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How to Make A Memory with My Wedding Dress

The wedding dress of a bride is usually the most expensive item of your attire. But after the big day, what to do with the dress? Some women choose to sell it, while others may choose to save it and preserve it for future generation. Still others choose to wear the dress material to make precious memories that can be used daily or saved to enjoy the future.

Wash your wedding dress after the big day. If it is properly cleaned and packaged, the tissue that is not used in his memory can be saved for generations. Wash the stains, as needed, with recommended products for your fabric. Many dresses can be washed by machine, but others may require professional cleaning.

Decide what you like to do with the material of your wedding dress. Some common ideas for souvenirs with wedding dress are bedspreads, tablecloths, photo frames and even other garments. Because of the large amount of material used in a wedding dress, it can be cut to make a variety of different projects. For example, you can cut squares of fabric and use them as a detail in appreciation of handmade cards for your guests.

Cut small pieces dress to use as larger memories parts. If you do not support the idea of using the whole dress to her memory, cut small pieces of excess material. For example, if your dress has a tulle skirt, you will not miss a small square on the bottom part which can be used as part of a collage about marriage or as background to a page of a scrapbook

Customize your memory, adding information about your wedding day. If you memories as cushions, Christmas ornaments, tea towels and handkerchiefs can highlight what makes these special items with embroidery. Embroider your name and your husband and the wedding date on the item. Every time they are used, you will remember your wedding day.