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He chose to do it at a holiday house an hours drive away.

When I arrived we had a few beers on the patio. He was a bit jealous and overbearing. He tried to be rude and aggressive but I just ignored it. I was friends with Cheryl and wanted to fuck her hot sexy bikini babe body.

When the drinks kicked in, he asked Cheryl "So do you want to fuck this guy and me"

Cheryl held up her glass and said "sure do.... lots" and gave us both a big bright smile.

We moved inside to the lounge. Cheryl has a sexy slim fit athletic bikini babe body, with great legs and a hot sexy butt to die for. She wore a tiny short denim skirt and a little white tank top. I started kissing her and felt him push in behind her, then undo her dress. He pulled her dress and g-string down, while I got her top and bikini top off. Her nipples were very hard.

He sat down and made Cheryl suck his cock. Her sexy slim ass was in the air so I rubbed my fingers all over it, feeling how firm her ass was.
I rubbed my finger over her pussy slit. She was super wet and Cheryl?s clit was hard.

He pulled his cock out of her mouth and turned her around. He pushed his cock into her doggy style and I felt her hot sexy mouth touch the head of my cock for the first time. As he fucked her she slowly descended on my cock, sucking me gently like a special treat. Her mouth was really hot and wet, it looked fabulous watching her sexy blonde hair moving down on my cock.

She was mouthing "Love your big fat cock" while sucking me.

He wanted to fuck her on the bed, so he dragged her into the bedroom, threw her on the bed and forced his cock into her. He came in about 30 seconds and pulled his cock out and shot cum over her tummy. He got up and left the room, then turned on the shower.

I kissed Cheryl and rubbed my fingers in her freshly fucked pussy.

I whispered in her ear "Wish he'd cum in you, then I could fuck your wet pussy sloppy seconds"

She sighed and pushed her pussy into my hand, while she kissed me passionately. I got my fingers on her tummy and scooped up the fresh cum, then shoved my fingers into her pussy, shoving his cum into her pussy.

She said "He will hate you for that"

I replied "I don?t care" and slid my hard cock into her very wet pussy. Cheryl?s pussy was tight and pulsed squeezing me hard as I forced my big cock into her.

She grabbed my butt puling me into her and fucked me hard.

Cheryl said "I love your big fat cock,,, oh fuck me, fuck my sloppy seconds cunt".

As soon as we both heard the shower turn off we stopped fucking. I quickly pulled out and Cheryl dived for my cock, sucking her cunt juice and his cum off me. I wiped my cock dry on a towel and we both went out into the lounge naked.

Her boyfriend came in looking suspicious and said "Did you fuck her?"

I replied "I wanted to but Cheryl said to wait till you were back"

He said "That?s right,,, fuck her now"

I started to kiss her and she kissed me back hard enjoying my body and kiss.

He said "Stop that bullshit, just fuck her, get on top of him Cheryl"

I sat on the couch and Cheryl sat down on me saying quietly "Sorry, He's being a prick"

I said nothing and pushed my cock up to her wet pussy.

She squeezed down on my cock and kissed my neck and cheeks. I grabbed her hips and pulled her down as I shoved my hard cock up into her wet pussy. I could feel her pussy pulsing with pleasure. I was kissing her lips, neck and ears.

I whispered in her ear "Sloppy seconds" Cheryl?s whole body pulsed and she fucked me hard. I whispered "Sloppy seconds sloppy cunt". She pressed her hard clit down on my cock then started shaking uncontrollably and sang out a silent huge cum.

Her cunt was pulsing and squeezing my cock. She lent down and whispered in my ear "Cum in me, shoot your cum in my sloppy seconds cunt. Pump your cum in me with that fabulous big cock of yours"

Being a gentleman I did exactly as she asked , pumping a huge load in her sloppy seconds pussy. She felt me squirting cum in her and pulsed out another big orgasm.

He saw her enjoying it and said "Cheryl you are a fucking slut, you love that big cock"

We both laughed, because even though she did like my big cock, she was more turned on because of the sloppy seconds cum in her and he didn?t even know.

He got sick of waiting and pulled her off me. He pushed her down on the couch and started sucking her pussy lips and licking her clit. Cheryl rolled her eyes at me and mouthed the words "Sloppy Seconds, He's licking his cum"

I just nodded and smiled.

He said "Jesus you must leak a lot of pre-cum, or is Cheryl leaking lots of pussy juice because she?s such a slut"

When Cheryl did not get very turned on from his oral he said "She must want both cocks"

I asked Cheryl "Is that what you want"

She looked a little shy and said "It doesn?t matter"

I asked her "Hey just say what you want, if you want something I'm happy to give it to you sexy"

Cheryl said "Well I did enjoy being on top of you, and I would like to try two cocks in me, but can you try and make me squirt"

He said "She cant squirt, ive tried to make her lots of times"

I said "I?ll give it one try"

I pushed 3 fingers into Cheryl?s tight wet cum filled pussy and stroked her G-Spot. She erupted squirt straight away. Her squirt blasted all over the concrete floor. She collapsed against me, holding on tight as I stroked her G-Spot making her squirt even more.

Her boyfriend shook his head in disbelief then made me sit back down on the couch, and he made Cheryl sit down on my cock. She had got dryer and tighter while he licked her and from the d=squirtuing. I really had to force my cock into her tight pussy. I whispered in her ear "Fuck me gorgeous, push that sweet cum wet pussy onto my cock"

She groaned and her pussy went wet as she pushed hard down on my big cock. Her boyfriend was standing behind her rubbing lube on his modest cock. He knelt on the edge of the couch and was rubbing his cock head around her ass. He said "She's too tight for two cocks in her pussy"

I said "I?m up for it, would you like that Cheryl"

She said "Yes please, I'll give it a go"

He said "No way, she's too tight I said. She wants it in the ass too, don't you Cheryl. You want your ass fucked by me. He can?t do it, he's too big and will stretch you and it won?t be any good for me."

He kept trying to push his cock into her ass, but just couldn?t seem to manage it.

After quite a few minutes he said "Fuck I've gone soft. Cheryl suck me back to hard"

He sat down on the couch and pulled Cheryl over to him. He pushed her head down onto his now hard cock and she happily opened her sexy mouth and sucked his cock in. Cheryl was getting into sucking his cock now and was bobbing her head up and down.

He said to me "Fuck her. Get your cock in her pussy. She'll love that"

Cheryl?s slim sexy bikini body looked so good bent over him, I had no resistance. I got on my knees behind her and stroked my rock hard cock to get it even harder. I slid my cock between her sexy butt cheeks and slid up and down looking for her pussy lips. There was so much lube and pussy juice down there it was very slippery. I felt a soft area and thought it was her pussy. I started to push the big fat head of my cock in.

Cheryl tilted her hips down allowing my cock head to find her tiny pink anus,

Like before she was very tight. She was pushing back onto my big fat cock. Cheryl kept lifting her hips up and down helping to force my cock into her. Her pussy was so tight and sweet, even though there was lube my cock wasn?t pushing in easily. She kept her hips down forcing my cock into her ass.

I kept pushing and could feel the inches of hard cock slowly force into her.

Suddenly my cock head popped into her. I could feel the hard muscle holding my cock on the shaft. I suddenly realised I must be in her ass. Her boyfriend had said I wasn't allowed to fuck her ass. What do I do now was my first thought.

Cheryl was obviously loving my cock in her ass. You cant change from ass back to pussy, its not hygienic. I didn?t want to tell him I?d been in her ass and I didn?t want the fucking to stop. I decided to take the risk and keep fucking her sweet ass. She was sucking his cock really deep and pushing back onto my cock, forcing it deeper and deeper into her sweet ass.

She was panting and really getting into sucking his cock. Cheryl was moaning and her ass was clamping and spasming on my cock. She must have been doing it too well as he started to gasp and growl, then held her head. I fucked her really hard slamming my hard cock into her sweet ass , then wrenching it back out to fuck her hard again.

Suddenly Cheryl?s ass was spasming around my cock. I could see her back muscles convulsing as well. She was cuming hard on my cock, while sucking his small cock. We were spit roasting this sexy girl and we were all loving it.

I kept fucking her lovely ass as she came and as she clamped down really hard on my cock, I lost control and pumped a really big load of cum into her sweet bikini babe ass.

We all started to settle down and start breathing normally. Cheryl was busy spitting his cum out of her mouth onto his tummy. I eased my still hard cock out of her ass, being careful not to hurt her or let him know where my cock had been.

He said to me "did you cum"

I replied "Nah, nearly got there, need to go take a piss"

He said "Good, cause I?m not licking her pussy if you cum in it"

I got up and walked to the bathroom and grabbed some wet wipes and went into the toilet. I cleaned up and had a pee and then walked back into the lounge.

He wasn't there but Cheryl was. I leaned in and pashed her. She pashed me back. Her mouth tasted of sex but I didn?t care. She was just so sexy.

I asked "How was that gorgeous?"

She replied "It was fucking fabulous, except he came in my mouth. I hate his cum, yours would be nice"

I smiled and said "You were loving it at the time. Are you OK, not hurt?"

She said "I?m fine"

I kissed her again and then he came back into the room then so we didn?t get to talk privately anymore.

He was a bit funny after that, so I left a little while later and drove home.

A couple of days later Cheryl sent me a text. We were chatting on the text about the threesome and the fun bits.

Cheryl texted "At the end, did you know where you were? Where you were fucking me?"

I was worried it might be her boyfriend with her phone so I texted back "Maybe we should talk about this face to face"

Cheryl replied "Don?t worry, that?s all the answer I need.

I know you know where your cock was. I loved it"

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