausing to savor her hot, wet, taste, and then up over her taint to her asshole. There I stopped gently licking around her brown hole, enjoying the salty, sweaty scent of her ass, and enjoying the feel of her ass cheeks pressing against my face. Pulling my face up I spit on her asshole and watched it drip down to her pussy where it joined her cum and began dripping slowly from her cunt. Completely giving myself over I grabbed her ass with both hands and spread her cheeks apart, shoving my face between them and thrust my tongue as deep into her ass as it would go. I wanted to devour it, eat her asshole until there was no more. I could hear her moaning again. It seemed she was enjoying this. Fine with me. It?s time to find out what a real slut she was.
I slapped her ass hard with my right hand, hoping vaguely that it might wake her up, but mostly for the simple pleasure of hearing the sound of her ass being spanked while my tongue was inside her. I bent down further to taste her pussy again, plunging my tongue between her lips, my nose between her ass-cheeks, the smell of her asshole mixed with my saliva making me hungrier. I buried my face into her crotch, giving myself to the sweaty, salty, heavy taste of her pussy and the smell of saliva on her crack.
She was moaning heavier now and I felt her hips bobbing against my face, fucking my tongue with her pussy. Pulling back I watched her ass straining backwards, yearning to orgasm again. Her pussy was now flowing freely with her cum and my spit, her entire crack shining with wetness. I spit again on her ass and watched it slide faster now over her asshole, onto her pussy, and then onto the sheet. I put my hand under her crotch and caught some of her warm cum on my hand, wetting it. I then stood and smacked her ass. Hard. I heard her moan a little. I spanked her again. She gasped.
I wanted deeply to take my pants off and shove my cock inside her, but I decided that was to wait until she woke up, and in the meantime I would enjoy her body as she enjoyed her lover?s. I left her there on the bed and went to the kitchen, cock rock hard.
Searching aimlessly through the kitchen I found an empty beer bottle. I returned to the room and searched her drawers for some lube. What I found was fairly astonishing: in the bed stand were three dildos, a strap on, what looked like a half-gallon of oil and an anal plug with a horse tail. I looked from her to the dildos and back again. She was REALLY holding back with me. I grabbed the oil and shut the drawer.
First I lubed her ass inside and out--damn her asshole was tight--my cock pulsed at the thought of brutally fucking her lovely pink hole. I then thoroughly covered the beer bottle, neck to base, in oil. I spent several seconds just rubbing her brown spot with the bottle?s mouth and then began to push it farther and farther in. Soon the entire neck was in her ass. She was now breathing heavily, I began to fuck her harder with the bottle . I spanked her and she gasped. I shoved the bottle up her shit-hole hard, as far as it would go and her cunt spasmed, sending come spraying over my lap. Her head lifted off the pillow and she groaned in pleasure. She was definitely awake now
Turning around she looked at me then at the bottle buried in her ass. I smiled.
She was still drunk so it took her a moment to process who I was, what I was doing and that she was half naked, with a beer bottle shoved up her ass. But given all that she still seemed a little hesitant, I suspected that she?d been up to much dirtier shenanigans since I dumped her.
Finally she seemed to snap out of it. She tried to close her legs and sit up, managing to say, very slowly, almost as if she were bored, "What d?you think yer doing, maaan?"
God she was drunk. I grabbed her by the knees to prevent her from closing her legs. She pulled in vain against the telephone cord that tethered her bound wrists to the bedpost.
"What the fuck, Robby!" she said, more earnestly now.
"You?ve been a naughty girl, haven?t you, Amanda?" I said.
"What?you think?"
I grabbed her by the hair and wrenched her head back wards and at the same time reached up her dress and squeezed her left breast hard beneath her bra to emphasize my point.
"I?m going to have my way with you, Amanda," I said looking straight into her now watering eyes, "And from what I?ve seen in your drawer I think you?re going to like it in spite of yourself."
She shook her head at this, "No, Robby?don?t."
"You see," I said, releasing her hair and tit, and moving behind her more, "I have this feeling that you weren?t entirely truthful during our relationship."
I stood up to look around for the oil and noticed the bottle had come out of her ass. She must have pushed it out. The oil was on the floor next to the bed, I leaned down to pick it up and caught sight of something under the bed. Reaching under the bed I pulled out a long string of large anal beads.
"You have been a naughty girl haven?t you?"
"What?" she said tiredly, pulling again at her bonds. I waved the beads in front of her face.
"Naughty, I said."
"Those?.aren?t mine."
"Mm-hmm," I said and returned to her ass, oil in hand. "You lied to me, holding back your naughtiness while we were having sex, didn't you?"
She shook her head violently.
"I don?t believe you," I said and squirted some oil on her asshole, spreading it with my fingers.
"No! Don?t!" she said loudly trying to pull away again, I held her firmly.
"I will have the truth one way or another, Mandy darling."
"I don?t know what you?re talking about!" she said angrily.
I pushed two fingers into her ass, "The fact that you?re a dirty little whore," I noticed that she was trying to hide the shuddering pleasure she received from my fingers being shoved up her behind.
"Maybe I should prove it to you."
I took up the rope of anal beads and covered them thoroughly in oil. She saw what I was doing and tried to turn on her side, I calmly forced her to roll back over onto her stomach and used her bathrobes? belts to hold her legs apart, tying her left foot to the head board and her right knee to the frame.
"ROB DON?T!" she exclaimed.
"Well," I said, "we can?t have any of that," and taking my shirt from the floor, I tied it around her head, gagging her. "No use trying to deny it, Amanda. I know the kind of things you?re into. You should have seen the way you came with that bottle in your ass while you slept. I?ve never seen you so wet. It?s time you fessed up."
I took the first bead and slid it easily into Amanda?s asshole, watching her flesh swallow it up. I lied down on my side over her back, face to face with her spread open crack. I pushed another bead inside her I heard her cry out into my t-shirt. Each bead was really a golfball and each was larger than the next, the last was the size of a billiard. I inserted a third and a fourth in, her pleas growing evermore desperate, her pussy growing wet again.
"You see," I said, rubbing her pussy, making her body tremble, "like it or not, your body wants to be abused. You?re body is a filthy slut."
I stood and lifted her ass off the bed so that she was bent over, her arms stretched out again. I took the fourth ball in my hand and pressed against her rosy little hole. I could feel her resisting, I pressed harder. She shook her head, I slapped her ass and wrapped my arm around her thighs and shoved the ball up her ass. She screamed into the gag.
She was panting pulling at the telephone cord again, her ass shook back and forth in frustration, and I knew that the needs of her body were taking over the desires of her mind. I reached forward and untied her gag. She did not cry out.
"What are you Amanda?"
She looked back at me, tears of pain in her eyes not saying anything.
I pressed my rigid cock against the final bead hanging from her ass.
"Oh god," she said breathlessly, "I?m a filthy little whore."
"And what do you want?"
"I want you to use me."
"Use you?"
"I want you to fuck my ass and my mouth. I want you to eat my cunt and my asshole. I want you to cum all over my tits and mouth, I want you to use me to pleasure yourself. I want to be your fuck slave, your little wh?"
While she was talking I unzipped my pants and pulled out my rock hard cock, and as she spoke I forced the last ball into her ass and shoved my cock in her pussy. Her words were cut short as her orgasm exploded through her body, I could feel her juices splash against my crotch and all over her backside. They were running down her thighs and I could feel them flowing over my balls and into my own crack. Her body was trembling. I slowly pulled my cock out of her snatch until only the head was still inside her, I grabbed the back of her dress and forcefully pulled her body against mine as I rammed t inside her again. I started to fuck her like that, over and over again, pulling slowly out and then thrusting back in.
"Oh god yes, fuck me Rob, FUCK ME!"
"That?s right slut. Take that big cock in your pussy. You like being fucked when your with toys up your ass?"
"What are you Amanda?"
Every time I slammed into her pussy she would cum. Over and over again her cum squirt from her crotch and all over my balls and her ass. She was soaking the bed, the hot smell was driving me wild. I fucked her faster and faster, making her cum more and more until I could feel myself getting close.
When I could hold on no more, I threw her over on her side, and pinned her down against the ropes holding her to the bed.
"Open your mouth," I commanded.
She obeyed and I slid my cock down her throat, fucking her face. I could hear my wet balls slapping against her chin as she sucked her own cum off my thick shaft.
Pulling my cock out of her mouth I said, "Beg me for my cum."
"Oh god PLEASE! Give me your cum! Please I need your cum! I want to taste it!"
And with that I exploded all over that pretty little face of hers. She licked her lips greedily and I allowed her to suck the rest out of my cock before releasing her hands so that she could wipe the cum off her cheeks and neck and lick it from her fingers.
"You are to completely clean up after yourself," I said, standing, when she had finished, and indicating my crotch. She obeyed, using her tongue she cleaned my thighs, my shaft, my balls and my ass of all her cum.
I was interrupted by the sound of a cell phone jingle. Looking at her curiously and seeing her surprise and guilt as if she were hiding something, I walked over to where her purse was hanging and pulled out her phone.
The text message read, "Mistress, I would just like to please confirm our appointment for tonight."
I looked at Amanda sitting on the floor, hair disheveled, wrists red from her bonds, eyes thoroughly shamed by her base desires, and smiled.
I sent, "Of course, what time will you be here?"

Part two in progress

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