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We have had our ups and our downs like any married couple but it has lasted through the test of time. After thirty-nine wonderful years of marriage, my wife is still a very attractive fifty-seven-year-old woman. Yes I married her at the ripe old age of eighteen while she was still in high school. No, we did not HAVE TO get married. We were just in love. I was twenty-two years old at the time, a college graduate, and I had a great job. We were married the summer of nineteen hundred and sixty-nine and ever since then I have enjoyed the number sixty-nine very much.

Our neighbor Debbie is sixty-eight years old and lost her second husband several years ago. She is short, plump, and not overly attractive. Over the years I have helped her mow her lawn, taken her to the grocery store, and have been allowed some sexual free feels.

Those free feels quickly became full scale sexual groping even in front of my wife. It actually started out by my wife and I taking her to a few nudist parks with us, nude sunbathing in our enclosed backyard, and then to the sexual feels and grabs. Somewhere along the way I would hold her breasts, feel of her pussy, and take nude pictures of her too. Eventually it led to us having sex together with my wife?s knowledge. My wife was getting plenty of sex and she didn?t mind sharing me with Debbie at all.

On many occasions I would reach up under her blouse to feel of her 44-C breasts or reach down into her stretch pants to grab a handful of her plump pussy and then run my finger up her moist slit to her clit. She would let me have a minute or two of pleasure and then she would send me home to my wife. However, she would personally take care of my problem every two or three months. She had a good size ?spare tire? but she was perfectly willing to get undressed and open up her chunky legs for me. Any woman that was willing to give of herself openly to me like that deserved my full attention. In that ?take me I?m all yours big boy? position, you can kneel between her legs and just fuck her or you can use your fingers and play around for a little while first. You can also tickle her clit to get her even more excited and lick her pussy too, if you want too. But of course sex was what you both really wanted anyway and sex was what you were going to get. It was always good but it was not great sex. It wasn?t supposed to be better than having sex with my own wife or I just might start to think differently about our marriage and I wouldn?t ever want that to happen, neither would Debbie.

So as I was kneeling between Debbie?s legs with them stretched out over my shoulders and resting on my back, I lick her pussy. At her age the pubic hairs are sparse and hers have a reddish glow to them in the sunlight that was coming through her bedroom window. Although she has to dye her gray hair now to match her pussy, there is still fire in the furnace and my tongue lit the match. As I orally and digitally attach her clitoris she started to moan and grown like a teenager. She told me that she liked it as if I couldn?t all ready tell that for myself. After her second orgasm Debbie begged me to stop.

By that time I was hard and ready to go.

So I moved up her short body and kissed and sucked each one of her nipples as I went. I used both hands to cup one breast so that I could kiss and suck it better. I cupped her other breast and sucked that nipple too. Her nipples were not very sensitive and it really took a lot to get them hard. I didn?t want to take that long to work on them and she really didn?t care anyway. So I let that last breast go early and watched it separate from the first breast, slid off her chest, and slip down under her arm where it came to a rest. I held my cock and slipped it into her wet and waiting pussy, then I kissed her and thanked her for letting me make love to her. I slipped it in and pulled it out slowly so that we could both savor the time together. At our age we were in no hurry to get it over with. We were not expecting the kids to come home from school, or the husband to come home from the golf course, and my wife already knew where I was and what I was doing too.

As close friends and going out on road trips to nudist camps together we had often wound up in motel rooms with two double beds. My wife had seen me climb into bed with Debbie, make love to Debbie, and then return to her bed for the rest of the night. My wife even smiled and asked Debbie how it had been. A couple of times I went back and forth between the two beds until I was totally satisfied. They seemed to enjoy it and didn?t mind sharing me with the other. My cock would be in both of their pussies several times before I would cum in Debbie?s older pussy. I had cum in my wife?s pussy at least ten thousand times by then anyway so she certainly didn?t need any more of it.

Something in Debbie?s past made her refuse anal sex and to suck my cock. I think her second husband used to force her to suck his cock a lot before his death. However if I put my cock up to my wife?s mouth she would sure suck it. It didn?t matter if it was clean or if it had just come out of her pussy, she would just suck it. So one time after I pulled my cock out of Debbie?s pussy I offered it to my wife and she just sucked it like she always had. However she kept telling me that she wouldn?t lick Debbie?s pussy first hand. I think my wife thought that if she did she might be a lesbian. I told her that the idea really turned me on and that I would just love to see her lick Debbie?s pussy. She always refused my request.

Somewhere along the way I would follow Debbie into the bathroom and watch her pee. I would even take my camera in. I took pictures of her in the shower and spread eagle on her bed naked too. Free feels everyday, nude pictures often, and occasional sex was just what Debbie and I needed from each other.

Eventually I talked my wife into posing nude alongside Debbie for pictures, joining Debbie and I in the same bed for sex, and even sharing a double-ended dildo with her while I took pictures of them together.

After several years of that I finally managed to talk my wife into holding onto one of Debbie?s big breasts for a picture, sucking on her nipples for pictures, and even getting nipple to nipple with her for more pictures too.

Debbie would do whatever my wife was willing to do but no more and she wouldn?t start it. I was certain that Debbie would go further but she wouldn?t until my wife had done it first.

Recently I had gotten my wife to put her face down real close to Debbie?s pussy while I took a picture from behind her. It really looked like she was eating Debbie?s pussy even though she was a few inches away from it at the time. I got her to use both hands to open up Debbie?s pussy and to look in for anther picture. When I asked my wife to kiss Debbie?s clit I was surprised when she said okay but that it would be a quick one and if I missed it?too bad. It sure was quick but I got the picture anyway. My wife had lip to clit contact with another woman. When I asked my wife to touch the tip of her tongue to Debbie?s clit she gave me that huff that said that I was pushing my luck. I couldn?t help it, I was just too close to stop. My wife looked at me sternly, then smiled, and finally put her tongue out. I got ready for another close-up and then just waited. Touchdown! As long as I had gotten her to do that I asked my wife to put her tongue in Debbie?s hole for one last picture. She really surprised me when she stayed there with her tongue in Debbie?s pussy until my flash recharged and I was able to take three more pictures of her like that.

Then it was Debbie?s turn. As I said Debbie would do anything that my wife did to her first so she parted my wife?s lips and looked closely into my wife?s pussy, she touched her tongue to her clit, and then she buried her face right into my wife?s pussy. I took eleven pictures of Debbie eating my wife?s pussy before she finally pulled away.

When Debbie did pull away my wife said, "Debbie that felt really, really good. Thank you."

Debbie looked at me first, then turned toward my wife, and said, "Then do a better job on me."

I watched as the two women willingly changed positions and then as my wife got between Debbie?s legs voluntarily without me begging her too it. I lost track of the amount of pictures that I took, but I took one from just about every angle possible. In most of them my wife?s hands were on Debbie?s massive breasts, Debbie?s eyes were closed, and she was biting her lower lip. Oh my God, my wife was giving Debbie an orgasm. Debbie just moaned and groaned, She shook like a mild epileptic, and she kept saying, "Don?t stop, don?t stop, I?m cumming."

I had heard Debbie tell me that very same thing on more than a few occasions, so I just smiled and kept taking pictures. When I asked to see them kiss again I knew that their tongues were exploring each other?s mouths that time too in earnest. That day I got my two women to do a sixty-nine for me also. They even took turns being on top and on the bottom for me. When they were done I made love to them both and cum in Debbie?s pussy.

Anyway a few weeks later when my wife told me that she wanted to sleep with one of our friends I just told her to enjoy herself. I even asked if maybe some day I could join them in bed. I had often fantasized about a threesome with my wife and another man.

I bet that between the two of us we could give her all the cock that she could ever want.

The End
My Wife And Our Neighbor

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