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On Saturday I went to see my naughty friend Brooke, arriving at her house I saw that no one else was home. Upon entering I could hear the shower running, making my way quietly down the hall to the bathroom I am thinking of getting a quick peek at the very least or maybe joining her. Silently opening the door I can see her thru the shower stall doors slowly washer her long red hair. Finishing with her hair, I stand and watch as she soaps up and starts washing first her nice big tits with big silver dollar nipples. She begins washing lower and the rest of her body, bending over to wash her legs almost pushing her sweet ass up agnist the shower stall glass. With a rising cock, I begin undressing noiselessly to avoid her knowing that I am there. Just as I about to open the shower stall and join her I see a ruined pair of pantyhose next to the trash can, picking them up I rip each leg off and with a devilish grin I silently open the farthest away shower door and step inside. Coming up behind her I cover her eyes with one hand and whisper "Hi sexy, I'm here to lick, suck, and fuck you to multiple orgasms". Using one of the ripped off legs I blindfold her with her own pantyhose, keeping her facing the shower head I then place both her hands on the wall in front of her. Looping the other torn leg around the shower head pipe I tie her hands at each end allowing some movement but not too much. Turning her towards me I grip the back of her neck with my right hand I pull her to me for a kiss. My tongue caressing her lips before parting them and curling upwards and licking the inside of her upper lip. Parting her teeth I begin a duel with her tongue that leaves us both breathless. Left hand dragging fingernails up and down her back, across her stomach never going lower...always teasing her. Lower my mouth to her chin I begin kissing and nibbling my way first to her left ear then along her soft throat to her right ear. Down along her collarbone to the middle of her chest licking and kissing. Grabbing her wrists I push her hands to the wall as I suck a hickey in the middle of her chest. Biting my way over to her nipple I just bite down hard enough for her to suck in breath thru clenched teeth. Taking her other nipple in between my thumb and forefinger, twisting and pulling as I go lower and suck on her succulent underboob hearing her moan as on one side she feels a little pain and on the other nothing but pleasure. Knowing that I will be out of her reach I sink to my knees kissing down her stomach to just above her excited pussy. Lifting her left leg and placing her foot on the soap holder I open her thighs and press my nose agnist her overheated crotch. Starting with my nose nearly in her asscrack I slowly pull myself forward drinking in her intoxicating scent before I kiss her left thigh almost at the junction of her crotch. Feeling her jerk a little bit at the touch of my lips I stick out my tongue tip and drag my tongue down a hair width away from her sweet pussylips down around her taint and up the other side before biting her right thigh at almost the same spot I kissed on her left. Sliding my tongue back to her taint, I flatten my tongue out and take a long swiping lick up her tasty tight hole, curling my tongue just at the end I manage to split open her stuck together nether lips, up to her clit which I begin to circle without actually touching her lil man in da boat.
After about the 3rd trip around her clit with her hips trying to push her clit into my mouth I center on her clit and using my teeth to lift the small amount of skin covering it, suckle the whole area into my mouth as I gently bite down and flick my tongue across the tasty treat in my mouth. Feeling her hips shudder in response to my manipulation of her clit, I slide my hands up one going to her ass and the thumb pressing agnist her tight puckered pink rosebud and the other hand sliding my middle finger deep into her clutching fuck flower. Feeling her lips agnsit my forefinger and ring finger as I slowly begin to twist and slide my fuckfinger in and out of her tight hot pussy, as my mouth suckles on her clit as a baby would on its momma?s nipple. I can feel and hear her sweet hot nectar begin to coat my finger and make squishing noises as my finger continues to move in and out at a slow pace. Letting her hard clit go with a pop I then begin to take long slow cat licks from my finger tasting her fuck juices up to her clit as I curl my finger and make a "come hither" motion that really causes her hips to jerk and buck agnist my face. Almost too soon I can tell from her labored breathing that she is gonna cum all over my tongue and fingers, along with her velvety tight rear entrance winking agnist my playful thumb I know she will soon be in the throes of an orgasm and I will have to hold her up when her legs give way. Just as my thumb presses in and enters her grasping tight ass, I hear her groan "oh fuck" and can feel her hot slick nectar pour around my fingers as her the waves of her orgasm overtake her and I straighten out my finger and press it agnist her cervix, I can feel every wave come crashing outward with another flow of sticky wet cum as I take and grip her ass in my hands to help support her weakening knees. Holding her agnist the shower wall I keep licking around my finger tasting her sweet juices as her orgasm begins to subside.
Allowing her a few moments of reprieve and making sure she can stand on her own two feet, I take and pull the loop of pantyhose over the shower head. Opening the shower stall door I pull her out of the shower by her pantyhose bound wrist. Forcing her to her knees I slap first her left
cheek and then her right with my hard cock. Keeping her hands above her head by holding onto the pantyhose I feel her begin to pinch and play with my nipples as she pulls her head back and searches out my cock with her tongue. Watching as she finds my swollen cockhead and opens her mouth to
accept and suck on my hardness. Letting go of the pantyhose I feel her begin to scratch and claw her way down my chest, along my stomach and down my thighs, before her right hand drags her fingernails over my sensitive taint causing me to thrust my cock deeper in her mouth as she caresses and
plays with my cum filled shaven balls. Feeling her silky lips slowly glide up and down my throbbing shaft, I watch as my saliva coated shaft comes to light from her sucking mouth, glistening in the bathroom lights, as I feel her running her playful tongue all around my cockhead before she again
impales my shaft into her mouth and my swollen head enters her throat.
Gripping her amber hair in my hands I pull her suckling mouth from my cock. I grab the pantyhose connecting her wrists and wind it around the sink faucet and water handles bending her over at the waist. Standing behind her bent over body I let my cock rest where it may which is across her
slick ass crack. Bending my knees slightly I bring my cock between her thighs; the upper ward curve of my cock follows her fuck crevice almost to a T. I begin to saw my cock back and forth along her pussy, ending with my cockhead pressed agnsit her hard clit; reaching down I pull my cockshaft
away from her and along it to slap back up agnist her, sending chills and shivers thru her body. Rocking back on my heels, my cockhead drags thru her pussylips searching for her opening. Splitting her nether lips apart, my cockhead finds her cum slick entrance; pressing into her I feel her tight opening spreading to accommodate my rigid cock. With her slick silky lips just enveloping my throbbing head I can watch in the mirror and feel her hips begin to move in small circles trying to swallow more of my cock. Holding back I only allow her a small amount of my cock, still teasing her I want her to almost beg for my cock to be buried deep inside her. Reaching around her hips I begin to play with her swollen clit, flicking my fingertips across it like strumming a banjo. Feeling her body shudder under my stimulation, I rock forward onto the balls of my feet burying my cock deep inside her clenching pussy and lifting her onto her tippy toes as I nearly slam her head into the mirror. Resting for a second balls deep inside her
I take and drag my fingernails from her heaving shoulders down along her spine to her sweet ass. Lifting her right leg and placing her knee on counter I can watch in the mirror as my cock slowly appears from deep inside her clutching tight hole. Glistening in the vanity lights I ram my cock back
into her just to slowly drag it back out. Over and over I do this ramming inside her and slowly dragging back out, letting her feel my mushroomed helmet sliding along her sensitive slick channel. Reaching up I take and remove the pantyhose blindfold from her eyes. Dragging my cock back out
from her spasming pussy, I look up and lock eyes with her. Watching her facial expressions as we fuck is almost as erotic as fucking her. Grabbing a handful of red hair I pull her back and kiss her, hearing her rip apart the pantyhose holding her wrists I feel her pinching my nipple and clawing my ass with her long fingernails. Locking eyes again I watch as her hand reaches lower and cupping my cum filled balls I feel her raking my sack with her nails, making me shiver. I hear her tell me to fill her pussy full of cum, to cum deep inside her and push her over the edge again.
With my balls sucked up tight agnist my cock base I thrust deep inside her, cock swelling as the first spurt of jism erupts from my cockhead bathing her cervix with my seed, pulling back slightly as she begins to clutch and orgasm around my cock the second jet coats the inside of her walls. Thrusting
deeply again the next 2 spurts bang weakly agnist her womb. I pull out slowly laying my cock along the soft crack of her ass as the last bit of cum bubbles out of my cock painting her tight pink rosebud with a dollop of man juice that I take and rub in watching her clutch and spasm in her orgasm as
her asscheeks squeeze and massage my softening cock. Leaning over and kissing her shoulders I raise up nibbling on her ear and whispering "I think we both need a shower now." Of course we play around some more in the shower before climbing into bed and having even more fun...but that is for another story.

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