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Reesie looked at her friend Jamie and rolled her eyes.

"Let me just put on a little perfume. I?ll be ready. Five more minutes chick." Reesie yelled as she ran down the hall toward her bedroom.

She rummaged through her dresser drawers until she found a small bottle of Vera Wang Princess perfume. Quickly, she spritzed herself all over with the sweet-smelling perfume and inhaled the pleasant aroma. Reesie stood in front of her cherry wood vanity and gave herself a quick once-over. The outfit she was wearing was just too cute. She ran her fingers through her wavy, shoulder-length black hair and smiled at her reflection in the mirror. She admired her body in the pink Baby Phat halter dress she had on. It fit her perfectly.

"Bitch come on!" Jamie playfully yelled toward the bedroom.

Reesie applied a little lotion to her thick brown legs and picked up her purse off of the bed. She looked at herself in the mirror one more time and admired her beautiful reflection. Twenty minutes later she and Jamie arrived at Club Atlantis in downtown Atlanta.

Reesie knew she was going to have a wonderful time that night. She pulled out her compact mirror and applied a thin coat of lip gloss on her luscious lips as she walked toward the club.

"You know there?s gonna be some fine men in there tonight." Jamie said excitedly while smiling from ear to ear.

Reesie just nodded her head and continued to walk at a fast pace. The pair of four inch designer stilettos she was wearing clicked continuously on the concrete sidewalk. She swayed her curvaceous hips a little as she got closer to the entrance of the club. The line was extremely long, luckily Jamie knew the bouncer. They headed straight to the front of the line and proceeded to enter without any problems at all.

When they entered, people were standing from wall to wall. The club was packed.

"My leather so soft, my top so soft...," Jamie sung along with the music blasting from the huge speakers. Reesie coughed a little from the smoke in the air. The distinct smell of Cuban cigars entered her nostrils. She was so caught up in the atmosphere that she headed straight toward the bar without realizing that she had left Jamie behind at the entrance.

She subtly rocked her hips to the beat of the song in the background and continued to walk seductively toward the bar. She made her way through the mass of people and to the crowded bar. Reesie spotted a seat on the far end and ran for it.

"What?ll it be?" the female bartender asked.
"Umm...I?ll take a shot of Patrone to start off."
The bartender came back a few minutes later with a crystal shot glass in hand. Reesie definitely wanted to relax and enjoy herself that night. She took the shot and downed it in one gulp and slammed it back down on the marble bar. The bartender looked impressed at how easily she took the strong shot of tequila without making a contorted face. If Reesie wasn?t anything else, she was an experienced drinker. She ordered a long island iced tea and looked over the crowd. She saw every type of man you could think of. None of them caught her eye right off the bat but she knew that there was an incredible man somewhere in that club and no matter what, she was going to make him hers.

She swivelled around toward the bar and sipped on her drink. The music reverberated through her ears as she continued to drink. Twenty minutes later, just before finishing off her third drink, she felt a tap on her shoulder. Because Reesie was a little tipsy, she ignored it at first. She felt the tap again and decided that she wasn?t hallucinating. She swivelled around in the bar stool to see the ugliest man she had ever seen in her life. Regardless of the dim lighting in the club, he looked ridiculous.

"Hey sweetheart." He mumbled.

"I?m not interested." She said dryly and attempted to return to her drink.

"Oh, you gone let me down like that. Don?t even wanna hear what I gotta say. Y?all bitches all the same."

She ignored his stupid comment and refused to let him bring down her mood. She finished off the last of her drink and decided to dance. Jamie hadn?t come by at all. Reesie didn?t really worry; it was routine for them to separate once they got to clubs.

"That?s my shit!" Reesie said a little louder than she intended. The song, Do That Heisman blasted throughout the club. People flooded to the dance floor and started to do "The Heisman on That Hoe." Reesie laughed at some of the ridiculous attempts by the people in the crowd. She joined them and started doing her own version of the dance. The alcohol she had consumed was flowing through her veins and she was feeling wonderful.

The song quickly faded into another one, and the crowd calmed down.

"Yo, Lil Mama!"

Reesie heard a man yelling in the background but she didn?t turn around because there was no telling who he was yelling at. She rocked her hips to the beat and her thick ass jiggled as she danced. Reesie felt so good about herself. Even though she was dancing by herself at the moment, she knew it wouldn?t be much longer until somebody approached her.

Just as she was about to sit down, she felt someone come up behind her. She paid it no mind, because the club was crowded. Reesie figured it was somebody moving across the dance floor. The person behind her didn?t keep moving though. He was so close that she could smell his musky scent. The cologne he was wearing was intriguing. She inhaled deeply and closed her eyes briefly. Taking a wild guess, she figured it was some type of Burberry or Cool Water.

She quickly snapped out of her daze and turned around.

"I was wondering when you were gonna turn around, Lil Mama." He said as he smiled at Reesie.

His voice was very sleek and seductive. He had the "thug-look" going on. Reesie was pulled in by his looks. He stood around 6'4" and was muscular as hell; not buff, but extremely toned. He had the most beautiful dark chocolate skin she had seen in her life. This man was definitely a keeper, she thought to herself. He continued to talk but she didn?t realize what he was saying because she was too wrapped up into his looks.

"Pardon me." She mumbled.

"Let?s sit down somewhere. You want a drink? Some food?"

He flashed her a quick bright smile and led her off the dance floor. She walked quickly behind him. He even looked good from behind; definitely a plus. His scent still lingered in the air behind him as he lead her to a small empty table.

"Damn, these bitches around here slow." He complained.

Reesie just smiled and looked him up and down. The green polo shirt he was wearing showed off his broad shoulders well. He wasn?t a Tyrese, but he wasn?t far behind.

"Scottie. My name is Scottie. All my people call me S.C."
"What?s yours?" he said in a sexy voice.

Reesie struggled to think of her own name. "Damn, I?m trippin," She thought to herself.

"Everybody calls me Reesie though."
"Nice to meet you Scottie." She managed to say.

"You know, I spotted you when you first came in the club."
"I just didn?t know how I should approach you right then."
"You know, you?re real pretty. Gotta body outta this world. A fuckin? dime plus ninety-nine!"

Reesie smiled at his compliments.

"Thank You, Scottie."

The waiter finally made his way over to the table and took their orders for drinks. Reesie was already buzzed and borderline drunk, but she ordered a double shot of Patrone anyway.

"What the hell? Girls just wanna have fun," she thought to herself.

Scottie sat across from her and admired her beauty for a few more seconds. Seconds turned into minutes before he knew it. Reesie had it all. She stood right at five feet and looked like she weighed about one hundred and forty pounds. Lil Mama was thick as hell. She had wide hips and a beautiful booty to accent them. Her waist was slim and she had average breasts that looked like b cups judging by the halter dress she had on. Scottie watched as she batted her long eyelashes at him. He admired how smooth her brown skin was. Her lips were phenomenal.

He snapped out of his daydream and reached his hands across the table for hers.

"You know. I could sit here and look at you all night."
"I aint never seen a chick as fine as you."

Reesie smiled again and just nodded her head. She began to feel stupid when she realized that she hadn?t said much. Scottie probably thought she was shy or something. She quickly began to converse with him. Before Reesie knew it, it was almost two a.m. Judging by their conversation, it seemed like she and Scottie had a lot in common. Even though, he really didn?t seem to be her usual type, she really did dig him.

Her cell phone began to ring. She knew it was Jamie calling; she was right, it was Jamie.

"I?ll be ready in about ten more minutes."
"I?ll meet you by the car."

She slammed her cell shut and offered Scottie her phone number. He smiled and his hands lingered on hers as he took the small piece of paper out of her hand. They said goodnight to each other and quietly went their separate ways.

Scottie watched her as she got up from the table. His mouth opened a little as he watched her beautiful ass walk away. She looked like an exotic ebony goddess in his eyes. He pulled out his cell phone and immediately put the phone number in his address book. There was no doubt in his mind that he would call her.

Reesie was extremely relaxed as she walked toward the car. The streets were so quiet as she walked toward the car. There was something about Scottie that really attracted her to him. She was absolutely head over heels for this man and she had only talked to him for a couple of hours. When she looked up, she was about ten feet from Jamie?s car.

"Heifer what took you so long?"
"I told you I was ready a long ass time ago!" Jamie yelled at Reesie playfully.

Reesie stumbled slightly and laughed it off. She was still tipsy from all the drinking she had done. She almost fell as she got into the car.


Scottie rolled over in his bed and looked at the clock on his night stand. It was a few minutes after noon. He had a slight headache as a result of taking so many drinks the night before. He pushed back the thin black sheets and got out of bed. He heard Greg, his roommate, making noise down the hall in their apartment. Scottie went straight into his cramped bathroom and started the shower. As he prepared to get in the shower, he sat his cell phone on the counter; his thoughts instantly went to Reesie.

He stepped into his steaming hot shower and let the water run across his body. Scottie ran his fingers across the fresh tattoo on his chest. He noticed that his dick was getting a little hard. Just thinking of Reesie turned him on. Scottie had never been so attracted to a woman in his life. She had real class, something he didn?t see too often these days.

Scottie tried to ignore his erection but he couldn?t resist the urge to relieve himself. He relaxed on the gritty tile wall of the shower held his dick in his right hand. He instantly started to fantasize about Reesie. He imagined her being in the shower with him sucking his dick. The thought of her full lips wrapped around his dick was making him harder by the second.

Scottie stroked his dick slowly and precisely. He continued to think of her running her tongue all over his body as the water sprayed onto him. He groaned a little and continued to stroke his dick. He started to fuck her doggy style. His dick rammed into her fat pussy and he watched her booty bounce and jiggle. Scottie was near his nutt and he imagined busting it all over her big brown ass cheeks.

His body trembled slightly as he began to release. He felt an intense bolt of pleasure run down his spine. He groaned under his breath and stroked his dick. His seed squirted in long streams from his dick. Loads of it trickled from the head of his dick to the drain of the shower. He chuckled to himself. Scottie was satisfied with his nutt and showered off quickly and got out of the shower.

After drying off, he wrapped the plush towel around himself and went into his bedroom. Scottie closed the door and laid out on the bed. He picked up his cell phone and looked up Reesie?s phone number.

"What?s going on Lil Mama?"
"Yeah. This Scottie."
"I?m good ma, you?"
"Yeah. Forreal. Thanks."
"Sure, what?s your address?"
"I?ll be there. Five or so."
"Talk to you later ma."
"Peace." Scottie smiled as he disconnected her call.


Reesie jumped up and down like a crazy teenage girl after her first kiss. She was so happy that Scottie called. Reesie looked at the clock and noticed that it was a little after three. She had just woke up before Scottie had called.

Reesie decided to take a long bubble bath and find a cute outfit for their date. She ran into her master bathroom and started the Jacuzzi tub. After the tub was full, she stripped off her underwear and got in. Reesie relaxed her tense body and slouched down into the water. She grabbed a large sponge and ran it across her perky breasts. She sighed as the jets massaged her body. Nothing was more relaxing than a bubble bath.

After soaking in her Jacuzzi tub for over an hour, she got out and pinned up her wavy hair. Reesie knew that there was a real connection with Scottie even though they had just met. She pranced into her bedroom and dug through her closet for the perfect outfit. She didn?t want to be too dressed up just to go to dinner and a movie.

She decided on wearing a black and white striped tube dress along with a denim jacket. Reesie quickly put on the dress stood in front of her vanity?s mirror. The dress hugged each and every curve she had and touched her at the knee. She put on a black pair of sandals with kitten heels to match her outfit.

About thirty minutes later she heard a knock on her apartment door. She walked seductively to the door and looked through the peephole. Reesie smiled big as she opened the front door. Scottie stood there with a lavender and white dress shirt on and a pair of jeans. Just looking at Scottie was turning her on and the evening had just begun.

Scottie was amazed at Reesie?s beauty. Outside the darkness of the club, she was even more spectacular than he remembered. Scottie could tell she had wonderful taste in everything, especially clothes. He looked her up and down and noticed how her dress fit her to the T.

"You know you got it goin? on girl!" Scottie said flirtatiously.

"Thanks Scottie. Not bad, yourself."

"You ready to go Lil Mama?"

"Of course!" Reesie exclaimed.

She smiled as she closed the door behind herself. She walked behind Scottie and forced herself not to grab his tight ass. Scottie was really something! Scottie walked to the passenger side of his SUV and opened the door for Reesie.

"Thank you so much." She said. Reesie was very impressed.

Twenty minutes later, Scottie pulled up in front of IHOP.

"Now that?s what I?m talkin? bout." Reesie laughed.

Scottie looked over to her on the passenger side and smiled back at her. He ran his fingertips across her bare shoulders as she put on her denim jacket. Then he jumped out of his SUV and went around to the passenger side to open the door for her.

"Don?t think I do this for every chick I meet. You extra special ma."

"That?s so sweet Scottie."

Reesie couldn?t deny that she felt so comfortable and safe around Scottie. They had only met less than twenty-four hours ago but she was very intrigued by him. She grabbed his hand and they walked into the restaurant.

"Damn girl, you got a serious appetite." Scottie said playfully.

Reesie just nodded her head as she finished off her third waffle. Scottie moved in closer to her and said, "You know, Cherry...I?m really diggin? you."

Scottie watched Reesie as the syrup from the pancakes trickled from her lips. His manhood began to rise but he forced it down with his palm. Her beauty was overwhelming.

Reesie looked at him like she was lost.

"Cherry. That?s what you just called me...Cherry?"

"Yeah, I always make up nicknames for everyone I meet. Your real name is Chareise...Cherry makes sense to me." Scottie said flirtatiously.

"It?s cute!" Reesie replied and giggled.

"So Cherry, you ready to get out of here and watch the movie?"



Scottie reclined back into his chair next to Reesie and put his arm around her. They sat in the back of the movie theater and watched the previews. The movie theater was full. Scottie figured he may be able to get in a little something here and there.

Reesie felt like she was on fire sitting next to Scottie. Her body was aching for him. She knew that this was too early to be craving him like that but she couldn?t help herself. When he put his arm around her, it was icing on the cake. She crossed her legs and felt her clit throb through her tiny panties.

About ten minutes into the movie Scottie removed his arm from around her shoulders and rested his hand on one of her thick thighs. Reesie jumped but immediately relaxed when she realized that she wasn?t dreaming. Scottie moved his hand under her dress and rested it on her upper thigh.

"Cherry, yo thighs so damn soft. Make a nikka wanna bite em?," Scottie whispered in her ear.

Reesie could feel her pussy getting wetter by the minute. Scottie leaned over to her and rubbed his other hand across her cheek. She turned her head to face him and looked him in the eye.

"Cherry, kiss me." He whispered.

Reesie leaned over closer to him and took a deep breath. His breath smelled like fresh peppermint. She closed her eyes; her lips touched his. Scottie?s dick instantly went hard as their lips touched. He used his tongue to taste her sweetness. She rolled her tongue over his and began to rub his back. Scottie moved his hand higher up her tight dress. Reesie spread her legs wide enough for him to slide his hand all the way up to her crotch.

Scottie kissed her slowly and seductively. His lips captured hers and held them hostage. Reesie moaned into his mouth as he rubbed her clit through her flimsy lace panties. Her clit swelled and throbbed as he rubbed it.

Reesie pulled from the heated kiss abruptly and said, "Let?s go." Scottie looked at her wide-eyed as she spoke.

"Let?s take this to my place." Reesie moaned. Scottie pulled his hand from under her skirt and stood up. He adjusted his dick in his jeans to conceal his full erection. He stood up quickly and grabbed her hand.


Before Scottie knew it, he was pulling into Reesie?s parking space. Reesie fumbled with her house keys as she ran up the stairs with Scottie not far behind. After Scottie slammed the door behind them both, they raced to her bedroom. Reesie stopped in the middle of the hallway and grabbed Scottie?s hand.

She pulled him toward her and said, "Slow down baby, you gonna get this. Don?t worry. I know you want it just as bad as I do."
Scottie smiled and pushed her up against the wall. He leaned down and began to kiss her again. This time it was more rough and sensual. He ran his rough hands all over her lovely curves. He stopped at her thighs and raised her dress above her hips. Scottie roughly groped her booty and sucked on her neck. He grinded his pelvis into hers through there clothing and enjoyed the intense desire building deep within. He nibbled on her earlobes while she moaned into his ear.

"Cherries are sweet." Scottie groaned.

Reesie scratched his back through his shirt and continued to purr in his ear.

"Take me in the bedroom baby." Reesie managed to say.

Scottie picked her up and threw her over his shoulder like she was weightless. Scottie raced into her bedroom and gently put Reesie down on her plush bed. He stood in between her legs and unbuttoned his dress shirt. Extreme pleasure coursed through Reesie?s veins as she anticipated what lay ahead. Reesie was very impressed when Scottie?s shirt came off. He had one of the sexiest chest she had ever seen.

Scottie leaned down and pushed down the top of her tube dress. He was greeted by a magnificent pair of perky b cups. Reesie gasped as he used his tongue to trace circles around her dark nipples.

"Jus like chocolate ma."

Scottie took her left nipple into his mouth and savored her sweetness. He rolled his tongue across her nipple and pinched the right nipple with his other hand. Reesie moaned under her breath as he devoured her chest. Her breathing got deeper as he inched her dress down her torso, over her hips, past her knees, and finally onto the floor.

"Gotta body like a goddess."

Scottie briefly stood up on the side of her bed. Reesie leaned toward him and unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned the fly of his pants. Scottie forced down his jeans and boxers with one swift motion.

Reesie?s mouth watered as she stared at his package. She was speechless. Scottie smiled and said, "I know it?s nice, but damn girl. You lookin? at me like i?mma ghost."

Reesie laughed and wrapped her hands around his waist. She pulled him closer to her and gestured for him to get into the bed.

"I can?t wait!" Reesie exclaimed.

"Lay down, Cherry." Scottie groaned in a sexy voice.

Reesie did exactly what she was told. Her body shivered slightly as he got closer to her almost naked body; she could feel his warm breath across her skin. Scottie grabbed her lacy black panties at the crotch and pulled them down so quickly that they ripped. Reesie felt the temperature in the bedroom rise at the same pace as Scottie?s dick.

Scottie got on top of her and began to kiss her again. Then, he ran his tongue from the most sensitive spot on her neck to her navel. She shivered under his touch and whimpered as he teased her.

"You gonna let me taste you? Huh, Cherry?"

Reesie smiled uncontrollably.

"Yes baby. Taste me." She purred.

Scottie kissed her flat stomach and spread her legs. Her distinct aroma filled the air and made his dick jump. Scottie opened her moist folds with his fingers and slid his tongue across her wet slit. He relished her taste and began to flick his tongue all over her pussy. He teased her throbbing clit with his tongue and stuck a finger into her pussy.

Reesie?s walls clenched around his finger. Scottie sucked up her flowing juices and pushed his finger in and out of her pussy. Reesie?s moans filled the air. Soon, her moans were replaced with screams of pleasure. Scottie teased her clit with his lips and used his tongue over her pink pussy. Reesie sucked in air and gasped while sparks of pleasure danced throughout her body.

Scottie finished the job by placing a soft kiss on clit. Judging by the way he ate her pussy, Reesie knew he would be a good lover. Scottie laid down and motioned for her to return the favor. Reesie wasn?t a big fan of sucking dick but she decided she would do her best. She gently grabbed the base of his dick and began to stroke it.

She traced each and every vein on his dick with her tongue. Scottie put his hand on the back of her head and encouraged her to take it in her mouth. Reesie opened her mouth and let her saliva rain out. She took about an inch of it into her mouth and began to suck on it. Her teeth grazed it a few times but she adjusted to it quickly.

"That?s enough Cherry. I?m ready to tear it up!" Scottie exclaimed.

"You got a condom?" Reesie asked hesitantly.

" You don?t have any?" Scottie replied.

"Shit!" Reesie said under her breath.

"What about plastic wrap or somethin??"

Reesie looked at him in disbelief. She couldn?t believe that she had waited this long to bring it up.

"Where?s the nearest twenty-four hour gas station?" Scottie asked.

"Probably like twenty minutes away."
"In this area, there aren?t any that stay open late."

"Aint this about a bitch!" Scottie yelled.

Scottie calmed down quickly.

"Just let me rub it against yo pussy."
"I?m so fuckin? hard."
"Cherry, I aint never been this hard before."
"Let me just rub it." He exclaimed.

Reesie wanted to have inside of her so badly. She couldn?t control herself. Her hormones were raging through her body.

"Yeah." She whispered while biting her lower lip.

Scottie motioned for her to lie down on her back. Then he got on top of her and held his dick in his hand. He guided it toward her fat lips and rubbed the head across her soft flesh. He began to rub her clit with the head and made her moan in satisfaction. Scottie knew that this wasn?t going to work. He rubbed his dick at the entrance of her pussy and waited for her to say something. Scottie pushed his dick into her dripping pussy. The head of his dick was encased in her delicate flesh.

He pulled his dick out and worked the head back in. His head was swimming from all of the pleasure running through his body. Reesie couldn?t take this much longer. She wanted his dick all the way inside of her, but her mind kept telling her to stop him. Scottie pushed his dick in her a little deeper. Then, a little deeper. Five minutes later, he was halfway inside of her.


"Yeah." He choked.

"Fuck me."
"No. Wait."
"Make love to me." Reesie moaned.

Sweat covered Scottie?s forehead as she spoke. Scottie knew he was wrong, but he just couldn?t help himself. He lowered himself into her until his pubic hair was touching her bare pussy lips. Reesie groaned lightly as his head touched the tip of her cervix.

Scottie pulled his dick all the way out of her and slowly entered her again. Each inch that he went deeper caused him to shudder slightly. He grabbed her ankles and put one leg on each of his shoulders. Scottie held her hips and guided himself in and out of her warm paradise. Reesie moaned and sucked in air deep into her lungs. Her chest heaved up and down as he pumped himself deeper into her.

Reesie could feel herself being pushed over the edge. Her toes curled and her back arched while her orgasm was taking total control over her body. She screamed in ecstacy while tingles of pleasure ran throughout her body.

"Hell yeah." She screamed while she released.

Scottie was in a trance-like state while her pussy clenched his manhood.

He rhythmically thrust his dick in and out of her. The way he was hitting her walls was just right. Cherry?s walls contracted around his dick constantly. Every move he was making was perfect. Scottie reached down between them and rubbed her swollen clit gently. He breathed hard in her ear, causing her back to arch. The sensations he was creating was amazing.

"I?m bout to bust, Cherry."

Scottie pulled his dick out of her and turned her over in one quick motion. He held his dick and stroked himself to an incredible orgasm. Streams of his nutt ran across her juicy ass cheeks. He shivered and rocked back and forth while he experienced a phenomenal orgasm.

"Damn girl."
"You got me hooked."

Scottie stroked himself until his dick was flaccid. He made a sigh of relief and collapsed beside Reesie.

"Cherry....sweet Cherry," He whispered to her..

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