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Tim smiled, pulling out his smart phone and quietly snapping off a few pics. Tim never tired of the sight. Be it his wife or any of the other girls he managed.

After his wife and her date disappeared from view Tim flopped onto the couch thumbing his phone. Sexting pictures of his stable to random guys and scheduling his girls was a full-time gig. Between messages he flipped on the big screen and navigate to the webcams set up all over the house. He scrolled through them between vibrations from his phone smiling as he watched all the girls being occupied in the suburban residence. His wife was already on her knees at the foot of her bed choking on the stranger's boner. Tim left it on the feed of her and thought back to how it all started.

As most things do it began innocently enough. He was on his back on the very bed she was currently kneeling in front of and she was on top of him, impaled on the girth of his rigid pole, slowly riding it. Sue was an exotic woman, 27 years old and standing five foot ten, she rocked hefty 38Ds, and was of Asian-American descent. Long black hair almost always done up in a pony tail and brown eyes, her favorite feature, she says, is her bubble butt. She loved to display it and while Tim appreciated all of her features he had to admit she would never come second in a twerking contest.

As Tim laid back enjoying the fuck Sue smiled down at him and asked the question that started the ball rolling.

"Wanna see something hot?" She asked as she worked his dick, her 38Ds rocking rhythmically.

"Ha! I am seeing something hot!" Tim replied moving his hands from her hips and groping her jugs.

Sue just smiled and leaned, grabbing her laptop she dragged it over and, still riding Tim's meat flipped it open. She set it down next to him on the bed and turned it so he could see the screen. Tim glanced over at the screen smiling then his jaw dropped open when he saw the display. Tensing, his hands dug into his wife's tits as he saw the live feed of their neighbor, Dani, on her web cam. She was smiling at the camera sitting on her bed two houses down the street, naked, spread wide and working a dildo into her bare cunt.

"Hey guys!" Dani said waving one hand, the other gripping the plastic prick buried in her pussy, giggling a little as she got a full view of her neighbors fucking on cam.

"Go on Tim! Give me a show!" She added cupping one of her bare breasts as her hand pumped the plastic cock into her hole.

Tim just stared, his dick twitching inside his wife as he watched his neighbor lay back and masturbate in front of them. Dani was a bean pole of a girl. Tall and lanky, she had full 38Cs, long pale legs and she too sported a mane of long jet-black hair consistent with her Native American heritage. Dani's breasts were big and round and firm. Clearly full of feed for the infant daughter whom was less than two months old and probably across the hall from where her mother was fucking herself on the Internet.

Dani was a military spouse. Her significant other was constantly away, or always moving, forcing her to adapt to maintain connections. Clearly, she had mastered technology to support her needs.

Tim did not realize it but he stared at the laptop holding his wife's breasts and thrusting his tool into her kitty while watching his neighbor, gawking the whole time as she urged him on. Sue groaned on top of him jerking him out of his fixation on Dani. Sue climaxed on him writhing on top of him as he held her in place by her tits. This prompted Tim to slam fuck into her, his hands moving to her undulating hips as he rabbit fucked his cock into his wife's pussy and Dani continued to coach them via the web cam. Tim busted his nut into his wife a minute later, thrusting into her as she bucked on top of him, Dani moaning on the PC next to them as she evidently reached climax watching her friends get off.

All three of them collapsed for a few minutes as they enjoyed the release, Sue laying on top of Tim still impaled on his twitching rod, Dani rolling on her bed her legs clamping one hand holding the huge plastic pole the other kneading a milk laden jug. Tim looked over at his neighbor as she recovered, sitting up against her headboard and smiling at the camera as her friends watched. Dani had a wicked smile on her face as she spread wide showing off her waxed cunt with the big dildo filling her. She sighed and gave a little moan as she made a show of removing the object from her cunt, the huge tool seemed endless as she slowly slid it from the folds of her cunt while her neighbors watched. The show made Tim's cock twitch and, while he was not ready to give his wife's cum filled beaver another load of his spunk he was going to be there faster than he ever had before.

Dani crawled up to her camera smiling and waving.

"Bye guys!" Dani blew a kiss to the camera and waved then the feed cut out. Sue reached over and snapped her laptop lid close as she laid on top of her man while he stayed buried inside her, semi-hard and rapidly recharging. As it turned out they went at it like they had not in years and later referred to the evening as their sex Olympics, going at it in every position, twice.

Between events Sue brought up the webcam. Tim later realized it was a pitch of sorts. He was laying there, chest heaving, she next to him smiling as she watched him recover from what he thought might have been the largest orgasm he had ever had.

"So, Dani looked good." She said to start.

"Boy I'll say!" Tim replied and smiled at her. She slapped his chest and smiled playfully.

"What brought that on?" Tim wondered aloud trying to dig out in case he was not supposed to notice that much how fucking hot their naughty neighbor was.

"Well," Sue started, "you know how she is always home and they do not have a lot of cash and there is the baby and all?"

"Yeah." Tim answered acknowledging their neighbor's status then realizing that they never seemed to be in need. Tim blinked as he thought about that while his wife talked.

"Ok, so, Dani has a little," she paused, "side business." She finished smiling at her choice of words.

Tim just stared at her thinking more about another go at her than what she was saying.

Sue frowned at his blank stare and just blurted it out, "Dani does webcam shows."

Tim just blinked thinking, 'wow, that's pretty hot.' He smiled to himself at the thought of his neighbor performing in front of strangers on the Internet for money as his wife continued on.

"She makes crazy money doing it too and, well, she sort of asked me if, maybe I might, you know, consider it too."

Tim's eyes widened as he realized she had more than considered it. She wanted to do it, and not for the money. Tim swallowed as he concluded that she craved the attention that her friend Dani was getting and the opportunity to use her sexuality to control a stranger, or strangers.

"We could, you know, really use the money and it is super discreet," she continued on, clearly trying to make her case as he laid there speechless.

Tim just smiled and rolled over on top of her, his rock-hard cock giving her a full ten inches of answer as they went at it another five times before both surrendered and fell asleep on the wrecked mess which was their bed, both sticky and covered in each other's cum.

The next day, after another round of monkey sex, their sex bits beginning to get sore from all the use, Tim started to ask questions. Sue explained that she could join the same service that Dani had and how she could go on any time she felt like it to entertain for an eyebrow raising cut of the take. That, combined with scheduled performances, was all there was to it and she could quit any time she wanted.

"You clearly have this worked out." Tim said smirking at the long and detailed plan that Dani had laid out for Sue to pitch. The idea of strangers enjoying his significant other he knew was supposed to irk him a bit, but this would be somewhat at a distance, they wouldn't be in the room, and he would reap the reward. The money would be good but Sue showing off was sure to keep her horny for his cock and he was sure he would get to see more of his hot neighbor Dani. Tim was not seeing any downside so far.

"Ok, but, why hon?" Tim asked, wanting to really know what was at the root of this sudden interest in exhibitionism and a willingness to expose herself to strangers online for money.

Sue stood there not looking at him for a minute and replied, "Well, the money is certainly one reason. But, you know, it sort of, I don't know, gets me hot. I mean, guys, wanting to see me. I don't know, it, you know, just turns me on," she finished with a shrug.

And that was pretty much all the reason Tim needed, stepping forward they went at each other again. Partly at the intimacy of the confession but also the potential of living out the fantasy that both admitted they had.

So, the plan was, Dani would, "introduce," Sue on one of her shows, as a guest which Tim immediately agreed to because it would mean the pair of women would be naked, on camera, masturbating, together, while he got to watch. Tim, of course, insisted that he get a ring side seat and Sue of course agreed because what straight stud would not want to be there for two hot chicks, "lezing," out and because Sue was really eager to get into it.

Dani worked fast, in part because she was a horny lonely housewife slut, but also because she got a nice little bonus for recruiting new talent for the site. That very day Tim and Sue walked down the street, greeting neighbors who were oblivious to the bedroom shenanigans that were going on, and walked right into Dani's place without knocking.

Tim and Sue were regular visitors and had pretty much done this same walk a hundred times over the years they had known their friend. They had each been over for dinner and back yard BBQs and Dani had a key to their place and had looked after their dogs when Sue and Tim had been on vacation dozens of times.

Dani greeted them at the door, naked, her infant latched onto a bare tit feeding "She's almost done," she said, smiling at Tim intentionally giving him the, "shock and awe," treatment and Tim just gawked. He would never say it out loud in front of Sue, but Dani was a hot mom and he'd frequently admired her goods. From dinners to BBQs to just hanging out at the house, she was a looker and he had been caught dozens of times eye fucking her. Plus, he'd watched her on his laptop masturbating with a dildo while his wife was impaled on his cock watching with him.

Sue caught him yet again ogling her friend, arguably one of her best friends, and gave him a good shot to the arm, smirking at him, but in a playful way as Dani walked into the house in nothing but heels, Sue following her and the two women went to one of the back rooms to put the infant to sleep. There was some girly small talk, which Tim heard none of, gawking the whole time at Dani as the girls broke out the wine and chatted about their for the night.

Tim had opened a third bottle of wine and Sue and Dani were sitting on Dani's bed in her bedroom giggling and laughing as Dani got Sue set up with the cam service. The next thing Tim knew the two were perched on the edge of the bed, Dani naked in heels swigging wine next to Sue who was sitting cross legged in jeans and a t-shirt. The pair reading text scrolling in from strangers on the internet and replying to the horny studs commenting and encouraging them to get the show rolling.

It did not take long. Within minutes Sue was on her feet undoing her jeans and wiggling out of the tight pants while Dani showed her off to her online friends. Stripping off the jeans was followed by peeling off the T-shirt so that Sue was down to her underwear. Tim stood there holding a beer in one hand, a fresh bottle of wine in the other, and gawked as his wife stood in front of total strangers while her friend showed her off. Of course, Tim had a raging boner as his wife was taunted to get her bra and panties off which she eagerly complied with, letting her 38Ds out and showing off the little landing strip patch of pubes on her beaver mound.

While Tim stood silently in the doorway watching the show progressed from stripping to kissing, to heavy petting and mutual masturbation and in a flash both women seemed to have toys. While each worked a dildo into their pussy they seemed eager to continue to kiss and fondle as the participants on the webcam site persistently commented and urged the pair to perform new and different acts on each other on the bed.

Tim never moved. Eventually he put the bottle down and absently groped his dick in his pants while watching the performance. When it was don Dani logged off and the girls were laying there naked with dildos soaked from orgasms hanging from their cunts, Tim realized he had his cock out and was stroking it.

Sue was the first to comment saying, "Awww, poor baby. Need a little release there hon?"

Tim didn't hesitate, he rushed over and made room for himself, yanking his wife over to the edge of the bed grabbing her by her legs and holding her open. He reached down and yanked the plastic dildo out of her wet slit while she laughed then he plunged balls deep into her, pounding her furiously for a minute and exploding in the biggest orgasm since the night before when Dani had joined them on the web cam.

"Fuck," Tim groaned as his wife lay smiling up at him legs hiked up, his cock balls deep in her and their friend Dani smiling over. "Nice work," Dani said sitting up now sipping her wine and watching her friends copulate on her bed.

And that was how things got started. Sue and Dani did hours of web cam shows together. Pretty soon the pair were getting offers from, "regulars," for private shows, then meetings in person with those regulars, then more explicit shows involving the regulars, or, really, anyone who wanted to pay. This turned into a frequent scheduled date for good cash and other girls were recruited along the way turning it into a pretty lucrative endeavor.

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