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I remember I looked your way,
But turned away when you looked back.
I had no clue of what really happened
But a few weeks filled with work,
Turned out too be more than we both could imagine

None of us knew what happened those weeks
Not until your heart was broken
I went too your side, was there for you
And before we both knew,
There was no more you and me, it was us.

I remember I was scared of what would happen.
But you saw I was scared, you saw my fear.
You took it slow, you took care of me.
You didn?t push me, you gave me time.
I was more thankful than I ever told you.

I wanted the words too mean it
I wanted the words too be true
And I remember you face the first time I said it.
A joy in your eyes sparkling with light
For those three words you had been saying for months

You was there for me when I needed it most
You was there for me when my heart cried
You were there too comfort when my hope was gone
You were there too bring light in my life when all was dark

We have had our fights, we have gotten past them
We have had our secrets, but they have been told
We have memories that haunt us, but we face them together
We have our dreams, now they have grown together

A little word from you makes me happy
A smile from you makes me happy for hours
A hug from you makes me happy for days
A kiss from you fills my life with such joy
That makes me want to have more and more

Please don?t make it stop
I love you

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