08 September 2012 Cristina & Kalle
How to get there

How to get to Stockholm from abroad

If you travel to Stockholm by plane you have three airports to choose from:

  • Arlanda Airport

Most of the major airlines fly to Arlanda. Transfer from Arlanda to the Central Station by either train Arlanda Express (20 mins, 260 SEK/pers), by bus Flygbussarna (40 mins, 99 SEK/pers), or by taxi (30 mins, fix price ca 490 SEK depending on taxi company, recommended taxi companies are e.g. Taxi Stockholm, Taxi Kurir, Taxi 020 or Airport Cab)

  • Bromma Airport

Primarily a domestic airport closer to the city, but e.g. Brussels Airlines fly to Bromma. Transfer from Bromma to the Central Station by bus Flygbussarna (20 mins, 79 SEK) or by taxi (15 mins, ca 250-300 SEK)

  • Skavsta Airport

This is the Ryanair airport and, as with most of the Ryanair airports, further away from to the city. Transfer from Skavsta Airport to the Central Station by bus Flygbussarna  (80 mins, 149 SEK)


How to get to Ulriksdals Slottskapell

You basically have two options. The easiest way is by taxi. Just tell the driver “Ulriksdals Slottskapell” and he’ll take you there, hopefully. From the Central Station it’s about 15 minutes’ drive and will probably cost around 250 SEK.

If you prefer spending the taxi money in the bar after the dinner you can try the excellent (?) public transport. From the Central Station you take the red metro line at 15.38h, direction Mörby Centrum, to Bergshamra. You arrive in Bergshamra at 15.50h. In Bergshamra you change to the bus 503 at 15.55h, direction Ulriksdals Wärdshus, and arrive Ulriksdals Wärdshus at 16.00h.

(N.B. Please consult www.sl.se for updates on time tables. By the time we write this the time table for September is not available)