02 Juni 2012 Josefin & Grant

Welcome to our wedding webbsite. It is in english (förlåt till er som är svenskar, men är säker på att ni förstår allt i alla fall!) and you should find all the important information and updates regarding our big day here! Make sure you check back here regularly for new updates!

There will be food on the day, so when you RSVP let us know if you've got any food preferences/allergies. 

To anyone who wants to hold a speach, sing a song, do a dance or god knows what else during dinner ; ) don't forget to e-mail or call the toast couple so they can plan the evening!

Also a little reminder for everyone to buy your bus tickets to Jönköping, you can find the webbsites to do that under travel info! If you need any help, let us know.  

We love kids but on our special day we wish for adults only.