08 September 2012 Cristina & Kalle
Wedding Reception

After the Wedding Service we'll gather at the Ulriksdals Wärdshus on the second floor for dinner and dancing and singing and eternity to follow.

A short walk, approximately 400 m, from the Chapel will induce thirst and boost the appetite. Champagne will be served before dinner and the dinner will be consumed after the champagne. However, the champagne consumption is of course not restricted to before dinner.

Toastmasters will be the excellent and dynamic duo Ulf Jonsson and Anders Persson. If you want to make a speech, propose a toast, sing a song, make a gymnastic exhibition or any other expression of your happiness during the dinner, please contact Ulf or Anders preferably a couple of days before the wedding day and they will organise your place on stage. Ulf and Anders are reached by telephone or e-mail.


  • +46701739540
  • n.ulf.a.jonsson@gmail.com


  • +46733675495
  • anders741@spray.se

After the three course dinner we will cut the cake. All the calories from dinner and cake need to be danced away. Dance floor is open from approximately 22.00h until 02.00h. One thing is for sure, we want to paaarty!