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Those few who enjoy my style of writing, I hope you are able to enjoy. Those who do not, I hope you are somewhat lenient with your critique.

All of you, as always, feel free to post comments. All I ask is you try to be constructive so I can understand what it takes to be a better writer.

I am none too sure why it is I allowed the affair to start, if indeed an affair is even the right way to describe it. I guess the honest answer to it all is a lack of willpower on my part. The much bigger problem is, affair or not, it has now turned into something of an obsession. One I am afraid to say I have no idea of how I can bring to a stop. I have tried. Believe me I truly have, yet each time I make the effort, each time I think I have the answer, he has a way about him to convince me otherwise.

My problem itself started a few months ago though the problem itseil revolved around my daughter and her recent marriage to her now partner Andy.

I guess as parents we were maybe both to blame. On the one hand my hubby had never really taken to Andy. He had always viewed him as something of a chancer and had expressed to me he felt the marriage was wrong for all kinds of reasons, not least that he felt Andy would be someone to play away from home, yet I put much of that down to the old maxim of losing his daughter rather than gaining a son.

As for my views on Andy as her choice, truth was, my initial reaction was I quite liked him. Sure he was a little rough around the edges but that in itself kind of made him all the more appealing, well from a female point of view and anyway, despite what the two of us believed or said the choice was always going to be our daughters.

Initially, as I guess anyone would expect with a newly married couple, things went along well with the only difficulty being, until they were able to save for a deposit, we'd agreed they could live with us. Of course, there were the occasional conflicts, how could there not be with the four of us under the same roof but aside from these and the fact my hubby could still not bring himself to like Andy, things moved along quite well.

It was some six months later when my daughter came to confide in me I first realised the marriage was starting to move down a slippery path. She confessed to me her belief Andy was having an affair with someone she thought worked in his office. She had no proof other than some texts she'd seen on his phone and though she had tried raising the matter with him, he of course had denied any such thing. I did offer the usual motherly advice in the hope she might be able to nip things in the bud at an early stage and of course I duly discussed the matter with hubby who, given his earlier beliefs was more supportive than I'd expected and hadn't gone about telling me that he'd been right with his assumptions on Andy. However, we both agreed there was little we could do at this stage without actually interfering in full so we agreed to keep an eye on things as best we could but of course, in reality this was never going to work. My daughters fears continued and when she next came to see me it was to tell me she believed he'd recently had sex with a woman while on a boys night out. This time she'd seen proof. Lipstick marks on his shirt collar which he'd laughed off as little more than some fooling around. It was then hubby and I decided we would step in to try and help with our initial plan being hubby would take Andy to one side and discuss both these issues and what we saw as his responsibilities to our daughter.

It was an early July evening when this took place. After we had all shared a meal hubby suggested Andy join him for a drink at our local pub. I guess even then Andy knew something out of the ordinary was on the cards for he'd never been asked out for a drink before. My daughter and I stayed home and chatted as we cleared away the dishes. It was some considerable time later the two of them returned where Andy went off with my daughter to their room leaving hubby and I alone.

Seemingly, the drink idea had gone better than hubby had expected. He pointed out my daughters concerns while at the same time, mentioning what he saw as Andy's responsibilities. He'd accepted all hubby had had to say and though he hadn't admitted to having any extra marital activities, neither had he denied it. What he had though agreed, was that he maybe could pay our daughter more attention and with this in mind they had shook hands and returned home.

It was a week later that I realised all was still far from well when I came home one afternoon to find my daughter red eyed and in tears. In between sobs she told me she had been confronted by some female earlier that day who claimed to have had sex with Andy and that she planned to take him from her. I listened and soothed her fears as best I could but deep down I was furious and had already vowed to myself I was going to have it out with Andy once and for all. Hubby had tried and failed. Now I saw it as down to me to resolve these matters once and for all. There was no way I was going to watch my daughter suffer this way.

Circumstances didn't allow me the chance that evening so the next day, with hubby working away from home and with my daughter leaving for work early, I decided to delay my own, usual early departure for work in order I could confront Andy with this latest revelation.

I rose as normal that morning and was showered and dressed ready for work by the time my daughter came down for breakfast. That particular day I'd decided to wear a business jacket and skirt type suit, with accompanying white blouse. The idea being, it would afford me a more authoritative figure where confronting Andy was concerned. I made no mention of my plans to my daughter, thinking it best I kept them to myself for the time being. Twenty minutes later with my daughter having duly left for work I poured myself a coffee and sat down at the breakfast table in readiness for Andy's appearance who would always leave for work sometime after everyone else had departed. In truth I had no idea how long I might have to wait but as annoyed as I was, I had already left a message with work that I may be a couple of hours late.

A half hour later, while on my second cup of coffee, Andy finally put in his appearance where I was more than a little taken aback that he was still in a pair of shorts and t-shirt he would have worn for bed. On seeing me sat at the table he smiled but I could already detect he suspected something was amiss, given I would ordinarily have left for work well before this hour.

"Good morning Lindy." he proffered, before adding, "I don't normally get the pleasure of your company this time of the morning. Is something wrong?"

Deep down I was still seething and determined I would not allow his placating tone to affect my current mood.

"Yes Andy! As a matter of fact there is something wrong. In fact, very wrong and it needs to be resolved." I told him, trying to sound as forceful as I could.

"And would it have anything to do with your daughter and me?"

"Yes! That's exactly what is has to do with so I want you sat down at the table ready to listen to what it is I have to say."

"Hmmm! Well in that case, you won't mind sitting there while I pour myself a coffee first, will you?"

I sat there, watching as he made his way over to the percolator, unable to believe his arrogance that I should be made to sit and wait until HE was ready to sit down and talk. I bit my lip, fearing I might at any moment say something which would jeopardize my plans. I watched as he poured himself a coffee before returning to stand nonchalantly at the side of the table.

"Sit down please Andy as what I have to say may take some time."

He gave me a somewhat flippant look but did at least pull out a chair and sit down. He took a sip of his coffee then placing the mug on the table said, "Ok so what is this little lecture all about?" adding under his breath, "Like I couldn't guess!"

On hearing his snide remark and as much as I had vowed to stay in control of my anger, now I was really annoyed. I decided to stand and make my way toward where he was sat, believing my stance, my body language together with how I was dressed might have the desired overbearing effect.

"Yes Andy! I believe you know full well what this is about. It's how you have been treating my daughter or more to the point, how barely a few months into your marriage, you are playing away. It's not acceptable Andy. Not acceptable at all!" I shouted.

I watched as he sat there, a non committal expression written across his face, like he really couldn't have cared less.

"Yeah! Sure I guessed what this was going to be about so maybe it's time I made a few things clear to you. For one, what goes on between your daughter and me is no business of yours. Two" he added with some distain, "Your hubby has already given me this lecture. It didn't work then and whatever you may think, it's not going to work now. And three! Before you go spouting off on what YOU think is right and wrong, maybe you should first make yourself aware of all the facts."

He sat back and took another sip of his coffee, obviously in the belief he had just shot my argument to pieces with all he'd just said.

"No Andy!" I spat. "When you live in my house, and when it affects my daughter, it's got everything to do with me." I again stepped closer as I tried to appear all the more imposing but now it was his turn to stand and all at once my five foot four frame didn't seem so imposing anymore.

"No Lindy! If you're going to shout the odds then you need to be in full receipt of all the facts. You aren't and I am, so if I choose to play around, as you put it, it's because I have good reason too."

"Really!" I hissed at him. "And what would that be? Probably nothing more than wanting to work your way through the office typing pool is my bet!"

"If that's what you want to think then fine." He again answered with his couldn't care less manner. I lowered my eyes and was shocked to see a bulge had formed in his shorts since he had first entered the kitchen.

"Good God!" I cried out. "Just look at yourself! Even just the mention of the girls at work is enough to turn you on. You really are a bastard!"

He looked down at himself and laughed then looking up said, " You really think that's it do you Lindy? Christ! If that's the case, you're even more prissy than I thought?"

"What do you mean prissy? I'm not prissy. I just don't expect the husband of my daughter to flaunt himself whenever he feels like it."

"Oh you're prissy alright. Look at you. Look at how you're dressed! You like to make out butter wouldn't melt in your mouth you're so damned prissy. Mrs Prim n proper is what we should call you."

"I'm not prissy! And anyway, this isn't about me!" I shouted back as my eyes inexplicably lowered once more to the bulge in his shorts. His gaze followed mine before lifting his eyes to meet mine.

"Oh I see what this is really about. It's not so much I'm neglecting your daughter or the fact I am playing away. It's more about who I'm playing with! You're jealous aren't you? You're jealous it's not you getting this cock!"

"Don't be so ridiculous!" I shouted as my eyes were once more drawn irresistibly towards his bulge.

"Am I Lindy? Or is it more I have been missing the signs? Maybe it's you're not getting enough in the nuptial department. Is that it Lindy? Is this maybe why you have dressed so sexily today? Was it me the reason you decided to wear this sexy little outfit?"

He took a step closer and unbelievably began running a hand along my leg which I immediately tried to swat away.

"Hey! Don't fight it Lindy. If it's cock you want I'll be more than happy to give it you." he said.

I froze, for a moment too shocked to reply to his comment.

"Don't be so disgusting!" I finally managed to summon. "I wished I'd never mentioned those girls now!"

He laughed once more as he stepped closer still where again he placed his hand on my leg.

"Trust me Lindy. It isn't thoughts of those girls getting me aroused. It's you. Especially now I know it's my cock you want!"

"I've told you! Don't be so stupid!" I cried out, stepping back and away from him but whatever it was I had started, he was having none of it. As I moved backward, so he followed until, with him continuing to follow I soon found myself backed up against the counter top.

"Andy! Please! Just stop this now!" I cried out but ignoring me his hand began moving upward along my thigh.

"Now why would I stop when it would seem we both know this is what you've been wanting?"

"Just go Andy! Leave me alone!" I cried, aware there were tears forming now. Down below, not wanting to look, I could feel his hand sliding beneath my pinstriped skirt where for the first time I regretted not having worn my more usual attire of trousers. I shook my head, unable to believe my supposed resolution to my daughters problem could have gone so very wrong. He edged closer still where I could now feel his fingers drawing back and forth over the silk, black panties I had worn that morning. A finger was drawn across my panty material, close to my clit and I felt myself shudder with an altogether unexpected, unwanted excitement.

"Admit it Lindy." I heard him say through the myriad of thoughts swirling around in my head. "You want it don't you? You really do want my cock?"

"Stop it Andy please! Just go!" I cried but hemmed against the counter top I had nowhere to go and his fingers were now rubbing my panty material with more conviction, making me squirm.

"Hmmm! I think maybe I got you all wrong Lindy! Like I say, I've always thought of you as the proverbial prissy bitch but now I'm not so sure. I think maybe you're more the horny bitch than the prissy one. Why is that Lindy? Am I right in thinking hubby's not giving you enough cock?" He laughed. "Well we can take care of that right now. All you gotta do is admit what you want." He paused and edging away slightly, gave me the briefest of hopes he was going to step aside and let me go. I was wrong. Instead he pushed a hand in through the open top of my jacket and began mauling my left breast.

"I gotta say, you're looking hot today Lindy and I reckon it's all for me. So come on Lindy admit it! Tell me how much you want my cock!"

"I don't!" I cried out loud, hoping he could hear the venom in my voice but if he did it had no effect.

"Yeah you do! Just admit it Lindy. After all there's only you and me here to hear it." He suddenly squeezed my nipple firmly between his finger and thumb causing me to jump and whimper out loud.

"No! Now stop this!" I demanded.

He squeezed again, the pain this time sharper, yet far more worryingly, came the instant recognition the sensation was not altogether unappealing. "Please Andy! Stop this now!" I told him, my tome softening.

"Then tell me what I want to hear! Tell me you want my cock!"

"I don't!" I whimpered.

He squeezed once more, harder this time where as soon as his fingers let go of the nipple they began softly massaging my breast. I whimpered out loud, mortified in the knowledge this new approach was starting to send a delicious sensation all the way down to my pussy.

"Please Andy! Please stop this at once!" I begged, fearful I was beginning to lose control.

He squeezed a fourth time where again his rough manner was followed by the soothing caress of his hand. I cringed with the very idea this was my daughters husband doing this to me!

"Say it Lindy! Tell me you want my cock!"


He pushed his other hand inside my jacket so they were both massaging my breasts, my second nipple immediately responded, springing to life beneath his rough caress.

"Fuck you feel good Lindy! You want it don't you?! You want it bad!"

"Oh God!" I moaned, no longer able to issue an outright no, aware my own pussy was now beginning to pulse, rebelling against everything I believed in.

"Say it! " he demanded as he continued to roughly massage my breasts.

"Oh God Yes!"

"Yes what Lindy?"

"Yes I want it!" I moaned, unable to believe the words that had just slipped from my lips as his hands continued fueling my inner passion as they fondled all over my breasts.

"Then say it out loud! Say, I want your cock Andy! I want your cock in my cunt!"

I couldn't believe what he'd just demanded and was equally disgusted by his manner. His language completely alien to me.. I couldn't and wouldn't respond! Yet as quickly as the thought entered my head, it was ebbing away as I heard the sound of my own voice repeating his demands word for sickening word.

"I want your cock Andy! I want it in my cunt!"

There! I'd said it. I told myself I didn't mean it and could now only hope it would satisfy him enough that he'd stop.. He eased back, removing his hands from my breasts and for a fleeting moment I believed I was right. I made to move away but his hand suddenly snaked out to grab the back of my hair.

"There Lindy. You've said it. Now that wasn't so hard? Was it?"

His fingers still entwined in the back of my hair he pulled me forcibly towards him until his lips were crushing firmly over mine. I did my best to resist. Telling myself I had too, reminding myself this was my daughters husband. Instead, inexplicably my mouth opened to accept his pushing, probing tongue. He held me there, I could feel his elevated breath forcing its way into my lungs, all the while horrified, that as incredible as it seemed, I was actually beginning to enjoy this. Then as quickly as he'd mashed his lips against mine, he pulled away.

"Fuck! You're one horny bitch Lindy! Not that I've any complaints. In fact I'll table a deal for you. One that will suit everyone. You're going to be here for me when I want.! You're going to be my piece of pussy on the side. You do that for me. You give me what I want, when I want and I'll promise to stop playing the field. That way, you, me your daughter, we're all satisfied. Your daughter can be happy I'm no longer playing the field...well not completely. Meanwhile, you'll get some much needed cock., while I get your horny mouth and cunt." He laughed, adding, "Of course hubby doesn't get so much from the deal but what do we care, so long as we're both getting it away! My bet is he was never up to much in the first place." He pulled me forward once more using my hair like reins where despite my still trying to take on board what he'd just said and as ridiculous as it was, my mouth once more opened to receive his tongue. He held me there for what seemed an age, him kissing me hard and with passion though what frightened me more, was my kissing him back to the point our mouths were crushing together, our heads turning this way and that an almost desperate hunger for one another. Finally he pulled away.

"I'll take that as we have ourselves a deal then Lindy?"

Again in my head, despite all that had just happened I wanted to say no. I wanted to tell him what a foul mouthed, cheating bastard he was but try as I might, the words simply would not come out.

"And I can think of no better time to start than right now." He said as he took a step back.

"I can't! I have work!" I pleaded my own words giving some hope that I still might get out of this tryst.

"Yeah! Sure you do! Like working on my cock for one!" he sneered.

He took a further step back where my eyes were unable to resist following the movement of his hand as he started to stroke at the bulge now more than evident beneath his shorts.

"Come here Lindy and get down on your knees. It's time Mum in law showed me how much she can appreciate a real cock."

I stood and before I knew what was happening my legs were doing the opposite of what my head was demanding. I took a step, then a second and suddenly I was dropping to my knees in front of him. He leant forward and took a hold of my hand, guiding it towards the bulge in his shorts.

"Come on Lindy! Stroke it! Why should I have to wank on my own cock when I know my interfering bitch of a Mum in law is eager to do it for me?"

Still holding my hand in his he began stroking my fingers up and down his bulge. "Ohhh God No!" I whimpered.

"What's up Lindy? Shocked with how big a real cock can be?" He laughed. "Well just imagine what it's going to feel like when I am pounding it into your cunt! Of course it might take a bit of getting used to," he taunted, "given you've only had hubby's pathetic little prick up there but don't worry Lindy. You'll get used to it soon enough and trust me, once you do you'll be wondering why you never asked me before."

His sick and appalling words were enough to have disgusted any decent, moral minded individual yet as those same words reverberated around in my head I was growing more and more aroused. Suddenly, with neither rhyme nor reason I was reaching beneath his shorts, clawing at the material in my efforts to reveal what lay beneath. I fumbled and clawed and pulled until finally his member sprang upright, freed from it's cotton sheathed confines.

I think I must have moaned out loud, I can't be certain, what I was sure was, he was huge. Not just in length, which my heady brain seemed to calculate must have been a good eight inches, but in girth too and suddenly I started to wonder how on earth his cotton shorts had ever been able to hold it at bay. I scrambled for it, my right hand reaching for his shaft while my left began stroking beneath a pair of pendulous balls, the size of which I had never before witnessed. My hand began stroking its way up and down his thick, veiny shaft, my mind immediately taken aback with the realisation, such was his girth, I was unable to get my fingers to meet. I quickly lowered my mouth, eager to see if I'd be able to accommodate such a large bulbous head, never once did it occur to me it had been years since I'd allowed a mans cock anywhere near my lips, never mind actually in my mouth. I slathered my mouth and lips over and over his helmet, like I imagined one of his two bit whores might.

The reality was, I was horrified at my own actions yet all logic for now seemed to have been suspended. It was then I felt his hands pressing down on my head as I ground my lips and mouth against a donkey sized shaft. My hands continuing to stimulate, one wrapped around his cock, the other kneading beneath his heavy balls where every now and again I took the time to clean the head of his cock of precum.

"Fuck you've a sweet mouth bitch!" he moaned as he rocked too and fro. I should have been repulsed by his words but instead, incredibly, I felt a kind of pride in the knowledge he was pleased with what I was doing. and my lips continued to lament up and down his rock hard shaft.

Moments later his hand twisted into my hair to yank my head back. where he held my head firm as he began forcing his cock deeper into my mouth until his mushroomed shaped head was buried all the way to the back of my throat. He forced himself deeper still until I could feel his balls churning hotly against my chin. The reality was, I was gagging but he was relentless and I knew at any moment he would be ready to ejaculate into my mouth.

"Suck! Suck! Suck!" he was chanting as I was forced to work my lips back and forth along his shaft.

He began to moan louder than ever and I knew he was only moments away from release. His fingers twisted harder into my hair pulling me forward toward his musty crotch where in unison with one final, almost brutal thrust, the head of his cock seemed to extend another inch. before seconds later he erupted.

I could feel his cock twitching, how could I not, he was huge. Each new pulse sending another jet of come down my throat yet as big as he was I couldn't believe he could produce so much semen. It flooded my mouth like cream where what I was unable to swallow found its way into my breathing passages until even my nose was a dripping mess.

By the time he pulled away some moments later, my face was a gooey mess. I knelt there, feeling exactly as I was, a mother overcome with shame, knowing I must look like some cheap whore who had just performed a few dollars work. I was truly unable to comprehend how and why this had all gone so wrong. He took another step back and I lifted my head to look at him only to be stopped mid gaze by the very real surprise his erection was still as hard as ever.

"Take off your jacket!" he ordered.

I looked up at him and for a fleeting moment considered defying him yet even as this thought was running through my head I was shrugging the jacket from my shoulders. I placed it to one side. He stepped forward, where my eyes were held by his cock as it bounced up and down like a flagpole in a wind. For a moment I wondered if he was going to offer it to my mouth once more, instead he reached down and pressing his hands over my blouse began fondling roughly at my breasts. I closed my eyes, willing this menace of a man to stop, yet as crude and as vulgar as his actions were I could already feel my nipples responding.

"Hmmm! Not so prim and prissy now, are we Lindy?" he said as he used both hands to tear apart my blouse and thus release my bra covered breasts. He ran his hand over each before reaching up where his fingers twisted firmly into my hair. He swung me backward so that I was now lying on the floor. I was still trying to figure how I had allowed this to happen when he took several steps until he was straddling my body. I watched as he slid a hand up along his shaft where he shook a last remaining drop of semen from its tip. He laughed as it landed on my open blouse. I was being defiled, humiliated and knew it, yet there seemed nothing I could do about it.

"Spread your legs Lindy!" he ordered. "Show me that unsatisfied cunt of yours!"

I was horrified and immediately thought of my daughter, the sole reason for my being in this position, except now I was wondering what she would make of her lust crazed mother. Feeling more and more like the whore I had become I did as he'd instructed. Parting my thighs I could feel my crotch straining against the thin lace of my panties. He stepped back to peer up beneath my risen skirt.

"Nice! I think I'm going to enjoy sticking my cock in your pussy Lindy!" he said crudely.

"Then go ahead and do it! Get it over with!" I shouted, astonishing myself with this request.

"Ah well you see, it's not as simple as all that Lindy! First you have to tell me how much you want it."

"I don't! You disgust me!" I cried, hoping in seeing my distress he'd stop.

"Bullshit Lindy!" he said. I watched as he reached down and began running a hand over my bra covered breasts. I did nothing to put a stop to his actions. "I saw how you sucked on my cock. How much you enjoyed my cum. You want it bitch... and bad. I just want to hear you say it."

I tried to answer but my tongue wouldn't respond to what my brain was demanding. What's more, it was obvious he was only ever going to be content with the whole nine yards of me uttering the kind of filth I found so hard to do and right then, obscenities seemed every bit as repulsive to me as what I had just allowed to happen..

"Tell me your pussy is hot for my cock." he leered. "How good my cock will feel in your married cunt."

"I can't!" I sobbed.

He leant forward and pulling the cup of my bra from my left breast he started pulling and twisting on the now exposed, raw nipple. "Say it!" he ordered.

"Ok! Ok! I'll do it!" I cried, the pain intense enough I would have said about anything he'd demanded.

"Then start talking or I'll pull this goddamn nipple right off your tit."

I closed my eyes, as if by doing so I could excuse what I was about to say and took a deep breath.

"Fuck me!" I bleated. "Stick your big, hard cock in my cunt and fuck me!" I whimpered, using the kind of language he seemed so keen to hear.

"You want it bad, don't you Lindy?" he grinned.

"Yes I want it! Stick your prick in my pussy and cum like you did in my mouth!"

"Sure Lindy! Anytime you want." he laughed. He dropped to his knees, in between my legs where his hands began pushing the hem of my skirt higher until he'd exposed my knickers. He reached forward and grabbing at the crotch, ripped the flimsy fabric from my body. I closed my eyes, a tear forming as I realised the panties he'd just ripped apart were a recent purchase by my hubby. I held my breath, fully expecting him to begin straight away but to my surprised he eased back.

"Now Lindy! I want you to show me how much you want it."

"What?" I stammered, unsure what it was he wanted me to do or say.

"Simple! Put your hands between your legs and spread your cunt open. Pull the lips apart and make your hole wide enough for my cock."

I shuddered at his crude description of what it was he wanted me to do. I found the whole idea of manipulating and stimulating myself for him repulsive.

"Come on Lindy. Do it! You know you want to!"

I shook my head as I tried to convince myself this was nothing more than a dream, a nightmare from which I would wake at any moment but on reaching down to do as he'd ordered I knew instantly, this was no dream. Yet of more concern was the realisation he wanted even more.

"Tell me how it feels Lindy! Tell me what it is you want. I want to hear it all bitch!" he urged.

Pissed that I should have dared question his relationship with my daughter it was now apparent he wanted more than just my my domination, he wanted my complete humiliation, insisting I not only handle myself but that I tell him about it. That I describe it in full, graphic detail.

"I can't!" I pleaded.

"Yes you can Lindy! You've come this far! Now tell me how it feels! Tell me what you want!"

As his words drifted in the silence of the room I heard myself groan. It was the kind of sound a wounded animal might make.

"My cunt is open for you!" I heard myself tell him.

"That's better Lindy. How open?" he egged me on. "Stick your fingers inside and tell me how far they go! Let me see you finger fuck yourself. I want to see that pussy ready for my cock."

I groaned out loud then again unbelievably did just as he'd asked, slipping first one, then a second finger tentatively into my gaping slit. He grabbed at my wrist and pushed, forcing my fingers knuckle deep. where to my horror I realised all at once at just how aroused I'd become. I can only describe it akin to inserting my fingers into a jar of honey.

"That's better! How is it?" he prompted.

"Oh my God! My pussy is sopping." I conceded using the same gutter language he seemed to crave, where more frighteningly I was gradually becoming more accustomed to it and where the filthy words now began to roll more easily from my lips.

"Move your fingers!" he demanded. "Fuck yourself with them!"

"Mmmmmm!"I moaned from the sudden spasm caused by my wriggling fingers. "Can't you see that's what I'm doing?"

"Good! Now find your clit! Rub it with your thumb!" he instructed. "I want to see you really get off!"

My thumb slid up alongside my pussy to part the fleshy folds where my lips came together. A stiff, cherry sized, firm piece of flesh popped out like a concealed doorbell. I automatically pressed it, never once expecting the response. It was immediate and electric.

"Oh my God!!" I cried. "My cunt's on fire!"

I believe it was then. That precise moment the two of us instantly recognised my latest, steamy remark had nothing to do with any prompting from my son in law. A strange, somewhat involuntary feeling overtook me. A sensation which gnawed at my very being. It was one I instantly recognised as sexual yet at the same time it was undeniably far more intense, far more exciting than anything I had ever encountered before. Even making love with my hubby had never produced this powerful an emotion. I looked down at myself, half sitting, half laying on my own kitchen floor. One hand supporting my body while the other delved deep between my open legs. My skirt was hitched high up my thighs, my bra covered breasts displayed through the now torn, open blouse.
I knew what I must look like yet as incredulous as it seemed, I simply couldn't stop masturbating, the sensation incredible. Wherever I touched seemed to send wave after wave of pleasure emanating throughout my entire body. It seemed I knew just where to caress.

I moaned aloud, aware my crotch was growing wetter and wetter with each passing moment and now, whether I liked it or not, the dirty words describing my actions came rolling off my tongue with an ease I could never have imagined possible, made worse by the fact they were now being matched by my thoughts just as lewd. Incredibly, in the short space of time it had taken Andy to reduce me from a caring, concerned mother I now found my thoughts matching his. I will spell it out for you. My breasts became tits! My vagina a pussy..... a cunt while for his part, his penis became a fuck stick. A cock! A prick and now, reduced to this new world it no longer seemed to matter I was doing what I was in front of my son on law.

"Oh Fuck! My cunt feels soooo good! Soooooo Goddamed tight!" I breathlessly told him between a bout of mimi orgasms. "Ohhh shit! I can feel it gripping my fingers!" I whimpered. "Fuck! My cunt feels good!"

"Then just wait til you feel my cock inside you," he told me. I immediately began to picture that very idea.

"Ohhh God! I don't think I can!" I gasped. "Do it now! Fuck me Andy! ........ Please! Please! Fuck me!" I pleaded.

I pulled my hand from my snatch and impulsively grabbed for his huge stick of meat. Thanks to the pussy juice coating my fingers my grip was more than a little slippery but once I had a hold of him I was determined not to let go. I began drawing his throbbing cock toward my dripping, wide open cunt. "Fuck me.....! Fuck me Andy! .......Fuck me!" I chanted over and over.

Wanting this every bit as much as I did he leaned forward and eased the head of his prick slid between my pussy lips. Looking back, I'd like to have argued I' forgotten all about my daughter, my hubby. but I hadn't. I could picture them both, their faces, their shock at discovering what I was doing, yet as these images washed over my mind I knew there was nothing now could have stopped me. I was no longer a concerned mother, instead I'd been reduced to little more than a bitch on heat, desperate for a long, deep, satisfying fuck.

He began to ease himself forward, his thick girth stretching open the entrance to my cunt. I closed my eyes as he edged in a little deeper. Having sucked on it not five minutes earlier I was already aware his cock was considerably thicker and longer than my hubby's and knew when he'd penetrated as deep as my hubby ever could, there was more to come and right then I wanted him all, every inch of him. He eased forward some more, forcing a further two inches into my tightly stretched cunt.

"Ohhh Fuck yes! More! Push it all in you bastard! I want it all! I want to feel your balls squish against my cunt!" I begged, now completely at ease with the gutter talk he so obviously desired.

"Feel good does it Lindy? Is this the biggest cock you've ever taken?" he asked as he forced his thick meat deeper still.

"Fuck yes!" I cried.

"Bigger than hubby's?" he prompted.

"Oh God! So much bigger!" I sobbed. "It feels like the head of your prick is inside my womb. I've never been fucked so deep!"

"And hard." he prompted, now beginning to saw his cock in and out of my sopping cunt, his thick veiny girth causing ripples of pleasure to undulate outward from the walls of my cunt.

"Ohh Fuck yes! Harder! Fuck me harder!" I cried. "Split me in two with your big fat prick!"

Spurred on by the torrid words escaping my lips he thrust violently forward where I automatically wrapped my legs around him, locking my ankles in place at the small of his back, pulling him deeper so it really did feel as though his rock hard prick was going to sever my body in two.

"Ohhh SHIT!!!" I screeched uncontrollably. "That feels soooo good. Soooo Fucking big! Is your mum in laws cunt tight enough for you?" I almost begged.

"Damn! It's the best!" he breathlessly gasped between thrusts. Incredibly, no compliment my hubby had ever paid me came anywhere near pleasing me so. In my sexual frenzy, it seemed, being told by my lecherous son in law I was the best lay was the highest praise I could receive.

He began thrusting harder than ever, only now, with the two us firmly locked together, we were rolling back and forth across the kitchen floor. The floor tiles were hard and cold and scraped against my flesh but I no longer cared. In my lust filled mind it was all I could think was having that huge cock of his rammed into my tight, wet cunt.

The orgasms continued to build. One minute he'd have me pinned to the floor, ramming that fuck stick hard and deep, the next we'd roll where it'd be me on top, bouncing up and down on that big, fat dick until I was cumming so hard it felt like I was floating in space. We rolled again, this time onto my back where his balls slapped against the cheeks of my arse as he drove hard and deep and still I couldn't get enough.

"Oh you bastard! Play with my tits while you're screwing me," I desperately begged. "Suck on my nipples." As I spoke those words I suddenly remembered where it was I was meant to be at that moment and with this new thought came the notion of how disapproving my work colleagues would be? The disgust in their knowledge I would let my son in law fuck me. I closed my eyes where I continued to imagine their shock but the truth was, I was out of control. For all it mattered they could have walked in right then. and there and I'd have still had the bastard finish me off.

He leaned forward to pull the cups of my bra down, thereby releasing my 36 inch tits. In seconds his rasping tongue had both nipples standing upright. I moaned my delight as he started to suck and bite on each in turn, this new addition the cause of more pleasure coursing through my body, all the way down to my pussy. Then I felt his hand slide down to where our crotches met where his finger began teasing back and forth over my arse.

"Ohh God Noooo!" I cried out loud. In my innocence, in all my years of marriage I had never been played with down here yet feeling his finger tease me, it hit me just how arousing this new sensation was and with his cock still buried deep, he continued to toy and tease his fingers around my anus.

I tried moving, tried pushing him off, scared where this might lead but his weight proved too much. All at once he pushed a finger inside.

My head tipped back, my mouth opened but the ensuing scream was silent as this new, intense, sexual feeling took a hold of my body. Each probe of his finger went deeper until he was quite literally, reaming me out, bringing forth pleasures I had never thought possible. I was losing all control and in danger of blacking out.

"Ohhh Fuck yes! Fuck my arse you pervert!" I cried, wanting this new sensation to go on and on. "Make me cum!" I screamed.

I closed my eyes and tried to picture the scene were anyone to walk in on us right then, my work colleagues, my hubby or worse still, my daughter yet even with these perverse thoughts flooding my mind I doubted I could have stopped what was happening even if I'd wanted to. As crude as he was, there was no point my denying, he was an expert in knowing just what buttons to press for the thrills to maximize far beyond anything I could have dreamed possible.

I lay there, floundering, like a fish out of water. The pleasure kept coming. So intense now I was no longer capable of responding. With his mouth servicing my tits, his cock in my cunt and his finger ploughing my asshole I was certain I was orgasming in all three places at once. Nothing had ever come close to feeling this good. In my lust filled fugue there was only one final thing to make this complete. I was determined, if he was going to make me cum this hard then my leach of a son in law had to cum with equal male intensity.

"Oh God! Cum! Please cum!" I begged him. "I want your hot cum filling my pussy!"

It was as if my words had flicked on a switch. In that one instant his cock seemed to grow the extra tell tale inch I'd previously experienced when I was taking it in my mouth. My heart jumped to my throat with the excitement of anticipating his gooey explosion.

Just as had happened so far, there was no finesse, he was simply out for his own pleasure, fucking me hard, his finger still driving in and out of my anus.

I remember the feeling of disgust at the sound of his animal like grunts as the impetus of his thrusts increased, yet incredibly, these sounds served only to heighten my arousal because I knew it was all of my doing. It was that he was fucking me getting him so worked up. I was sure too I could make out the muffled hissing of his cock as he spurted deep inside my pussy. He held me tight, his body locked rigid from the effects of his orgasm, pressing down on mine as his cock pumped its hot, sticky seed deep inside me. Within seconds I was leaking from the sides of my cunt where I could feel his juices spilling down between my legs yet still he was ejaculating.

Realising my cunt had all it could handle I managed to pull his prick from between my legs and though I'd never done anything like this before, I had him kneel astride me and spurt the remainder of his load all over my heaving tits. Quite how I had degenerated so far in such a short space of time I'd no idea yet, having him spray my tits with his thick creamy spunk felt so so good.. When he'd finished I reached up to smear it all over my tits, enjoying the thrill of massaging it into my nipples. Perverse yes, but so exceptionally good.

I watched as he knelt there, squeezing his hand along the length of his dick, milking the last drop of cum until it dripped from his knob, down onto my left tit. Then he stood looking down at me, the look on his face not one of satisfaction or even pleasure but one of contempt where he simply announced how that would do for now as he had to get to work. He stood, turned and left the kitchen. I heard him make his way upstairs where it hit me just what I'd allowed to happen.. The tears started to roll from my eyes as thoughts of my daughter and hubby and what I'd just done filled my mind.

I heard him moving about upstairs, heard the shower running and was still lying there some time later when he came back down the stairs. I expected him to come in to see how I was, instead I heard the sound of the front door open and close. The bastard hadn't even the decency to check I was ok.

Right then, I knew I too should have been thinking about work but in truth, it was the last thing on my mind. I looked down at myself, a spent disheveled mess and cried some more, as much for me as my family.

It was another ten minutes before I summoned enough energy to get to my feet and head for the shower, already having made the decision, work that day was out of the question.

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