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I hope that you read part one of this and were interested in hearing more about my wife and myself.

When I discovered that my wife wouldn?t be offended by my lewd thoughts of sharing her with another man I began to whisper my thoughts into her ear while we were fucking. It enhanced her arousal to be giving those naughty thoughts of mine to her. I just LOVE the way she cums these days when she knows that she doesn?t have to hold back and that cumming for me really excites ME!

Also, I do realize that the thought of sharing your partner with another male actually turns some guys off and I understand that if a guy is territorial or feels threatened.

Jealousy has to go straight out the window in order for a threesome ?share? to even exist.

It doesn?t mean that I don?t have love for my wife. In fact, I have more love for her now than ever before.

I have always wanted her sexual orgasms to be the best I could provide and so far I am proud and feel I have done just that with her.

She doesn?t feel the ?no jealousy? thing that I do, however. It would just devastate her for me to touch another female and I do understand that, and actually am flattered that she cares so much for me that she is selfish with me. I get it.

I love her too much and I don't want to hurt her in any way, ever.

I know that it?s just not fair in some folks minds that SHE gets to play with two, but I don?t.

Actually though, I?m OK with that. If that is being ?cuckold? well then I guess that is what I am.

I would still receive great sexual gratification from a threesome with two guys and her though.

Perhaps I was born in too early a generation because it seems that threesome sex isn?t quite as uncommon as it once was.

I sometimes envy those who are more open to those kinds of encounters.

I explored sex at an early age, and not with the opposite sex. I was just too young to find a willing girl to play with that way but most of my friends didn't seem to have a problem with exploring sexual things, and so we did just that. I have zero regrets and sharing that with my own gender I was able to feel closeness to them.

None of wanted to be found out though.....

Although I had some same gender sex relations when I was younger I have been I would say strictly hetero since the 60?s. So, because of exposure to other males I am definitely NOT an anti homosexual. I would have to think that in a male, male, female sexual encounter that there will probably be some touching of genitals between the two guys, right?

So I?ve been thinking also about those early days when my friends and I would get together and have sexual exploration in a small group. I know that I enjoyed those encounters at least as much and maybe even more than the others in the group. We always kept it very secret because none of us wanted to be thought of as ?fags? as none of us really were gay but rather enjoyed exploring sex even though girls weren?t available to play with us yet. I believe that most of us would have preferred playing with girls, absolutely.

Anyway, the bottom line is that I believe that perhaps those early days and the excitement of playing sexually in a small group back then makes me want to re-live that now.

Here?s another story that I conjured up in my nasty mind and it?s entirely fiction but I wish would have actually happened. Part of this story IS true, but, unfortunately, just not the naughty parts.

We DID go camping with a close friend of mine, but at the time I didn?t know how open my wife would be to playing sexually with the two of us so I didn't have the courage to suggest it and never brought it up. I surely wish though that I had.

Actually we weren?t even married at the time. But, here?s how my sexual fantasy would play out under the right circumstances?I?ve already whispered this little story to Shari in bits and pieces?And she obviously enjoyed it!

Part TWO

Again, this took place long ago before I was able to feel out Shari?s feelings about being part of a threesome.

So my girlfriend Shari and I decided to go camping together in a rather remote part of the California Sierra mountains east of Sonora. There was a hidden area that was so discreet that even on a busy holiday weekend hardly any people would be there.

This place was shown to me by my friend, Bob, and when I told him that we were going to camp there, well, surprise! He showed up and decided to camp with us. At first, Shari wasn?t really excited about the idea. She had expected to just have a romantic weekend with the two of us and when Bob showed up it brought her down a notch.

Perhaps her feeling a disappointment that we weren?t alone had me feeling down too. But, since it was Bob who had showed us this camping area I couldn?t really tell him to go off on his own now. I?m just not that un-friendly! S

So Bob pitched his tent and we ourselves had this little tent trailer that was quick set up and was really fun to use.

Now Bob had an affection for both of us?.Platonic for me, naturally, but I know he also had a secret longing for Shari. He was a gentleman though and never made any moves on her.

And Shari admitted that she really did like Bob, too. Bob was kind, an old hippie type. And hippies just kind of went with the flow?

Well, the afternoon we pitched camp, had some drinks and that mellowed everybody out and we had a boom box playing tunes we had brought along. I remember ?Counting Crows? Black Winged Bird playing at one point and we enjoyed some food that we shared.

Afternoon turned into evening and although the day time had been hot hot hot the evening cooled quite a bit but was still comfortable. The elevation was damn near 8,000 feet and even during the summer it can get kind of cold. We endured the evening chill that came and went with the breeze sometimes actually warming us, and then would turn back to cool again.

The sky is as black as can be there because we were so far from any city lights. We had more cocktails and enjoyed watching the stars and the Milky Way which was quite visible. Later on we spotted a satellite moving silently and smoothly across the sky. A few times we were all treated to falling stars and a few shooters that would blaze and then disappear. It was magical.

With all of this going on and the alcohol taking affect I decided to get close to my girlfriend and she reciprocated by touching me lovingly while she turned her head to kiss me. I growled a little which caught Bob?s ear and he quietly mumbled that it wasn?t fair of me getting cozy with her because he didn?t have a playmate.

I was thinking that he secretly wanted some affection but it wasn?t from me I can tell you.

I put some Sade smooth jazz on the boom box.

Well, Shari just lay back on the recliner continuing to look at the stars and so I got a little bit more bold and placed my hand on her breast while she lay there and kissed her again. This time it was Shari who growled and Bob had been watching me groping her breast so he then he tried to politely mention that she did indeed have two breasts?hint hint?.

I chuckled a little and when Shari was looking the other way I motioned for him to come a bit closer. Then I took my hand off of her breast and then secretly let Bob fondle her instead. Shari thought that I had just changed my hand from one hand to the other or something and then seemed suddenly pleasantly surprised to find Bob touching her instead of me. Since there was no protest on her part I went to kiss her again and when she kissed me back she added some tongue to it. I was suddenly twice as aroused because she was enjoying being groped and fondled by the two of us.

So, now it seemed that the game was ON?..

Bob played with her soft breast gently but firmly as he hadn?t touched another woman in quite a long time and I know that he was almost certainly as aroused as I was. Shari was becoming aroused too from the naughtiness of two boys playing with her breasts with one horny guy on one side, and another horny guy on the other.

Man, I thought, This was getting interesting!

I continued to do my very best at turning her on because I so very much wanted this scene to get a repeat performance of this at some later date.

This was getting to be really fun now! Discovering that my woman was enjoying this sexual fondling with an added man and enjoying all the attention that we were giving her. She relaxed her body a bit more which both gave me the opportunity to relieve her of some of her clothing and I felt also allowed her to maybe anticipate what we may do next.

I relieved her of her top so that we could gaze on some of her charms which I had seen before but was brand new territory for Bob to see.

Shari smiled as I had taken off her top and then went for removing her bra.

Fortunately it was one that unfastened at the front and so I carefully and teasingly exposed her naked flesh to Bob.

He wasn?t bug eyed but I could see lust on his face at the sight of her nipples.

Both of us now bent down to kiss her naked nipples. We kissed and sucked on her nipples which sent Shari into a mini convulsion of her own. This was the first time in her life that both of her breasts had been suckled at the same time. She decided to pull Bob?s face closer to her to let him know that she was enjoying his kissing and suckling her nipple. She put her finger under his chin raising it and then planted a nice wet sloppy sexual kiss on his mouth causing Bob to sigh in utter contentment. Bob had dreamed about kissing her for a year or more and it suddenly came true.

Shari also seemed to enjoy this effect she was causing with the ?new guy?.

Shari looked to me for my approval and all I could do was smile ear to ear and nod to give her a green light and let her continue.

A sudden gust of cooler air enveloped us and chilled Shari and that chill made her nipples stand out even more than before. ?We?ve got to find a warmer place if we?re going to continue this," she groaned, not wanting to break this sexual thrill we were all wrapped up in. Since Bob?s tent was far too small for the three of us I invited Bob to join us in the tent trailer which was substantially warmer than the outside.

I helped my darling woman up and out of the recliner and then led her to the trailer.

Since she was standing it was only seconds inside before I began pulling her pants down and now there were only her panties in the way of our ultimate pleasure!

She then pointed out that although she was almost naked we still had most of our clothes on. I had been shedding my shoes and jacket but still had my T-shirt and short on. I started to pull them down revealing my excited cock to both her and Bob. Shari had seen my dick before but it was the first time I showed off to Bob. I had no idea how he looked either. Shari then said, "Let?s see whatcha got there, Bob!" He seemed a tad reluctant but went ahead and stripped naked and showed that he was just as excited as I was. His cock, thankfully was really no bigger than mine and although he wasn?t huge, he had quite enough to cause the pleasure that my girlfriend was anticipating.

So suddenly, two excited exposed naked pricks were standing up on either side of Shari and she first took mine in her hand and stroked it and reveled in the heat of it in her hand. She then took a hold of Bob?s excited stiffy and stroked it too, saying, "Oh this is the first time I?ve been able to play with two excited cocks at the same time! I am LOVING this!"

With that she naturally wanted to taste the new man flesh in front of her for the first time. The difference of the scent of his naked cock while comparing me in her mind excited her in her pussy.

So then I slowly pulled her panties down to her ankles and left them there just because it seemed so naughty looking at her like that. Shari knew it too and kind of ground her nakedness in front of us for our pleasure.

I could stand it no longer so I lowered myself between her legs and happily started to taste her naked charms. I wasn?t disappointed either as I found her pussy as wet as I have ever experienced before. Shari?s pussy is always a turn on when she?s sexually excited because she has a coat of slippery oil that slides out of her and coats whatever or whoever is touching her?..Fingers, tongue, or cock, she?d squeeze her love oil all over and lube the lucky victim.

So while I was tasting that love oil she guided Bob?s cock with her hand so that she could suck on him some more. She was really loving feeling my mouth fucking her while Bob was thrusting into her welcoming mouth.

I decided to rise up and see what I could see and watched with lust while Shari sucked on my best friend?s cock. I thought that Bob was going to lose it in her mouth, especially since he had never experienced a suck like that from anybody, let alone my baby. She seems to know how to hold off a guy from cumming too soon, but still give great stimulation and attention to a boy?s happy cock.

I leaned in to kiss Shari?s mouth because she seemed to enjoy tasting herself on my lips and tongue. At this point she pointed down to her sexy slit and said, "Bob, I need to feel a hot cock inside me now. You do seem to have a nice one. Will you please fuck me with your hard cock?" Shari knew how to turn a guy in with dirty talk and the compliment encouraged Bob even further. He looked towards me for a sign and I said, "Shari needs a cock, Bob, and you, you lucky devil, are the closest to her at the moment!"

With that Bob came around to her front, and I took and spread her knees apart to allow him access to her hot pussy. Bob leaned in and in just a second he found home and grunted as his stiff cock entered her fuck tunnel.

I knew from experience how thrilling it was to be able to fuck my cock inside her and feel that slippery love tunnel seem to squeeze my cock from inside her.

Now I just smiled as I knew what he was experiencing for the first time, fucking my wonderful woman, a woman with the hottest wettest naughtiest pussy around.

Bob grunted again from the exquisite fucking he was getting and had to pull out or cum right then and there. But he didn?t know that Shari just loved the feeling of a boy pulling all the way out of her hot pussy and then sliding it back in.

That feeling caught Shari off guard and suddenly she was cumming on Bob?s cock as he slid back in and continued fucking her in and out. When Shari cums she either announces it but even when she doesn?t tell me I know when she?s cumming because she really cums hard and this was no exception.

Bob wasn?t quite ready for that though and it sent him over the top squirting inside her and bathing her insides with his man cum. Knowing that he was cumming inside her made her explode yet again and again. I was enjoying the show I must say.

"More, I have to have more!" she panted and so Bob moved aside and let me inside. I was already pretty excited from listening to, and watching the sex before me. I really didn?t mind being second to cum inside her. I was just excited to watch them fuck each other while I watched and then entered and before long I, too, shot my load inside her.

Shari was a little bit exhausted at this point having two excited men unload inside her. We both lay down beside her and rested while just caressing her body together. The closeness was really a nice shared moment together. We fell asleep for awhile.

I awoke feeling like it had all been a totally wicked naughty dream but in the dim light I could still see Bob and Shari with arms wrapped around each other snoring peacefully and so I waited patiently for them to wake up.

I didn?t have to wait too long as Shari rolled over causing herself to untangle from Bob and then he, too, started to come to realizing where he was, and what we had all done.

His prick came quickly to attention as did mine, and Shari noticed us and asked, "Is there going to be a round two, or are you both just happy to see me?" We assured her that with that little recess that we?d love to play with her some more.

Shari then rolled herself on top of my body and spread her legs to slide herself onto my excited prick. She began fucking my cock for herself, and for a bit of a show to Bob?s delight too.

He watched in the dim lights as my cock slid inside her love hole in and out and back in again.

I thrust to get as much of myself inside her causing her to whimper in delight.

"Oh, Bob, there?s something I?ve never tried before but if you don?t do it now, I may never experience it!

I want to fuck two cocks at the same time. Please come over and climb onto me and put your cock into the hole that?s left?.

Bob didn?t have to be asked twice. Shari still had plenty of her juicy love oil dripping out of her so Bob grabbed some and lubricated her sphincter muscle pushing his finger inside, feeling my cock through the membrane and then Shari opened herself up as wide as she could to allow Bob?s prick to penetrate her ass.

Bob grunted as slowly his prick gained entry into her bottom. Then, when he knew that he was inside her he began sawing in and out, up and down, and more in and out causing Shari to moan aloud.

At this point I could feel Bob?s cock rubbing against mine with only Shari?s membrane between us.

If Bob didn?t care for the feeling he never indicated that, and I was totally lost in the stimulation and experience of this for the first time.

Shari was excited by the feeling being the middle of a sex sandwich, of having a boy on either side of her naked body pushing their cocks into her ass and pussy and with each of us thrusting at different rates it sent her over the top.

Shari said, "I might need two cocks at the same time from now on!", although I knew she was kind of joking but I was excited just the same.

Bob squirted first and I could feel it as he ejaculated into Shari but his cock was up against mine and that was pretty exciting to feel I must say, so I felt my own orgasm cumming on too so I told them both, "Here I go??" and squirted yet another load into my baby.

Bob must have felt it too as he just muttered a ?Wow??.and we pulled out of Shari.

I was kind of spent but then decided that I was going to make her cum for herself, Bob, and ME.

Fortunately, Shari was on fire from fucking two hot pricks and with us both once again fondling and squeezing her naked body she screamed a long "Ohhhhh?.and said "Touch my clit," and grabbed our naked cocks as playthings and stroked them until she had a really nice long cum for us.

We needed showers obviously after that and that started yet another session which I may describe in a later episode.

Now that we were more familiar with each other and knew that we were all happy and good with each other?..

Ahhh, friends with benefits?.Will never forget that camping trip?.ever?.

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