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"Oof." He said through their voice chat. "Are there any more around here?" Himawari had talked him into getting Dark Souls, after the initial learning curve and who knew how many deaths, he was starting to get the hang of it. It really helped that Himawari had built a new character to go through the game with him. On her suggestion, he had started with Cleric, and in the process of playing the game he had picked up a sword that he liked."No, not here." She replied, using the point gesture to show where they needed to go. "But over there's a whole bunch more over there, and then we got a big boss fight""Great..." Matthew said, checking his healing supply. He was out of spells and didn't have a huge amount of estus flasks left and he wasn't exactly comfortable with his chances"Don't worry Matthew, this one's not too bad." Himawari reassured as they traversed the area. "Just remember to roll, and don't get too cocky." She continued, occasionally breaking when they dealt with some enemies. If they were talking face to face, she would probably have her arm on him, soothing him the way only she knew how. After a few moments of clearing out the minions, they soon approached that familiar wall of fog, blocking them from progressing any further. Matthew first made sure he had full health, took a deep breath, and traversed through the fog.Right away, he caught sight of the creature. The text at the bottom called it a "Bell Gargoyle", and he could definitely see why. It was a large, grotesque figure, hunched over with stony brown skin occasionally highlighted with greenstone armor and big frayed wings. In its arms it carried a large halberd, and a circular shield, of similar green shade to the armored bits Himawari entered into the arena right behind him. Immediately, she ran forward to engage the beast in melee, managing to tag it with a good swipe of her greatsword. While it did leap into the air, it quickly came back down to strike at Himawari's character, luckily she was able to evade the attack without much hassle. Since it was distracted by Himawari, Matthew wasted no opportunity to attack. Running forward, he slashed quickly once he got into range, swiftly taking out a big chunk of the boss' health. It did turn its attention to Matthew, but somehow he was able to evade most of the attacks, only taking a small amount of damage thanks to his armor. Their combined assault was rapidly whittling down its HP, and for a moment Matthew thought they had this in the bag, that is until the second gargoyle entered the fray. Well, no one ever said this game was easy.

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