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She looked over to Emma and Zuri sleeping next to her. Watching their naked bodies started to make Jessie get wet. She looked down to her pussy and noticed she was still wearing one of Emma's strapons. She took it off and started slowly massaging her clit giving her a little pleasure. She began pinching her clit with one hand and rubbing her pussy with the other. By now she was soaking the sheets under her. and violently thrusting four fingers in her pussy trying to make herself cum hard. She felt her inner walls clenching around her hand and knew her orgasm was coming. Jessie started screaming, "AH AH AH AH... AAAHHHH FUCK... OOOOOHHHH GOD... IM CUMMING...AAHH SHIT". Jessie quickly stood up and hovered her pussy over Zuri and Emma who were still cuddled together sleeping. Jessie continued to violate her pussy until she squirted all over their faces and breasts. Jessie collapsed on the bed with juices still flowing out her cunt. The two girls woke up to find themselves covered in cum and they started to lick each other's faces clean. Then Zuri went down to Emma's titties and started sucking on her left nipple. "Oh FUCK Zuri, its so hot how you suck my tits". Jessie sat up and saw Zuri's ass in the air. She leaned forward and started licking her pussy. "Ahh.. Jessie, don't stop, it feels so good". Zuri licked down Emma's body until she found her clit. She stuck one finger in her pussy with one hand and managed her swollen clit with the other. by now Emma and Zuri were screaming from pleasure. With Jessie fucking Zuri and Zuri fucking Emma. Jessie used her free hand to stuff four fingers in her cunt. Zuri began shrieking, " OH FUCK...OH FUCK...OH FUCK...AAHHH MY GOD... IT'S SO GOOD... JESSIE PLEASE DON'T STOP...DON'T STOP..AAHH SHIT. And Emma followed Zuri's lead, " oh Zuri you're gonna make me cum... I'm cumming. You're so good... you fuck me so good, OH FUCK... I love how you play with my pussy, you dirty little slut". Zuri enjoyed being called a slut and she inserted three more fingers in Emma's soaking wet pussy. The only sounds in the room now were screaming and moaning and heavy breathing as Zuri brought Emma to a second orgasm. Jessie made Zuri quirt her juices three times. Now Zuri and Emma were exhausted. But Emma realized, "wait Jessie never got a chance to cum". Jessie sat up on the bed and said, " well hurry up and do it I'm really fuckin horny and need to cum". Emma smiled and reached for her strap on and quickly put it on, then laid on her back. Jessie jumped on top of it backwards making sure it went up her ass." AAHHH...SHIT THIS FEELS SOOO GOOD UP MY TIGHT ASS. She started to slowly grind her hips slowly, then looked over to Zuri and said, " Zuri put on that other one and FUCK THE SHIT OUT MY PUSSY". Zuri obeyed strapping on the dildo and pointed her cock at Jessie's opening. Without hesitating Zuri rammed her dick inside Jessie and started plowing her whore of a nanny with all her strength. " AAHHH SHIT Zuri you're such a better fucker than Tony. Keep going don't stop until I cum hard all over your dick". Jessie started bouncing harder on Emma's strap on punishing her ass that was feeling better by the second. Zuri leaned in started sucking hard on Jessie's perfect round tits. Then started a hpt make out session with her. They're tongues swirled around each other causing saliva to run down their chin and dribble on Jessie's breasts. Which only turned her on more. Jessie could feel her pussy tighten around Zuri's dick and knew she was close to climax. "OOHH GOD IM CUMMING..IM CUMMING...OH SHIT... I can't hold back anymore..OOHHH FUCK IM CUMMING". Then Emma said in a seductive voice, "hurry Jessie do it, cum all over the place. I want to taste all of you're sweet juices". With that Jessie released several rounds of hot cum squirting all over Zuri's dildo and parts of her legs. The rest just leaked out onto Emma's thighs. With no strength Jessie collapsed on top of Emma with her cock still inside her ass. Zuri pulled out her dildo with a loud popping sound. Emma did the same. Jessie rolled over on her back next to Emma and they started to make out. The kiss was sloppy their tongues were all over the place. They even started sucking on each others tongue. The kiss was interrupted when Emma felt her right leg get lifted into the air. She looked up to see Zuri position her pussy on top of Emma's and start grinding her hips forward. Emma gave an evil grin and said, " oh Zuri you're such a naughty slut", and she thrust her hips forward meeting Zuri's forward grind and the two sisters were now scissoring with Zuri on top. They grinded their cunts together harder and were in heaven doing it. Jessie started to feel left out so she positioned her pussy above Emma's face and without second thought Emma went to work licking Jessie's pussy while she rode her face. Now this is a hot scene, the little black girl and her slutty blonde sister grinding pussies. While their whore of a nanny get her pussy licked to orgasm. All three girls let out loud moan and Jessie released all over Emma's tongue and chin. Then Zuri and Emma squirted all over each others pusales causing their juices to mix together. Jessie got off of Emma's face and came around to where Emma and Zuri' pussies were still latched together Jessie started licking both their clits at the same time earning moans from both them. She kept doing this until she brought them both to their second orgasm. The three girls cuddled next to each other in Zuri's bed which was stilled soaked in a mixure of all their cum, but they didn't seem to mind. Then Zuri said "thanks guys, this was the best birthday ever". And they all drifted off into a deep sleep.


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