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I have changed names and a few details but essentially this was one of the most erotic episodes of my life. It took about 3 weeks for the cut to heal and months for the scar to fade, i was sad when it did...

so this was about a year and a half into my relationship with her (i went out with her for about two years). It was the halloween after the first one that that i mentionned in the last note. So during the first haloween that i had known her, Jes had dressed up as a vampiress, she used (and was proud of) the fact that her eye teeth and first pre-molars were longer than her incisors, giving the impression of fangs. During the second one we went out for a normal pub evening with friends rather than to a fancy dress party. We drank steadily for and evening and walked back to her house at the end. On the way back we chatted and got onto the subject of the previous halloween, i told Jes that i was a bit sad she hadn't done the vampiress thing again because i had found it fan(g?)tastically sexy. She didn't respond and the conversation rolled on. We got caught by a very violent and cold shower as we rounded the bottom of her street and had to run for home getting soaked in the process.

As we got in, we slammed the door behind us. Panting we kissed hard against the wall. Jes pushed herself hard against me then laughed at the state we were in, her long black wet hair framing her pale face well as she beamed down at me. I looked up at her big pink lips and her big white teeth. We broke and she said she was going up for a shower. I went into the kitchen and made some tea while the water ran upstairs. I went up with a couple of mugs as she came out of the bathroom, wrapped up in a towelled dressing gown, looking pink and fresh. She took her tea as i passed her and i went into the bathroom to take my shower. I was clean very soon but chose to sit under the hot water for a bit longer because it felt good. As i sat on the edge of the bath the light went out. I shouted round the shower curtain at her, Jes was often making small practical jokes like that so i was not too shocked. I poked my head round the curtain to see the bathroom in darkness apart from a couple of candles casting soft brown light over the pine bathroom. Jes was nowhere to be seen. I stopped the water and stepped out of the tub, wrapping myself in a warm towel from the radiator.

As i stood in front of the mirror combing my hair, Jes came in behind me. I stood watching her reflection, she had combed her dark hair straight against the sides of her head. Her lips looked full and black in the candle light. She came close behind me and dropped my towel, leaving me facing the mirror naked. I felt her robe drop down to the floor. I could see her bare shoulders behind me and she pushed her body onto my back. She had large hard nipples that pushed into my shoulder blades (she was about 6" taller than me anyway but now she was wearing heels). I felt her legs make contact with the backs of mine and the softness of her hairless pussy resting in the small of my back. She leant her head close to mine and whispered in a dodgy Eastern European accent that maybe the vampiress was back. Her hands wrapped around my body and found my now rock solid dick and she pulled herself tight onto me. Keeping eye contact with me in the mirror she opened her dark mouth wide, deliberately baring her large upper teeth and very deliberately licked up my neck. She massaged my dick slowly as she then turned her lips into a snarl so that she could run one of her canines back down the path that her tongue had just taken. I could feel the hard point running down my neck. Then she broke away, turned, took my hand and led me out of the bathroom towards the bedroom.

As i follwed her in i saw that she was naked except for black stockings and suspenders and her heels. She had slicked her dark hair back and had very dark red lipstick on. It was hard to take my eyes off her beautifully rounded bum as she strode ahead of me. Upon entering the bedroom, it was evident that she had lit candles and turned the light off here also. She told me to get onto the bed. Then she handcuffed my wrists to the headboard. She had tied me before but this was the first time i met the handcuffs, they felt solid and cold against my wrists and didn't seem to give much. Jes stood back from the bed, letting me look up at her. Looking up at her she was stunning in the flickering light. Her slicked hair exaggerated her high aqualine features, her big dark eyes and her apparently large black lips. Her breasts were full with large dark pointed nipples and her waist slim but not thin above large rounded hips. Standing in heels and suspenders seemed to push her pelvis forward slightly showing and her shaven pussy as a long dark slit slightly parted. She slinked back towards the bed, purring at me that tonight she was going to drink from me. She crawled up to my toes and licked them quickly, her tongue darting quickly in and out of her mouth until she sank over my foot, taking it into her mouth. Her mouth was soft and warm and damp and felt beautifully luxurious. She licked slowly up my shins and thighs, pausing to part my legs and suck the inner part of my thighs, deliberately getting closer and closer to my hard dick. When she got there she licked from the bottom of my sctotum right up the shaft to the top. As she raised her head i could see her large breasts lift off my knees, the nipples stroking up towards my thighs. Then she went back down again, ecstacy releasing through my body as her large mouth went back down my dick, sucking it hard while her soft tongue lapped around it. Then Jes rose herself up off my thighs and turned round away from me, sitting back down on my chest. Her large rounded bottom filled my view. I could feel her grip the base of my dick hard and then she rocked forward taking my dick back into her mouth. As she rocked forward her bum rolled up to reveal the back of her large rounded pussy. I desperately wanted to lick it but the cuffs combined with being pinned by her weight meant that i couldn't get my head close enough so i could just watch. Her cold black leather heels rubbed against the undersides of my arms. Jes continued the blow job, i could feel it becoming more intense as she sucked harder and her hand moved faster. The big round tanned pussy in front of my face but still slightly out of reach parted itself every now and then as she pushed herself onto me. I could see that as she got worked up her pussy was getting wetter and wetter. I felt great but also the familiar adrenaline was starting to build, i knew that jes liked to bite hard and normally it was something i liked too but normally i could moderate it with my hands free, i was rather trapped now and i knew Jes was at least a little drunk. She sucked on me harder and harder and then started to push her pussy onto my face, rubbing up and down from my nose to my chin until my face was soaked. Then i felt my dick come free of her mouth and she sat back on me, her bum stroking my chin as she did. Her hand finished caressing me.

Jes got up and turned round to face me again, she straddled my thighs. One hand went around my dick, caressign it up and down, the other went to her open pussy. She fingered her clit while staring dowm intently at my cock. Then she manoevered herself so that her finger stayed in her pussy massaging it rhythmically while she closed her mouth down over my dick again, using the hand clamped at the base of my cock to prop herself on. She sucked up and down my length and started moaning. I could feel the vibrations through her tongue and lips. She took her mouth off me for a moment to look up at me, gasping as she rubbed herself. Then she gave me a half-smile-snarl, deliberately baring her large gleaming teeth. She grinned as she ran her tongue slowly over her teeth, then opened her mouth deliberately wide as she slowly went down on me again. This time i could feel her sucking slowly up and down my length again but also the deliberate raking of her teeth as she gently bit my cock while going up and down. The moaning intensified and the teeth gripped harder bit by bit. Then she looked up at me and took the head of my cock between her teeth while her hand rubbed it up and down quickly, gripping tightly. She bit the head several times quickly, using first her incisors and then her eye teeth. I gasped each time but still i was rock hard. Then she rose herself up, straddled me and sank her large bald pussy down, taking my dick right into her. She screamed with pleasure quickly as i went in and my hips rose to meet hers. She slid up and down my length, deliberately. Her face came closer to mine until i could only look up at her open mouth. Her lower lips touched the end of my nose. I could only look up at the big teeth as Jes told me that she ws going to drink my blood. Jes then pushed her face forward, leaning her open mouth hard against my cheek, the big pussy still rising up and down, i could feel myself coming closer and closer. The teeth scratched down my cheek and down onto my neck. She took the upper part of my shoulder onto her soft wet mouth. Then she clamped her hands either side of where her mouth was, locking me in. Then she bit down. I felt those long pointed canines pressing hard into my shoulder. Jes raced up and down me moaning as she bit down harder. She screamed through clenched jaws as she came closer to orgasm herself. The pain was at the point where i would normally have tried to prise her off, but now my hands were trapped so i was helpless. I felt the first of her orgasms rock through her and she responded by screaming through her closed mouth and biting even harder. Her hips raised once too violently and my dick came out of her. Still she didn't let go but one of her hands went back to her pussy, she screamed again and bit even harder, the pain from her bite was white hot. All of a sudden her mouth released, as she came above my eyeline i saw that there was blood right down her chin. She paused briefly and looked down at me, 'you still didn't come' she murmured as she dove her head down onto my cock. I felt those big teeth come together again on my shaft, she raked painfully up and down me. Then she bit the head hard, i came finally to orgasm as she ran her hand up and down my shaft quickly, pulling the head with her teeth. The pleasure was delayed by perhaps 20 seconds though as i could not come properly until she released her teeth and sucked me in hard. ..'see i told you i was going to drink from you' she laughed up at me through bloody lips.

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