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I could see drop of coffee all over my body.It glistened in on my breasts all the way till my ankles.My light coloured panty was brown and soaked.I forget to lock the door.When Olivia pushed tried to knock the door,it opened.She was standing near the door with a towel in her hand and apologised for opening the door accidently.I told her that it was ok.And asked her to come in.As she walked towards me,i could see her looking at my body.Every inch of it with adoration and yearning in her eyes.She laid the towel on the sink counter and walked away from me.Then she turned around and walked back towards me with hesitation.I could see that she was trembling a little.She stood in front of me and looked at me.I didnt know what to do and just stood there in my coffee soaked bra and panty.I suddenly jumped in shock when she touched my neck.Though a little ashamed,Olivia touched my neck again and drew closer.Then ran her finger all over my neck and then my chest.I just stood there...Then she put her arm around me and pulled me down gently and kissed me. After a few seconds she let go and looked at me expectantly.Her eyes wanting me and hoping that i would give myself to her.I kissed her back.We kissed deeply.After about a minute i let go.She put her arms arounds my waist and pulled me closer.I looked at her with a little concern and asked her, "Are u sure Olivia?" She kissed my neck and said, "Yes.I want you Julia." She looked into my eyes waiting for me to decide.As she did, she slid her thumbs inside my panty and ran them near the elastic.I could feel her thumbs brushing against my butt.I looked at her and smiled.She slowly pushed me towards the counter and made me sit on it.

It made me realised that she liked to be in control.I liked being controlled.As i sat on the counter,she stood in between my outstretched legs.Our eyes and lips finally at the same level.Her hands warm and i could feel them caressing my stomach.Then she kissed my neck and started going down.When she reached my cleavage, she pulled down my bra a little and kissed me in between my breasts.Her wet lips felt like heaven.Then she started licking the coffee droplets on my breasts and finally undid my bra.She kissed my breasts.My nipple.And then sucked.I let out a loud moan as it was a little hard.She continued to suck,kiss and gently bite my breasts.All i could do was be still and be enjoyed.Then she got on her knees and licked my leg and i played with her hair.She traced the trickle of coffee from my ankle upwards.When reached my inner thigh, she sucked and then bit. I shrieked and she stopped.She knew what i liked!!! I loved it when women bit my thighs!!! I then pulled her head between my legs and she continued to bite and suck my thighs.Finally,she kissed my pussy over my wet panty.And began sucking over my panty.It was hard but gentle.The she got up and pulled my panty down.She held my hand and guided me to her spare bedroom.She made me lie down and made me watch her undressing.I tried to lend a hand but she gently pushed me back and said "Enjoy the show. " She got in between my legs and we kissed.She held my hands apart and kissed my breasts as she slowled rubbed her pussy against mine.She went down.And finally put her finger inside.Those fingers were working inside me like a little orgasm machines.While she did this,she liked and sucked my clits.I came hard and she licked it.She gave me a few moments and then got back to work. She spread my legs and held my thighs and started eating me. I held her hair and pulled it everytime i shuddered.

I was so mad that i pushed her mouth hard against my pussy.Every now and then she would spank my thighs. It stirred my pelvic area like electricity.When i told her that i was going to cum she stopped. She made me get on my knees and made me lean my breasts pillows.She kissed my nape and worked her way down my back.When she reached my ass,she again bit.This time i screamed!!! Then she spanked my ass.First gently and then a little harder.She licked my cheeks and kissed my hole. She gently spat inside hole and slid her finger inside.It hurt!!! But slowly loosened me up and kept fingering me at a steady pace while she continued to mouth my pussy and finger it with her other hand. It was so good that i began crying and my moans beame shrieks.Harder and faster her hands and moth worked especially inside my pussy.I was building up on a big and intense orgasm.Finally, i came so hard that i screamed loudly and poured on her face heavily.He spanked me my ass hardly one last time and made me lie on my back.She licked my juices flowing down my thighs and licked my pussy clean.Slowly she lay between my legs and kissed me.I licked my cum of her face and kissed her again deeply.She lay in between my legs and rested her head on my chest.Then she raised her head and gave a naughty smile and i gave her a shy smile.I was hers from now on.She winked at me and said "I wonder what u have in store for me tomorrow." She kissed me again pulled a a sheet over us.She lay on me.Her tiny yet controlling body on top of mine.Our sweats mingling together... Her head on my breasts,her stomach against mind and her waist between my legs.. As she slept on me i slowly fell asleep with my insides still tingling... Hoping tomorrow would come soon..


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