08 September 2012 Cristina & Kalle
About us - how it started

Everything started in June 2007 at Cristina's work, Europcar, Kloten, Switzerland. Kalle was a client. We saw each other very quickly on the 5th (Kalle picking up a car) and then very quickly on the 7th (Kalle returning the car). Cristina called Kalle later that afternoon to apologise for letting Kalle wait by the counter when Cristina was busy with the fax machine. This is how to do the "Customer Care". Innocent We agreed on having a "coffee" on the 19th of June (1st date!). But before flying back home to Sweden, Kalle wanted to have a second (or actually a third) look at the woman that had called him so he went to check out Cristina very quickly on the 8th, at work of course.

Little did we know then that we would get a beautiful son 2,5 years later and get married 5 years later. Europcar's slogan is "You rent much more than a car". They don't know how right they are...

After the first date everything went quickly. A trip to Portugal in August and Kalle was introduced to the whole Portuguese family and the Portuguese club life. Here is a picture of the most beautiful couple that evening... Cool

First trip, Portugal

In September, we decided to go on a luxurious weekend in Montreux, a 5 star hotel booked and with a rented Mercedes SLK. Leaving Zürich with the cab down, perfect feeling, left arm hanging on the door, sun glasses on and the wind in the hair. Very nice! 10 mins later it starts raining. Cab up! Not so nice, but still very OK. After 1 hour driving; "What's that flop-flop sound?".  Great, flat tyre on rear right! Not so very OK anymore. But Kalle thought positively, this is a chance to show some masculinity and change a tyre. "But where the -piip- is the spare wheel?" No spare wheel, just some useless foam and a pump to attach to the 12V socket that was nowhere to be found. Half an hour later the socket was found, astonishingly well hidden under the dash board. Do we need to mention that the foam didn't work...? But we kept the spirit up...

Flat tyre, still good spirit
In the end we got another car, reached our destination and had a very nice weekend! And since then, as Cristina says, we're like Chip and Dale, always together, making a nut house!